Authority Site System Review | Is It Legit and Worth It?

Authority Site System Review

If you are wondering what Authority Site System is, you are at the right place because we will be answering that comprehensively in this article. If you are sincerely interested in making an authority site or a niche site to generate income online, you have likely encountered the Authority Site System. You might be asking yourself, is authority site system worth it? Or is authority site system legit? In this authority site system review, I will try my best to answer the questions you might have before purchasing the Authority Site System.

What is the Authority Site system?

It is a training program developed by Mark Webster and Gael Breton – two very successful online entrepreneurs. They have developed many successful authority sites that drive millions of page visitors per month. After repeating their process several times with successful outcomes, they decided to create a system that was a step-by-step outline: from the technical operation of the website to the precise tasks you have to conduct daily to the outsourcing and growing the company. The system is known as Authority Hacker Pro.

For most individuals seeking to start an online business, the claims of the owners of Authority Site System are exactly what you are looking for: to generate income online, to grow your online business, and to make sufficient money from your online business to sustain yourself. You might even want more from your online business, so you should note that you can scale up the system.

How Does Authority Site System Work?

To answer the questions “is authority site system legit?” and “is authority site system worth it?” this authority site system review will look at how the system works. Essentially, the Authority Site System is an online training course that is offered inside a membership website. Once you signup, you will get access to their community groups, forums, case studies, blog templates, and courses.

To condense what they teach, you will learn:

• How to choose a niche

• How to plan your site

• How to have a clear monetization strategy

• How to conduct affiliate marketing

• How to do market and keyword research

• How to outsource

How to choose a Niche

The authority site system course provides in-depth information about niche selection with more than 70 videos. In summary, Mark Webster and Gael Breton want you to answer the following questions:

• Do you have available products to promote?

• Do consumers purchase goods in your chosen industry?

• Are people searching for products in this industry on google?

• Do you have an opportunity to give commissions for well-priced products in this industry?

• Are there websites in the niche generating income?

If your answer is yes to any of these questions, you are likely to generate income in that niche. The best niches the course recommends are under lifestyle, problems, and passion. Some examples of such niches include:

LifestyleWealthy Affiliate Free Trial Membership

• Celebrity news

• Politics

• Religion

• Personal development

• Healthy living

• Fitness

• Business

• Parenting


• Cancer

• Weight loss

• Back pain


• Golf

• Knitting

• Sewing

• Homebrewing

• Barbeque

• Fishing

How to plan your site

After choosing your niche, this course recommends that you get into the site planning process before starting the technical setup, which is different from what most people teach. This course teaches you how to layout your site content and ensure that the keyword information will generate you results that are consistent with what you want – that includes calculating the volume of keywords, deciding on the type of content, and starting conversations. You can plan your website by:

1. Creating a list of competitors

You need to see what is operational in the niche you want to go into. What type of content is prevalent, and what’s not? What kinds of services and products are selling?

2. Plan your sales and link the content

This course recommends that you create 80% sales content and 20% informational content. Link content and sales content differ like this:

Link content: popular news, industry news, how-to articles, list posts

Sales content: Buyer’s guides, Best of, A vs. B, reviews

3. Branding

After you plan your content and progress, the authority site system recommends that you start preparing your branding. You need to select a

• Logo

• Website colors

• Fonts

4. Outsourcing

Authority Site System also teaches how to outsource content utilizing various content creation websites. The course gives you templates to assist you in briefing your content creators to maintain the consistency of your content. That way, your content will remain relevant and reliable to the readers.

5. Link-building

This course will also teach you how to start your link-building efforts. You will learn how to find links with similar content as yours and asking for guest posts. Then you can link these guest posts to your money pages. If you are puzzled trying to find email addresses, they recommend that you use or Facebook pages.

6. Time management

Most online entrepreneurs get stuck in the time management part of business building. They do not realize the tasks that are most crucial and at what times. You can find yourself trying to get a social media following, while in the real sense, these metrics don’t directly correlate with your ultimate goals like generating income. Therefore, the Authority Site System offers a step-by-step list to follow.

Here are the three stages of creating an authority site:

The authority hacker program is divided into three stages of site development, and in every stage, they guide you step-by-step in developing your authority website.

• Stage one: Product-dedicated content for affiliate marketing and SEO

You will be developing content that is about your products and assisting the customers in making decisions. The content should be high-quality and informational to build relevance and attract affiliate links. Excellent content develops the baseline trust with the audience and with the search engines, and it develops leveraged earnings where your expenses are covered.

The types of content the Authority Site System recommends include best of guides, buyer’s guides, comparisons, product reviews, how-to articles.

