Affiliate Bots Review [Is It Worth Investing In?]

Affiliate Bots 2 is a popular program that automates affiliate marketing, promising marketers of thousands of dollars in commissions. How does it work make that possible? This Affiliate Bots review answers that question. Stay with me as I demystify this new way of doing affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Bots 2 was created by Chris X, a marketing expert for many years (since 2006). It’s an upgrade to a previous version, Affiliate Bots, that launched in the last months of 2018. The older Affiliate Autobots only had a total of 17 tools. Although the program did well based on the many positive Affiliate Bots review articles, the tools were inadequate.

The new Affiliate Bots 2 comes with additional features that include a total of 37 different tools. These enable you to find and promote many products at once, bringing you more money in affiliate commissions. The program helps to make things happen fast and without the usual amount of work as we will see later.

If you’re new to affiliate marketing, you might want to know about how it works. So, here we go…

Affiliate marketing involves promoting other people’s products. When your marketing efforts bear fruit and someone makes a purchase via your product link, you’re paid a commission. To earn a sizeable amount of income, you need to find the most profitable affiliate programs, create an aggressive marketing campaign that nets real buyers, keep checking for what’s working or not working, and more. Success in affiliate marketing can greatly improve your financial standing.

However, that is not always easy and things may not happen as expected. You may not get enough traffic or if you do, the traffic may comprise a non-buying audience. Furthermore, affiliate marketing is not a task that you can accomplish overnight. You have to spend hours upon hours finding the products to promote, the best way to do so, and monitoring the progress. That limits the number of programs you can enroll for. As a result, your income may not grow as high as you would want it to.

How Affiliate Bots 2 Helps You to Earn Hundreds or Even Thousands of Dollars

Affiliate Bots aims to break the barrier that many marketers face. By automating the process to find high-paying affiliates and traffic generation, you get the chance to improve your commissions tremendously. This is how the program works.

A Look inside Affiliate Bots 2

It’s essentially a collection of 37 different tools. These comprise software to scout for high-commission and high-traffic opportunities, create websites or landing pages, produce videos, look for domain names, drive traffic, and more.

There are a total of 6 bots to find you the top affiliate programs. These bots help you to find opportunities that are most profitable to improve earnings. 10 bots help you to boost conversions, automatically and using the most workable ways.

The program dedicates more than 20 bots to various other tasks such as website and video creation, finding domains, and more. You also get a search engine that scours the internet looking for information from the top websites in terms of traffic and profits.

The working of Affiliate Bots can be simplified into a few main steps:

  • Finding affiliate program

Using the provided tools, you get to find the most profitable affiliates and the hottest products to promote. The software mainly focuses on the main websites that promise better results such as Amazon, ClickBank, WarriorPlus, and JVZoo. These are places where new products launch every day. Also where one of the highest online sales are realized.

  • Creating a website

There are tools to help you with that and the process happens in an instant. Affiliate Bots 2 website creation tools are easy to use and even beginners who have no idea of how to build a working website will have one up in a minute.

  • Setting up conversion widgets

These help to convert users into buyers. You get to target prospective buyers based on geographical locations, use marketing strategies such as pop up coupons, and more. It’s the last step before you start to direct traffic towards your pages where you have your products.

  • Driving traffic to your site

With everything in place, this step aims to send users to your sites or landing pages. There are the tools that help with this, and which consist of different sources of free traffic. The software for this does everything for you, providing you with useful data regarding the traffic and the most appropriate sources.

All these steps are automated, which means two things. First, you’re relieved of the hard work to do everything manually by yourself. Second, you can find many opportunities within a short time and involve yourself in all of them to maximize commissions.

I believe you’re wishing to learn what these tools are that automate affiliate marketing to earn you passive income so easily. So let’s move onto that right away.

Affiliate Bots 2 Tools

As I indicated earlier in this Affiliate Bots 2 review, there are a total of 37 different software to help you achieve automation. Here’s a quick look at the main ones.

AI Traffic Search– it’s a tool that automatically searches and provides you with useful data of more than 100,000 high-traffic opportunities.

