12 Minute Affiliate Review | What Is It All About?

The 12 Minute Program words sound promising. May be yes, maybe no. Go12 minute affiliate program review through our blog and learn one or a few things. Over the internet, there exist hundreds of thousands of opportunities which one can use to make good money. Websites nowadays are in a way that someone can use them to his or her advantage and make money. People are, therefore making good money through online surveys, designing and downloading apps, videos, transcriptions, freelance work, watching over YouTube, among others. Technology has advanced even to the point of creating and putting in practice software to test the eligibility of money.

Over recent years, there is a program that has attracted millions of users across the world. This is the 12 Minute Affiliate Program. Maybe you have heard about this program, or you are hearing it for the first time. Do not worry; we will have all your worries covered in this article.

This article, therefore, is a 12 Minute Affiliate Review and aims to give you the vital reader information on the program and how it works entirely.

What Is The 12 Minute Affiliate System Program?

The 12 Minutes Affiliate Program has three niches that are notable so far. These are home business, personal development, and weight loss. The program is a plug-and-play affiliate online-based marketing system which claims to help people start earning an affiliate commission in less than 12 minutes. Devon Brown is the solemn proprietor and developer of the program. Devon runs a successful internet marketing campaign where he has helped thousands of people across the world to sustain their life thorough internet marketing.

The idea behind the 12 Minute Affiliate marketing is that people can earn from products manufactured by other people without buying the product. The policy involves making a commission after a person buys a product you promoted. Generally, the whole process involves three steps as outlined below.

1. Personalize The System

To personalize the system means you have to add your affiliate links inside the products you will be promoting. After, you set up your email autoresponder as well as other aspects that correspond to the sales funnel.

2. Add A Traffic

This system step gives you the chance to buy traffic that you deliver to your offers. The number of traffic you get depends on the budget used. The only drawbacks with this step are that sometimes the traffic may not have a target, and at the end, you might end up not getting the expected results.

3. Keep Safe Your Affiliate Commissions

Generally, this step comes ones you set up your account with the affiliate links and entails getting your commission ones a person buys a product.

How The 12 Minute Affiliate Program Work

As an individual, you start working with us after you get tools and systems where you will promote different affiliate products without having to move from your house. All you need to have is a laptop, internet supply that is reliable and a beautiful, comfortable seating place to earn money.

Working with the 12 minute program, you do not need to create an opt-in page to come up with your list. There are always predesigned and leads typically to capture pages that are complete with an opt-in form. Essentially what you need to do with the system is to drive traffic towards the lead capture page and get people who can sign up. The program works as simple as that though the whole working process is not as simple as the words look.

Features of 12 minute Affiliate

Under the 12 minute program you expect to find the following;

  • The Done For You sales funnels
  • Done For You Emails
  • An EZ Funnel Wizard which allows you to customize your sales funnels
  • Access to Facebook group option offering a chance to interact with other members
  • And the Done For You Traffic

Additionally, the 12 Minute Affiliate program has two different types of membership features. These are depending on whether you would want to focus on a single member or three-member state.

What Will You Find In The 12 Minute Affiliate Website?

12 minute affiliate login

Devon and his deals are not a scam as is the case to most online money earning platforms. Of course, people have interacted with his other internet products such as the Easier Ever and the famous Web Copycat which have continued to receive appreciation.

Devon is also apparently the owner of Renegade Success and the LLC which are all legit online platform to transact business.

So, which is the exciting product can you find in 12 Minute Affiliate? Check below

  • QuickStart Guide

A QuickStart guide is the first thing to find ones you log in into the website. In the QuickStart checklist, you will find on how to get started and keep earning formulated in simple steps. Among the steps is how to choose your niche, which mostly includes home business, personal development, and weight loss.

  • Traffic area

This forms the locality where you buy your traffic. Additionally, you will see an area that talks on how you can get free traffic on your site.

  • Manager service section

This area allows you to manage all of your autoresponder integrations.

  • Resources

The resource section area contains several items such as live training replays, pre-written swipes, integrations, list of affiliate products, and eBooks.

  • Support section

In case you need help, you can use this section to contact the support team via a telephone line or support ticket. Also, under this section, you can find a private Circle Facebook group where you can quickly get help from Devon the owner himself or the program technical team.

Membership Cost To 12 Minute Affiliate Program

12 minute affiliate membership levels

The initial price of joining this program is $9.95, which runs for 14 days trial. After the 14 days, a member adverting a business is charged only $47 every month or $97 depending with the level of membership.

For basic membership one is charged $47 monthly and $397 annually. The company offers what they call “Gold Membership which goes for $97 monthly and $797 annually.

The difference of basic membership and gold membership is that at basic, you only get landing pages, recommendations of products to promote and templates of emails for make money. On the other hand, the gold membership allows you to access all the three niches at one single time.