• Stage two: Extra flow of traffic from social media and other platforms

The program advises individuals to maintain the same type of content as stage one website and add:

• Email marketing

• Ads

• Social media

• Push notifications

With stage two websites, you will have an audience through your email list, and you will also have increased awareness. You will be attracting more traffic to your website from different stages of the purchaser’s cycle rather than stage one, where you are primarily focused on individuals with an apparent intent to purchase.

The types of recommended content at this stage include roundup posts (like interviewing influencers, collecting influential posts, etc.), curation posts, how-to articles, and question posts that answer [popular questions.

• Stage three: Product development

At this stage, you have income, relationships, and email lists. You have marketed other people’s services, and products generated them sales, and possibly know other affiliates and publishers. Therefore, you can collaborate to sell your products, and it makes sales and product development much more comfortable.

The type of content recommended at this stage includes content for selling your products, Video, Audio, Affiliate marketing content, and sales funnels.

Authority Site System Start Up

To begin the Authority Site System course, visit their sales page and purchase their course or get to watch the free webinar that is full of excellent information

Who is it for?

• Internet marketing beginners

• Those who have been training or taking internet marketing courses but still have not taken action

• Freelance gigs or those who want to quit their job

• Those who have tried internet marketing and failed

• Those who want to scale up their websites

• Those who have not generated the income they are looking for

Authority Site System Training

This program has everything outlined to assist you in accomplishing your goal of developing an authority site. It also has a knowledge base to answer all your queries before you purchase. The program owners are involved in their Forums and Facebook groups. So, if you have any questions regarding building your website, you can find answers from peers or the owners. For personal concerns or billing issues, you have to contact the support through email.

Authority Site System Pros & Cons


• The program teaches strategies that accomplish excellent results

• Some individuals began as newbies and with time after the course are getting full time incomes

• The program guides beginners step-by-step until they become experts

• They offer a 30-day money-back guarantee

• Lifetime membership after a one-time payment

• The owners are connected to their students

• It is easy to follow

• The online community answers most of your questions

• Lifetime updates

• A lot of case studies and success stories proving the system works

• Excellent supplementary course for continuous development


• They need additional tools

• They don’t predict the costs for you for other tools that you add to your website and web hosting

• The support could be better

• The cost is comparably high

• There is a great emphasis on link building

• There are other competitors with similar courses

• Client reviews suggest that email support is slow

My Recommendations Of Authority Site System

The Authority Site System is an excellent program. Is authority site system legit? Is the authority site system worth it? For me – yes.

You will learn a lot about content planning and keyword research from the first lessons. That is something that you can always refer back to when creating your next website. You will also learn various strategies on how to analyze the competition.

If you are new to authority websites, this is probably the best online course I would recommend for you. The website planning tool eliminates the tedious website planning process. Authority Site System is also excellent for link building. Also, individuals who have built some websites before without hitting their target income can use this course to expand their knowledge.

However, if you are a beginner and you are not comfortable with computers, you might find some of the course details challenging. If you enjoy the creative way of building a site, you will find the intense link building and website planning quite tedious. If you feel that the Authority Site System does not suit your needs, there are several other online courses that train you on how to build and run a profitable affiliate website.

Authority Site System might be what you are looking for, but this is probably a better option…

To sum up, if you think that you will need fast-one-on-one support from a devoted mentor – someone you can reach out to any time you have specific questions – then I think you can enjoy Wealthy Affiliate membership more. The community at Wealthy Affiliate is much more active, and the program consists of more channels of support. Their course will have you join and build your site by the fourth lesson – still on a free membership. Instead of agonizing over statistics like keyword volume and DR, you get the right to learn and work on the job. Also, the pricing is a lot more friendly to newbies, with a free beginner membership, then $19 for the initial month. Since the annual cost is $495 per year, you can be a member for about 2 years before you reach the cost of the Authority Site System

Wealthy Affiliate is among the most trusted brands in the profitable site-building industry, and its leading course supports this reputation. Instead of spending the next few years trying to create your way to the top, I recommend that you invest in yourself by purchasing a course with a verified track record. You will get training from a couple of individuals who show their achievements and care about assisting you to succeed.

If you are committed to creating an online business through the authority website model and have little knowledge in online marketing, I highly recommend that you try out the the Wealthy Affiliate University course. You will do yourself a great favor. Fast-track your path to success using this course!

Even if you are not ready to spend money yet, I still recommend that you take the free membership. I assure you that you will get something from it even though you don’t invest in the full course. Click here to join Wealthy Affiliate.

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