Affiliate Marketing: 4 Myths & the Truths Behind Them

There are so many misconceptions when it comes to the topic of affiliate marketing. Unfortunately, some of these misconceptions have caused even the best of us marketers to ignore affiliate marketing altogether, losing out on all the benefits that it might’ve brought our businesses.

The only way you’re ever going to make sound decisions when it comes to affiliate marketing is to recognize these misconceptions and understand the truth that lies behind them.

Here are four myths of affiliate marketing, debunked:

Myth #1: You can only succeed if you put quantity over quality

You might’ve been told not to paste all your product and service offerings in as many places as possible. While that might help in terms of getting results with your affiliate marketing efforts, quality is way more important. In other words, you should focus on quality over quantity.

Myth #2: Affiliate marketing is an old strategy

There is some truth to this: affiliate marketing is indeed an old strategy. However, by no means does this make it useless. In fact, with so many people looking to be affiliated with businesses to finance their activities, affiliate marketing is now an even more enticing prospect.

Even though search engines have changed over the years, affiliate marketing practices such as link-building are still useful. Just keep in mind that this type of marketing requires plenty of research to be done beforehand, as many factors will dictate how you can best utilize affiliate marketing.

Myth #3: Affiliate marketing campaigns are easy to do

While the whole idea of building a list of affiliates to work with to advertise your product might seem easy, it isn’t. The thing is, a lot of people are doing affiliate marketing, which means one thing: competition. To add to this, you might’ve also assumed that all you need to do to set up an affiliate business is to create a website and create a program, however, there’s so much more to do than that.

All the extra effort revolves around relationship-building. Only by building a strong and positive relationship with affiliates can you rely on them to regularly advertise your offerings, ensuring not only success for themselves but for you as well.

Myth #4: You must be in a significant niche for affiliate marketing to work

You might think that you need to be in a massive industry with a vast audience for affiliate marketing to work. After all, the affiliates should have a broad audience, right? Not necessarily.

If you’re just starting with affiliate marketing, it’s better that you focus on a niche. That’s because not only is there much less competition, but you won’t have to invest so much in trying to compete with larger businesses.


Now that we’ve addressed some of the myths and misconceptions that surround affiliate marketing, we hope that you now have the knowledge and confidence you need to take on this venture. As a final tip to ensure that your affiliate marketing efforts are successful, make sure to put effort into building your list. This list will dictate the results you get from your efforts, so pick and choose wisely.

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