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Online shopping has gained tremendous popularity, and all of us find ourselves doing online shopping from time to time. We spend a lot of cash on it, and we tend to do our best to save that. Today, many cashback sites seem to provide a bizarre way to earn and save some cashback when shopping online. BeFrugal is one of the popular cashback portals where you can earn as much free money back as possible. You have probably checked BeFrugal reviews online, but you don’t know whether the site is legit. This article is an exclusive BeFrugal App Review and everything you need to know before joining the site.

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What is BeFrugal?

BeFrugal is an online-based cashback and coupon website. It connects online shoppers with ways of saving money when shopping online. The site was started in 2009 as a useful free coupon site and later began giving cashback to online shoppers in 2011. The users sign up to the BeFrugal for free. The site quickly grew after starting the cashback feature, including the money-saving and coupon features. Today, you can earn cashback when buying products and services via BeFrugal at over 5000 online sites. These include some of the favorite online shopping sites such as Amazon, Expedia, Shutterfly, Target, and Groupon.

How Does BeFrugal Cash Back Work?

Many people have doubts believing whether a site like BeFrugal is real because the deal seems too good. I also thought that there was a catch when I initially joined as I basically get paid to shop. However, BeFrugal works by receiving a commission from all retailers that they have partnered with. The retailers pay BeFrugal for boosting their website sales, and BeFrugal gives a portion of that earning to the users in the form of cashback. For instance, if a retailer pays 10% commission to BeFrugal for each sale made using their backlinks, BeFrugal can give 5% of the commission to the online shopper and keeps the 5%. This ensures every party benefits, and its how you receive free cashback.

BeFrugal Sign Up Process

It is super quick and easy to sign up for BeFrugal. You only need to be eighteen years and above and have a valid email to get started. You can also join by linking BeFrugal with your Google or Facebook account. After filling up your details, you will need to create your personal username and password for your BeFrugal account. The whole process takes less than five minutes. Once you have done this, you will get redirection to the BeFrugal dashboard. Once you sign up, you automatically receive $10 in your BeFrugal account. However, you will need to earn up to $10 in cashback for you to redeem the bonus.

How to Use BeFrugal

Once you have signed up for BeFrugal, you can begin earning cashback when you purchase online. Sign in to your BeFrugal account, and you can access any retailer website from the site. If there is any coupon or cashback available, a notification will appear. Click on the green button to activate your cashback. You can also access all of the cashback deals via your BeFrugal dashboard. The quickest way to find deals for a particular retailer is via the search function or by category. When you find a cashback deal on a product that you are interested in, you should click on it, and you will be redirected to the retailer’s website. You will immediately earn cashback when you close in the purchase. This similarly applies if you want to use the retailer’s coupons.

At What Time Do You Get Your BeFrugal Cash Back?

BeFrugal Cashback review is essential to obtaining your BeFrugal cashback. After your purchase, cash backs appear in your BeFrugal account as pending. The earnings remain pending until the retailer confirms you bought the item. This part takes a few days to then show up in the verified section. The cashback remains here awaiting the retailer to pay BeFrugal the commission, which takes around 30 to 90 days. This step is necessary in case the customers cancel orders or return items as the retailers will not pay the commission. Once the retailer pays BeFrugal, your cashback goes to the payable section, and you can receive it via any payment options stated below.

BeFrugal Payment Options

BeFrugal provides several different payment options, including direct deposit, check, PayPal, and e-Gift Cards. Checks and Direct Deposit are both restricted to the US and need a minimum account balance of $25. PayPal provides the best payment option as it has no restrictions on any location and requires a minimum account balance of $0.01. e-Gift Cards are delivered via email, and they are effective for both in-store and online purchases. BeFrugal has not stated the minimum amount required for e-Gift Cards. The period between when you cash out and when you receive payments is about ten business days, but its more often quicker than this, depending on the payment method.

BeFrugal Referral Program

BeFrugal has an easy to use and an excellent referral program. After you create your account, there is a Refer-A-Friend button at the top of the site. You will get your referral link by clicking this button. BeFrugal also provides convenient options for posting the link on Twitter, Facebook, or via email. You can use a clickable banner if you have a website. You have the chance to earn $10 for every BeFrugal referral that you make. You can earn this for as many times as possible every time you refer a friend to the site as the number is not limited. More so, your friend will be rewarded with a $10 welcome bonus. You will be able to access your reward when a referral clicks on your link, sign in on BeFrugal, and makes up to $10 cashback reward in a year. They can easily earn this amount as the site provides excellent cashback offers.

BeFrugal App Review

BeFrugal has a convenient app for iPad, iPhone, and mobile users to shop at any time and anywhere. The app is free to download from the App Store. You need to open the app, search cashback deals, and click on them to shop. It can never get easier.


Generally, BeFrugal is one of the tops and the best cashback sites. Its high credibility and reliability have earned it an excellent reputation across all internet platforms. The site provides high cashback offers while partnering with almost all retailers. You can start earning and saving cash every time you do online shopping by joining the website via our referral link. With additional perks such as referral bonuses and coupons, you don’t have a reason not to check it out.

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