Best Blogging Platform 2019 – Complete Reviews and Comparison

Since the 1990s, blogging has come along a long way. Blogging in the first instance was used as a platform where one canbest blogging platform 2019 share their thoughts, opinions, feelings and experiences and let it know to the whole world. But today, blogging platforms are used by millions and billions of individuals and businesses. Blogs are the simplest way to let people what you are offering and what your opinions are to the world. Today blogging has a huge benefit on businesses as a blog can improve your website’s Search Engine Optimization. Depending on your website’s content, more people will get attracted to your products and services. So if your blogs are well managed and are regular updates with relevant content, your sites’ SEO will increase and so will your business.

Are you looking for starting your blog? Well, you need to take help of a blogging platform that can make your blogging experience better and effective. Now, in this competitive market, there are a lot of blogging platforms that are offering their own sets of benefits. It’ quite a tough choice to choose the best one that matches your criteria. Also, not all blogging platforms provide what they claim. Some also have certain flaws that will not be beneficial for you.

So how will you know which one is right for? Well, we are here to make your blogging experience better by giving you reviews of the top blogging platforms of 2019. In this article, we will give you a list of top blogging platforms of 2019, what are the features these platforms offer and what are the pros and cons of each of them.

Top 5 Blogging Platforms Of 2019

This review is completely based on the features and customer thoughts about the platforms worldwide. Following are the reviews of top blogging platforms of 2019:

#1 Wealthy Affiliate

Standing first in the list, wealthy affiliate is by far the best and most effective blogging platform we have seen in a while. Without any particular evidence, why would you believe us? You don’t have to believe what we say. We will just provide you with a clear picture of this product and you will come to know why WA stands first in the list.

Wealthy Affiliate Review

This particular platform is one of the best training and community products for new bloggers and entrepreneurs that have no idea how to build a WordPress site. There can’t be a better place for people who are completely new to this industry to get started. Here’s how your life is going to change after you join Wealthy Affiliate:

Create a free account today without paying a single buck!

Yes, you heard it right! WA is the only online blogging platform that allows free trial pack for newcomers. Well, just for your clarity this is not like you join them for free now and after seven days they will charge you automatically. As soon as you sign up you are going to get a free wealthy affiliate membership. After using the product for a long time if you feel that it’s trustworthy, you can switch to the premium pack. You won’t be billed unless you switch to the premium membership.

Also, you can keep this free membership as long as you want to. Even when you are signing up for the free membership you do not need to provide them with any payment info. You get access to a massive number of tools for free!

  • You are getting two websites for free

As a part of your free membership, as soon as you sign up you get absolutely free hosting for 2 different websites. This particular platform has a simple website setup procedure, in which you can easily launch a new website of yours with just five clicks. All you have to do is select a few options. Choose a design for your website and finally click the build button and you are all set to go. As a part of the free pack, you will be able to create just two websites, but when you upgrade to premium membership you can build unlimited websites.

  • Step by step training

WA is the only website that specializes in both blogging and blogging training. We have come through other websites as well, but no other websites provide you with beginner in-depth blogging training as WA does. If you are looking for an in-depth training program that can help you earn money easily, then this is the platform for you. Other platforms are mostly out of date, difficult and confusing to follow.

Another best part about the training lesson o WE are they keep on upgrading the training lessons as the search engine gets updated and evolved. Following up-to-date lessons helps you bring more traffic to your website thereby providing you with good income.

In the free course, you will get to know how to build a website, how to generate high-level content & how to optimize your website to bring more traffic.

  • Get info about any topic

When you are new to this industry, learning internet marketing can be pretty difficult. Often even after getting proper training, beginners get lost and confused. Well, WA lets you go through the lassrooms’ section, where you can find answers to all your questions regarding any topic.

  • Free keyword research tool

We all know that keyword tools are pretty expensive. But with WA’s free membership you will get access to free keyword tool which will help you to get success. Keyword research is an essential part to get success in online marketing. WA helps you to do so.

  • Interact with the supportive community and Co-founders

WA lets you interact with the community members whenever you need some moral support. Sometimes training programs are not enough. Direct communication with the co-founders and supportive members will help you overcome difficulties when you get stuck.

The only con of the platform is it mainly focuses on beginners and intermediates. It would be better if WA would come with more upgraded training sessions and features for people who are in this industry for quite a few time. If you would like a more in-depth review of Wealthy Affiliate, you can read my WA review here.

#2 Builderall

Are you looking for a platform that consists of all the tools you need for blogging and running a suitable online business which will help you to generate good income without much investment? Then Builder all is the one for you! Builderall is an all in one blogging cum marketing platform that provides you will all the tools that you need to get success in online business. The Builderall product is a great deal for both intermediate and experienced bloggers. It offers wide choices and simplicity makes it unique and useful.

