2 Productivity Secrets For Bloggers

I just got done with a couple of scaling and duplication webinars provided in the IMClinic Course as well as revisiting several productivity books, such as the 4 Hour Workweek, and I want to share the secrets that I have learned from my research. I will also be sharing with you some of my top resources to help you 10X your results in your blogging business.

Secret #1 Duplication

There are 3 main ways to duplicate yourself.

  • Become More Efficient

They key to becoming more efficient with your time is to always be looking for ways to becoming more efficient with it. A great example of this would be Content Creation. Content Creation can take up a large amount of your time. It is worth your time to spend each week creating some content and publishing your content, but is there a more effective method to push your blogging agenda forward at a much faster pace?

I personally outsource a lot of my content using tools such as Hirewriters and Iwriter. Content creation is one of the best income producing activitities for you to outsource. Sure you can do your own writing, but you can 10X your content creation, by hiring someone, who can possibly write better than you.

If you are blogging I highly recommend trying out Hirewriters for yourself. They are extremely affordable. You can get a blog post written that is 1000-2000 words for less than $12. Also you can get a 25% account credit when you first fund your account. So if you fund it with $100, you get $125 on your account, which is basically 2 free articles!

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  • Outsource

The key to outsource is understanding what needs to get done in your business, and understanding whether or not it is worth your own time to learn how to do a process. I have used Fiverr several times to install various software that was definitely not worth my time to do myself.

A good example would be the time I was trying to install Sendy on my Cpanel. It was extremely complicated to do, and the chances that I was going to mess something up was extremely high, so instead of doing it myself I hired a guy on Fiverr to install it.

He managed to get everything installed perfectly, and in less than 24 hours. I only spent $15, and it was definitely worth the money. Now I have a free email autoresponder service installed on my hosting account, which is saving me hundreds of dollars a year. If you want to learn more about Sendy, check out my Sendy Review.

  • Automate

An excellent example of a way to automate your processes is email marketing processes. Write email sequences to build a relationship with your email subscribers when they join your list. You want to continuously be emailing your subscribers at least a 2-3 times per week so they are keeping you on the top of their minds. When there is a hot product that you want to promote, you can get maximum profits from a promotional campaign that you promote during a product launch.

Another popular automated process is autowebinars which are very popular for people that are constantly training people, and building automated marketing funnels in their business.

Secret #2 Scaling

Once you have all these duplicatable processes in place, the next step is to scale. The way you do this is to inject more people into the process, more money, and more projects. You basically take the processes that are working for you, and magnify them to best of their potential.

Once you start getting into hiring a staff, you will need to start using Project Management tools, Cloud Storage tools such Google Drive, and Human Resources tools as well.

You can utilize websites like Upwork to hire a staff to implement these processes into your business.

Final Thoughts

For the blogger, you can definitely start developing duplicatable systems in your business. The ones that you can definitely start on today, are content creation with websites like Hirewriters, and outsourcing complicated tasks on Fiverr, and automating email marketing tasks with software like Sendy. I hope you found this article to be insightful, and I hope that you implement at least one of these tips into your business so you can 10X your results today!

10 thoughts on “2 Productivity Secrets For Bloggers

  1. How can I Tha k you enough for this valuable tips you have dishes out today. I didn’t know any of this steps you have just mentioned even though I’m a blogger and I want to be successful. The duplication and outsource technique does not look like something too technical to to stick too. I’ll be sure to try it out and come back with my feedback. Thanks.

    1. You’re welcome Henderson. It is amazing how much you can accomplish when you implement these into your business! Just the right amount of leverage in the right areas can maximize your results!

  2. Wow! Definitely, duplicatable is surely the next stage for me. I got very busy of recent and I just do not have the luxury of time to construct my contents by myself and this has been affecting my website so, I really need the help of a great writer and getting them for a cheap price as 12$, that’s excellent I must say. Also, automation would also help to make life much more easier for me. Thanks so much for these secrets you have shared

  3. Thanks, Nathan for compiling these great tips on how to further our business as bloggers, 

    I do agree that they are both good ways to increase/improve our productivity, especially being able to hire content writers, that definitely is sure to skyrocket one’s site presence and lead to faster rankings which in turn will lead to.more revenue.

    I haven’t gotten to that stage, but it is something I will definitely engage in moving forward, once I start generating reasonable income, as I am just getting started.

    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Great resource! I’m glad I came across this Nathan. I use an auto post plugin for one of my blogs but on my main blog I like to keep my content original but I still would like to have some help and I have not heard about Hire Writers before. When I’m done here, my next stop is Hire Writers!

  5. Thank you very much for your post. It is a timely article for me. I have a website and creating content takes me a lot of time. I am thinking about outsourcing content writing for my website.

    Here is your article. I always think hiring people to write content costs hundred dollars. You could get one by just paying few dollars. I should look this earlier and if this is working, I could speed up my online business rapidly.

    It is kind of you sharing this useful information with us. I am going to register now.

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