Auto Website software– helps you create websites in a minute

Web Widgets– this software enhances conversion rates of the visitors to your sites. There’s a total of 10 different widgets towards this purpose.

Banner Builder– this tool creates instant banners that you can use to promote the products you’ve enrolled to sell.

Affiliate Ads 2– an advanced version of the previous Affiliate Bots program, this tool scours over 200 ClickBank affiliates to pick the most appropriate.

Warrior 50– it’s a tool that searches among the topmost 50 WarriorPlus products to find the best affiliate opportunities.

King of the Zon– as you can guess, this software searches Amazon for the top products. These are the new items on the site and which offer better chances of success with affiliate.

Launch Pulse– the tool scouts for product launches on JVZoo, WarriorPlus, and ClickBank

CB250– a tool to find top ClickBank affiliate opportunities.

King of the Zoo– again, as the name indicates, this tool finds the best new products that launched on JVZoo

1 Click Affiliate– it creates an affiliate site in one minute.

1 Click Video Pages– instead of creating landing pages, this one help you create video pages with one click.

Rapid Video Creator– this tool creates instant YouTube videos to promote your products.

Resell DB– a tool for resell rights

Automailer– a tool to respond to emails automatically so you can handle long lists effectively.

Flip DB– helps you to flip domains by providing you with Flippa data about the sites that are up for sale.

Christmas Affiliate– scouts for and provides you with a list of the top-selling products during the festive season of Christmas.

Hosting Affiliate– a bot that finds the top options for hosting affiliate programs.

Click Bank Banners– scans more than 1800 banner ads to find the top affiliate programs for you.

Dropaveli Tool– finds for you the expired domains with a high net worth.

Domainaveli– a tool for domain name search.

Now that you know what to expect from the program, let us look at the costs if you decide to use it

Affiliate Bots 2 Price

The upfront price for Affiliate Bots 2 is $17. This is affordable enough, considering the amount of income the program can bring you every month. The fee is a one-off payment, which makes this program one of the most affordable affiliate marketing software you can ever find. What’s more, you will be offered discounts that lower the price even further while on the official site and considering to make a purchase.

The owner of Affiliate Bots includes a refund policy for the program. If you’re not satisfied with the software, you have 60 days to request a refund. Being a ClickBank product, you can be certain that the refund policy is workable as it’s protected by ClickBank terms.

The Benefits and Downsides of Affiliate Bots 2 Program

Now that we have seen all the tools offered by the owner of this program, let’s look at the advantages of using the software and its downsides. Here are the reasons why I like Affiliate Bots 2

The Program is Quite Affordable

It’s not always that you get 37 tools for a mere 17 dollars. The program is so affordable that any online marketer can afford it. On top of that, you can take advantage of the offers and get the program at an even lower price.

The Incredible Amount of Affiliate Marking Information

The different tools provide you with so much information. If you’re an expert in the field, you know how useful this data is when making your affiliate marketing decisions. In addition to the automation provided by the software, the information can help you advance your business to earn even more.

The Regular Updates

The owner of the program keeps updating the various pieces of software. With the updated tools, you can be sure that your affiliate marketing ventures will remain relevant to bring more returns. An example of the program’s recent update is its upgrade from Affiliate Bots 1.0 after a few months.

The Great User Interface

The program provides you with a clean and easy-to-use UI. You get things done easily and without spending a lot of time navigating the different tabs. One of the software’s aim is to shorten the time you spend on affiliate marketing activities, and the platform enables that.

The Wide Range of Tools

With this program, you get just about every tool you need to succeed in your affiliate marketing ventures. It’s incredible that the owner could bundle up 37 programs in one package. The fact that each tool serves a useful role in the whole process to promote affiliate products is just impressive.

Affiliate Bots Training

So far in this Affiliate Bots 2 review, you may have noticed the complexity of the tools in the program. Almost every one of them is a jargon. That might have scared you a bit. But you need not be because Affiliate Bots 2 comes with training materials. These consists of videos and PDF reads. Each tool has its own usage tutorials so you don’t get stuck anywhere.