Builderall Review

In the Builderall Review, we will let you know what the product offers. Here are the chief features of Builderall and how they can benefit you:

  • One-stop marketing tools destination

When you are looking for enhancing your online business, you need to use several marketing tools. Builderall offers all in one go. We all know how complicated it is to start a business. Starting from choosing an affiliate program to boosting the SEO, there is so much needed to be done. Builder-all lets you get started the very day. Just by paying ten dollars every month you sign up to the site ad begin designing your website. With minimum cost, you are getting access to marketing tools that are required to get success. It gives you access to twenty-six different marketing tools to enhance your business.

  • Super affordable

Just by paying ten dollars a month you can start taking all the benefits of the platform. What is praiseworthy is that you do not need to buy any extra themes, fonts, plug-ins to build your website. It is all included in the package. It’s a multi plugin website builder with different features and plug-ins.

  • It’s super-advanced

Though there are several other platforms online with advanced analytics, most of them are confusing and difficult to operate. There is so much data readily available that one easily gets confused. With Builderall that’s not a problem. You can set up tests & see your investigation in just one dashboard. This helps you to improve and upgrade your website without spending hours on multiple spreadsheets.

It is by far one of the most developed platforms as it can incorporate several applications effortlessly. Whether you need simple page content or a dynamic website with 3D photos, everything is possible here.

With access to over twenty diagrams and layouts, it allows doing whatever you want. Also, you can incorporate your choices during the checkout process including additional terms and upsells.

Some of its unique and amazing features may include:

Drag & drop site builder- One of the main highlights of its platform is it gives you the target audience you need for unique user experience. The platform is also very SEO friendly. This tool can also make resume designs, infographics, Pinterest designs, Kindle covers, Facebook Covers, Google Plus headers, Ebook covers, Blog Header designs, business cards and graphics for advertisements.

Floating Video- these unique features lets you upload videos you have made from the green screen and just shows the object in front of the background.

Design Studio- The design studio allows you to add content specific images and videos along with the text. Further, you can also upload your image or video holders and specify the screen area where you wish to add your image or video.

MailingBoss- Another highlight of the platform is it allows you to automate and create existing or new customer’s contact. Apart from making your blogging experiences beautiful, you can also send as many emails as you want from this platform to advertise your business.

The only con we see about this website is the blog feature should have more customization options. Like it is packed with a lot of features, but in the end, helping you with blogging is more important especially for beginners.

#3 Bluehost

It’s well known that WordPress is the number one content management website in the world, but managing that is not easy. You will require a web hosting service to get full control of your sites. Speaking about web hosting companies, Bluehost comes first in the list. Initially, it is one of the cheapest hosting platforms and gives you 24*7 hours of live chat experience. And also this hosting platform has a great security backup which keeps your website safe and protected. In an overall basis, the platform has got good reviews worldwide. But before believing what we say, you should check out the benefits of this platform.

Bluehost Review

In this Bluehost review, we will let you know how this platform can make your blogging experience turn better and easy. Let’s check out its benefits:

  • Best security features

Webhosting plays a vital role in your website security and speed. To start blogging efficiently you need to have a good hosting service. Now cheap hosting services either leads to downtime issues or makes your website easily get hacked. So when you are installing WordPress for blogging, you need to install it on an unbreakable and reliable hosting provider. Bluehost offers you with vital security features such as daily backups, SSL certificates and so on..

  • Enables fast speed

In a report made by Google, it has been found most mobile websites are running slow. This completely depends on the host’s page loading time. Bluehost is the fourth fastest hosting site we have gone through till now. Your host page loading time has a lot to do with your website’s success. And this is how blue host helps you out.

  • Affordable Introductory Price

Though for up-gradation the hosting service you need to go for higher price packages, but the starting prices of this platform are pretty affordable. The lowest-priced offered by them is $3.95 per month which is quite good. Now at this price, you get the opportunity to build your website. More or less everything is given to you to build one website starting from SSL certificate, unmetered bandwidth, 50GB SSD storage and so on.. This is by far the lowest rate we have seen till now.

  • Comes with different eCommerce features, Apps and Integration

Apart from giving you good security features, Bluehost also gives you different integrations and apps. You can set backups regularly. With just a single click you can install WordPress and other important CMS with Bluehost. So as you can see, it makes your blogging experience more convenient and easy.