However, before you become a full member of the 12 Minute Affiliate Program, you must meet several upsells. These are upselling one and two. Upsell one is 3x the results of your blueprint which goes for $39 while the second upsell which is done for your setup is equivalent to $67. The only notable advantage with upselling, you can opt to skip them and continue without adverse effects.

My Experience With The 12 Minute Affiliate Program

The 12 minute program where I earn the majority of my income. I can confidently say that this program is not a scam and can change your financial life completely as it happened to my life.

Over the years, I have a concern about becoming a member of affiliate marketing. I tried a different site but all in vain. Little did I know 12 minute affiliate program was to be my home business. First, I took the time to consult about this program, but little was present over the same.

After I made my decision to start working with this program, I had no single coin to start the coaching program. So, this made me figure to find out how the system works on my own. When I become a member, I could not believe someone could make $460 a day. Further, I could not believe someone can step 12 minutes and earn a reasonable amount of money, but this is now a reality in my life.

However, for a word of caution, nothing good comes without hard work. As a beginner, you need to be patients. You also need to take your time in learning the process and put an extra effort to achieve the goal. If you expect to come into this system to earn hundreds of dollars right away with minimal effort, you are deceiving yourself.

Benefits Of The 12 Minute Affiliate Program

The benefits one can get from the 12 Minute Program is overwhelming. Check below some of these benefits

1). The program is very much real

You do not have to worry since you are not working with a con. The program owner, Mr. Devon Brown, is a person who is well known in legit internet marketing as this is not the first product he has brought in business. Additionally, Devon is there himself to answer any question, unlike other companies across other sectors who have the audacity of hiding the identity of the business owner.

2). Refund benefits

The 12 minute affiliate program has a 60-day money refund guarantee. This means you have a chance to see how the system works and when to request a refund if you feel unhappy with the system.

3). Source of income

The fact that you can make money while at the comfort of your house makes the maintain reason why most people work with us. You can promote other people’s business, get a chance to learn about products while earning a living.

4). Offers an opportunity to interact

The Facebook group found on the website menu is an excellent chance to interact and make friends. Here you get a chance to meet right- and open-minded people, ask any question, and answer asked questions if you are in a position to answer.

Why I Would Recommend 12 Minute Affiliate System

After leaning all the benefit and the good things this program can bring on the table, I have several reasons why I can recommend the program to everyone. First, this program is legal, home to make hundreds of millions, and quite easy to work.

As a business owner, learning how the 12 minute program work is very much important. The $47 stipend you pay to the company is worth giving it a trial. In the end, the marketers and promotors of your products as they strive to make a commission, you also get a chance to sell your items.

What Is Missing In 12 Minute Program?

Generally, we can’t miss saying few items are not available in this program. The fact that 1-on-1 coaching is an upsell gives unreasonable reasons. It would have been better if it was only offered as part of couching and it would make the system a right product.

How Much Can You Make With 12 Minute Affiliate?

Although most people claim that the 12 Minute Affiliate is extremely hyped and misleading, such statements are wrong and not the standing point of our company. When you work with 12 Minute Affiliate Program, it is possible to make over $460 a day at the comfort of your house without any payment on traffic.

The highest payment one of our member who was a student at 21 years has ever earned was $7, 395 in one week. Yes, such a right amount of money with means he was making more than $1k a day. You should not forget the student was using free traffic methods, so he didn’t have any investment costs.


Over the internet, online marketing is taking due effect day in day out. Hundreds of business are coming up some legit offering business while others are scammers. The 12 Minute Affiliate program is, however, the only deal you should consider to work with. The program provides a flexible platform to market a business product for business owners and a chance to employed to earn money online.

However, as a beginner, you do not need to start at the very high expectation. Start small, and gradually scale up. 12 Minute Affiliate Program is there as a legit business and it is not a scam. Secondly, the company is not coming to an end soon, so you can take your time. When deciding to invest in a marketing affiliation, you, of course, need to be careful since scammers are real in this business field.

If you are there and fully that the convinced 12 Minute Affiliate is all you need for your business and for an opportunity to create money online, click here. Make a good kill and do not forget to come back to share your experience with us.

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8 thoughts on “12 Minute Affiliate Review | What Is It All About?

  1. Nathan, it seems you like this program a lot. And it sounds like you are successful at it! I’d like to learn a little more about how the system works, do they supply a website for you, how do you generate traffic to the site. Again, great review, I’m interested in learning the ins and outs of how it works!


    1. Hi, Steve thanks for the reply. The system focuses on paid advertising. I personally recommend Google, Bing, and YouTube ads. Since everything is DFY, all you have to do is find the best traffic, and drive it to the funnel.

    1. Yes, anytime you get to a plug and play system, it can really help you if you, especially for newer people. You can just focus on sending traffic and earning money.

  2. It looks like it is a great program that will be very useful for anyone who likes to advance on internet marketing .
    I understood that you have to be involved in an affiliate program and then this program will handle everything for you except the traffic that you have to bring to your sight yourself.

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