The Refund Policy

I would be afraid to purchase a program that didn’t guarantee money back if the claims made by the owner didn’t turn out to be true. The fact that Affiliate Bots guarantees you of a refund is one of the reasons to trust its effectiveness.

The Downsides of Web Bots 2 Affiliate

They are not many but worth pointing out anyway.

The Tools are Not Beginner-Friendly

The tools appear too technical for the newbie who just started or is planning to enter the world of affiliate marketing. There’s the extensive training on the use of the program tools, though, which any beginner marketer can use to gain a better understanding of every piece of software.

Not Clear Way to Contact Support

Although the probability that you will contact support is low, there’s still a chance that you may want to. A way to do so easily would have been better.

Final Comments

To conclude this Affiliate Bots 2 review, I should say the program is worth investing in. Despite its low price, it comes with an incredible array of useful tools that speed up affiliate marketing tasks. The program finds the bests affiliate deals and products for you, the best and free traffic sources, helps you create the best conversion strategies, and more. This helps you to earn higher amounts within a short time.

Affiliate Bots works for both advanced and beginner marketers who want to rise quickly and earn a decent income. If you’re one of them, you may want to try out this product. It offers one of the best opportunities to become a successful internet marketer, even without skills or prior experience.

While the various tools may appear too complicated to newbies, they are not in reality. Besides, there are training resources that consist of videos and PDF files to help you use the program. The program helps boost earnings without you spending extended hours glued to the computer screen trying to figure everything out.

10 thoughts on “Affiliate Bots Review [Is It Worth Investing In?]

  1. I love, love, love this article!  Although I am familiar with affiliate marketing, I had no idea that such a helpful tool existed.  You are totally right that $17 is very affordable.

    The video is really indispensable and very clear.  Why write all that out when its there in a clear and easy format?  This article discusses both the pros and cons.  As a newbie to this particular platform I’m still a little shy but I’m sure I will buy it at some point as the advantages seem to far outweigh the disadvantages.

    I’ve definitely bookmarked your page for the future as I am sure that I’ll be using Affiliate Bots in the future, when I gain a bit more experience.

    Thank you for such a well thought out and well designed article!  Great niche.

  2. So you can actually make quick and decent money with this program? 

    And wow I see you make $417 in commissions per day. This really sounds like a promising program.

    I’ll bookmark this post and try it out. I always take programs and test them out to see what programs are sams and so forth.

    Thank you for this post and all the best.

    1. Hi Aabidah, yes this tool has been very helpful for me, and I would recommend it for anyone trying to earn money online, especially with blogging. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. This is an important post for me.

    I am an Affiliate Marketer, or an apprentice anyway…. still building. I know that there are ‘add-ons’ that are going to take me to the next level. Things like email marketing, maybe a CRM, webinars, etc. 

    An automatic Affiliate Bot is a new idea that I have not crossed paths with before. I’ve bookmarked this page and will come back to it when it’s time. This would be a great help to automate a lot and I can then focus on expanding by business.

    Thank you for this new product review.


    1. Hey Mike, thanks for the comment. If you are looking to create leverage from your affiliate marketing activities, tools are the way to go! Thanks for stopping by!

  4. I’m a fan of Affiliate Bots as they have a ton of automation tools that increase productivity but rest assured those who think this will be push-button instant affiliate millionaire are wrong. Many of the tools are for moderate to advanced marketers and all come with a learning curve. If you pass the training with flying colors you stand to make a ton of money and save a massive amount of time. My favorite tools have to do with video and VSL creation right now as the best traffic sources on the planet all include video these days. Affiliate Bots over-delivers at the price, so my advice is to take the $12 plunge into this world of income potential but remember there will still be work and brainpower involved.

  5. Hey,

    I read your post and Could follow you throughout the process. We were engaging the reader throughout the entire article and giving them a reason why this product would be good form them starting an online business.  I also like the fact that you not only do a step by step demonstration but you were actually closing at the same time.

    I think your content is quit stimulating and will bring much success in the future.

    Best wishes 


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