  • Easy to use

One of the best things about Bluehost is, it’s super easy to use for intermediates and beginners who are new to the online marketing industry. There are several blogging platforms which provide a variety of features but are pretty confusing to use for beginners. Though Bluehost has advanced features for experienced users, it’s easy for beginners to install WordPress and use it. One can use the Bluehost website Builder site to drop in features here.

  • 24*7 hours of customer support

Bluehost offers live chats and email ticket support for better user experience. This is helpful for beginners. Blogging and online marketing can be pretty difficult in the beginning. There are places where you might get stuck in the beginning. But worry not! You can ask questions and have a live chat with the support team. They will immediately answer you and dissolve your problem.

  • Offers multiple web hosting choices

Well, Bluehost offers different hosting plans at different budget. The most affordable hosting option among all is shared hosting. As a beginner, you can go for shared hosting. It’s affordable and also let you run your WordPress sites easily without creating any hassles. The basic pricing package for shared hosting is $2.95 per month. 

  • Thirty-day money-back guarantee

Well, the best part about this platform is, they are giving you a thirty-day money-back guaranteed. This is not at all a common thing among blogging platform. You pay for a package, use it for thirty days, see for their performance and if you are still not satisfied, they are going to refund your money. Where else can you get that?

What we don’t like about the platform is that they have quite high renewal rates compared to other web hosting platforms. Though the basic package is low the renewal price is pretty high. Also, the site migrations are not free here.

#4 Hubspot

HubSpot is one of the most robust blogging platforms available to date. Here’s what it offers to the customers:

Composer– For drafting or crafting content and blog posts you will be able to use their composer to start from scratch. You can also use their blog post blueprint that is pre-made. Further, you can also integrate G-Suit Account with this blogging platform. HubSpot is free- Now you might say that several platforms are free to use but to get access to better tools and features you need to pay. Well, this is not the case for HubSpot. Though HubSpot is free, it still offers access to great tools and offers a lot of features of its own. Tracks communication- HubSpot allows you to send emails directly from their platform. Also, there is a feature that can record your phone call. When keeping track of communications active clients becomes quite difficult, HubSpot makes your work easier.

#5 Squarespace

If you want to build a fully customized, attractive beautiful blog then Squarespace is the ideal blogging platform for you. Square space is packed with customized designing templates, integration with Unsplash, Getty Images, Google AMP and lot more so that you can improve the design of your content to attract more and more audience to your website. Here are some of the key benefits of this blogging platform:

Beautiful Templates- One of the major reasons why Squarespace is famous is because of its amazing template options. Each template provides different options so that you can create a different user experience. Also, you can get new functionalities for different templates.Squarespace is mobile friendly-

As it makes your website mobile-friendly it ends up making good user experience. Another benefit for it being mobile-friendly is that Google optimizes mobile-friendly websites over the ones that are not.

Easy to manage websites- Many bloggers complain that they are unable to change the content of their websites or it’s difficult for them to make any changes in their old website. If you don’t change the content of your website frequently, your content will become outdated thereby you will end up losing the audience. Squarespace, on the other hand, is easy to manage and also you can make changes as per your requirements easily. For this, you do not need to have any web development skills. Using Squarespace is that easy! 24*7 hours of support- When you are into blogging and building a website, you might run into problems. Though the platform allows smooth website operation, you might get stuck at some point. Therefore Squarespace has a support team that is available for you twenty-four hours. If you have any questions, simply go for a live chat or email them. You will get a fast response.

Comparison among different platforms

Blogging platforms are meant to make your blogging experience more smooth and . A blogging platform should be easy to use and filled with features and tools for both beginners and experienced people.

The top five blogging platforms that are mentioned above have distinctive features. The difference is in the number of features/tools they offer and at what price they are offering. Here is a brief comparison:

Price- In terms of price Wealthy Affiliate is the best among all since, without paying a single bucks you are getting access to so many tools and features. When compared to other platforms like Builderall, it is the best deal for beginners.

Ease of use and security- Speaking about ease of use, Bluehost wins the round. It makes your whole blogging experience easy and secured. Compared to other platforms, Bluehost offers the most secure features.

Helpful for beginners- in terms of usefulness for beginners, Wealthy Affiliate wins the round. It is allowing beginners to create the first two websites for free plus it’s offering a detailed training program. No other platform does that.

Support system- In terms of a support system, here too Wealthy Affiliate wins. The reason is though Squarespace and Bluehost offer live chat with customer care; Wealthy affiliate allows you to speak to the WA community and people who have experience in this field. 

Final Verdict

By looking at all the factors we feel Wealthy Affiliate is the Best Blogging Platform 2019 for beginners. But if you are experienced in this industry and is looking for advanced features and tools, then go for Builderall.

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