Best Affiliate Marketing Software – Which One Is Best For You?

best affiliate marketing software

best affiliate marketing software

Nearly every day, there is a new affiliate marketing software that launches. Anyone who has subscribed to an internet marketers email list will find out that there is no shortage of ‘shiny objects’, and several times per day you are likely trying to get sold something.

I’ve been doing internet marketing for more than a decade, and one thing that I have learned is that most of these affiliate marketing softwares use not worthwhile. Many of them get discontinued in less than a year. But there are some that stand the test of time. But how do you determine whether a marketing software is worth investing in?

In this blog post I am going to give you a framework for determining whether an affiliate marketing software is worth investing in, and also give you a few product recommendations of the best affiliate marketing software that I use. By the end of this blog post, you should be able to determine what is right for you.

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What Makes An Affiliate Software Worthwhile?

When it comes to operating your affiliate marketing business you will find there are 3 categories of affiliate marketing tools and softwares out there.

  1. Software that are vital. You literally cannot have an affiliate marketing business without them. A good example would be Affiliate Marketing WordPress hosting. You need to have a blog, or website, but hosting also means you can create affiliate links, blog posts, bonus pages, landing pages, etc.
  2. Software that can aren’t vital, but can substantially enhance your marketing process. For example, if you have a blog and want to create landing pages, sales pages, thank you pages, a great tool for enhancing your ability to create these is Optimizepress. You can certainly get by without it, but it may just be doing you more harm than good by putting off purchasing it.
  3. Software that looks cool, but doesn’t fit in your marketing process. It might be useful to some other affiliate marketer, but not you. A good example of this is, if you are an affiliate marketer that earns through blogging, it would not be beneficial for you to buy an Instagram management software.

Even if you do find an affiliate software that you think will be worth investing in, you need to do research and make sure the company you are buying it from has good reviews. If you don’t there is a chance you might invest in a tool that might not work like advertised, or even the software no longer works in 6 months. Unfortunately this has happened to me several times. I have purchased an affiliate marketing software for $1000 that didn’t work as advertised, and by the time I decided to ask for a refund, it was already past it’s money back guarantee.

The Best Affiliate Marketing Software

As I said before, the single best affiliate marketing software you can invest in is affiliate marketing wordpress hosting. Being able to have your own website to attract people to is really vital if you want to make any sort of money in affiliate marketing.

WordPress hosting gives you a platform to build a website that is completely customizable for you. WordPress plugins are available to install on your website if you are looking for a specific type of functionality.

The top two functions of a wordpress hosting platform are:

  • Having content that attracts visitors to your affiliate offers.
  • Affiliate link cloaking tools that make your affiliate links “pretty”, as well as track them, and even block hackers from stealing your affiliate commissions.

Other than that, it is the easiest way to get people to your affiliate offers. Whenever you create a blog post centered around an idea or topic, it has the potential to attract website visitors who can then be referred to your affiliate offers, and buy.|

Other Types Of Affiliate Marketing Software

At this point, you have several affiliate marketing tools out there to help you operate more efficiently. You really have to look at each step of your process, and see if there is an affiliate marketing software that can help you. For example, my affiliate marketing process looks like this:

  1. Keyword Research. I use a Keyword Research Tool called Jaaxy. It helps me find questions and topics people are searching for on Google.
  2. Content Creation is the next step of the process. There is a couple different routes to take when it comes to creating content. I either write it myself or have one of my hand-selected writers do it for me. One of my favorite resources getting content written is Hirewriters. They have the lowest priced content compared to any alternative, and if you find the right person to write your content, you are really getting a great deal out of it.
  3. Publishing the Content. Unfortunately this is not a mere copy and paste. I typically have to format the blog post, add images, embed videos, and do a bunch of “On-Page SEO”. There several tool out there to assist you in optimizing content, such as SEOPressor, and Yoast. They don’t automate the process, but they help guide you through the process of publishing content correctly.
  4. Repurposing the Content is the next step. One of the best things you can be doing right now is repurposing your content, and publishing it across multiple platforms. One great example is how I am able to take my blog posts, and turn them into videos using a tool called Content Samurai. Really in just a few clicks I can take a blog post and quickly turn it into a video. But other than uploading the video to YouTube you can alter the video and publish it to Facebook, and LinkedIn as well. I actually wrote a case study about ‘how I turned 1 article into 13 pieces of content’ here, if you want more ideas about how to repurpose content.
  5. Distributing the Repurposed Content. This is similar to publishing the content in step 3, but each platform that I distribute the repurposed content is going to have different publishing rules that I have to abide by. My favorite places to distribute the content are Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Wealthy Affiliate. But there are several others like Slideshare, and Soundcloud for example if you are interested in other content formats.

Basically my formula is to break down my affiliate marketing process and add the best affiliate marketing software for each step. I have a bunch of tools for each step of the process, and it allows me to operate my affiliate marketing business much more efficiently.

Final Thoughts

I hope by now you have gained some insight into what affiliate marketing software is best for you. Since I am not really into social media marketing quite as much as some affiliate marketers, I can’t really suggest any tools worth recommending, just the ones I personally use. If you have any questions about my process, feel free to leave a comment down below. Also, is sure to sign up for a free affiliate marketing website, and affiliate marketing bootcamp through this link here. I’ve thrown in some additional bonuses for you as well.

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