How Can I Do Affiliate Marketing Without a Website in 2021?

If such as question that goes how can I do affiliate marketing without a website has been bothering you, then you landed in the right place. Affiliate marketing tends to conjure up thoughts that one should be an IT guru to be able to be an affiliate. One would also think you must have a website for you to do affiliate marketing. This is not true and we shall explore how you can do it without a website.

Use Someone Else’ Website

Since you are assigned a special affiliate link when you join an affiliate program, this is all you need. You can use your affiliate links in many websites and this is legal. Popular places to place affiliate links include forums and boards, especially those that focus on the kind of products you are marketing. A popular way to do this is by answering questions or initiating discussions in these forums. You can also place your links on websites with third party consumer reviews.

The Power of Social Media

Social media sites provide an excellent platform for placing your affiliate links. These include Facebook, Pinterest, Youtube, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, or even LinkedIN. It is however prudent to check out their terms of service to avoid landing in trouble. Most of the social media sites have laid down clear guidelines on how affiliate links should be used. This option is particularly perfect for those with a huge social media following.


You may not have given this a second thought but it works when it comes to affiliate marketing. Ebook publishing has grown immensely and digital book purchases skyrocketed the last few years. You can be a self-publishing author, make money from the ebooks and still advertise within your ebook. Another way to even gain more leads is by giving away the ebook for free but place your affiliate links within the ebook. This is an excellent choice for those asking how can I do affiliate marketing without a website.

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Other Strategies on how can I do Affiliate Marketing without a Website:

Do not limit yourself when seeking ways of getting touch with potential customers through affiliate links. You can create funny videos, host a podcast, take pictures and post on Instagram, or even offer video reviews of products. It is all about thinking beyond the ordinary. Another way could be offline flyers or brochures.

With these you can simply embed your affiliate links on the flyer which clients can type and make an order. What about classified ads you find in local dailies or newspapers? These also provide excellent means of getting your affiliate links noticed. The bottom line is, do not limit yourself when considering ways of being an affiliate marketer even when you do not have a website.

In a nut-shell, if asking how can I do affiliate marketing without a website, it is clear you can be one even when you do not have a website. Sign up today for a free wealthy affiliate account by following this link.


How Can I Do Affiliate Marketing Without a Website?

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