Best Ways To Earn Income Online Free In 2019

Legitimate ways to earn income online free are few and far between, there are a few ways that you can earn income online free though. In this article I want to share with you a few resources that you can tap into to earn an income without cost. Yes these methods are legitimately free.

Earn Income Online Free Method #1 | Bumped

The Bumped app that was recently launched over the last year, and it is definitely one of my top favorites. Although you have to live in the United States to open up a brokerage account, all you have to do it sign up and process your application. Once you link your bank accounts, it will track your purchases and reward your loyalty at certain places you shop and eat at, by giving you fractional shares of stock. I have been using it for a few months now, and here is a screenshot of how much I have earned.

What is also cool about this app, is that most of the stocks you earn pay quarterly dividends as well, so you can earn dividends on those shares of stock as well.

Earn Income Online Free Method #2 | Takeabed

The Takeabed app allows you to share hotel deals with friends ands family, and earns you a referral commission when they book. You could easily start a blog on wordpress or YouTube and target local hotels in your area, earn big commissions when they book.

takeabed review

This app is basically an affiliate marketing network for hotel bookings. You can download the app, create an account, and start earning without having to apply and get approved.

I got to speak with TakeABed after writing this blog post, and they have agreed to offer a promo code for anyone that wants to try it out.

Use TakeaBed Referral Code agent10 to get 15 days of the premium membership for FREE

Earn Income Online Free Method #3 | Ebates

Ebates recently became known as Rakuten, but it has been one of the most consistent methods for my wife and I to earn Checks in the mail. Whenever you shop online at an authorized retailer, it will notify you if there is qualifying cash back. All you have to do is click that you want to activate the cash back when you make the purchase, and in a few days the cashback will show up on your account. If you have not downloaded this you definitely want to check it out.

rakuten review

Final Thoughts

I have been using these apps, and have found them all to be quite helpful. They defintely have helped me earn income online free and I hope they can help do the same for you. Do you have any questions? Leave a comment down below.

32 thoughts on “Best Ways To Earn Income Online Free In 2019

  1. Hey, thanks for the infomration provided with this article and the apps you mention. I am wondering how much time and effort needs to be put into earning with apps like these, and is it worth it? I know that many people shop online today and these apps make it easy for them to get cash back from purchases. However, if you are someone who doesn’t shop online very much, would this be a good strategy to earn extra cash or not?

    1. The bumped app is the most passive method for earning income I have come accross. It even works in conjuction with cashback cards. The rakuten app is worth downloading, if you do shopping online it will let you know when something is eligible.

      takeabed is basically an affiliate program for hotels. So if you are not interested in promoting them, it might not be worth it. But it is a great way for people who want to be travel agents to jump right into the industry.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. This takeabed is a good option and I must say it looks like affiliate marketing. Am I right? It is just a method of advertising an hotel and getting customers that will love to register for the hotel. This look easy.
    Does the cashback looks like a royalty point? If that is the case, the shop offering this method is definitely looking for a way to earn their customer loyalty through their regular patronage which can also earn the customer bonus in return.
    All these opinions are great businesses! I to consider. I have bookmarked this review for reference purpose. I have many kid brothers and sisters that needed a passive source of income. They might consider these as an option. Thanks for sharing.

    1. The cash you earn is really cash, not a gift card. Rakuten/Ebates sends you a check in the mail. And yes, takeabed is an affiliate program for hotels! How awesome is that!

      Thanks for stopping by Stella!

  3. Thank you for sharing the ways to earn income online for free! I always need extra cash. Investing has come such a long way, it is an interesting concept that you can actually own a piece of company by patronage. I am going to download bumped. 🙂 I have heard many good things about rebates as well. I will make sure to use these apps to earn a little extras. I heard there are some apps that pay you if you scan your receipts as well. 🙂 

    1. Yes, I have used some of those receipt apps as well. I used Ibotta for a while. I think I have earned about $150 so far on there. Thanks for stopping by!

  4. I had heard of the Ebates app but not the other two. I’m not a citizen of the USA so the Bumped app is out for me. The Take A Bed app looks interesting though. I have an AirBNB hosting account with 3 listings so this app is in a similar industry, may be a great add on for me. Thanks for this informative article, it’s always good to learn of free, doable online money makers.  

    1. Hi Myles, that is awesome that you list on AirBNB, it sounds like it would be a good fit for you to scale. Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Hi! Great post and I’ll check out all 3 of these platforms/apps you mentioned here! I had only head about Ebates. But they all sound cool!

    I particularly like sharing links with family and friends and Takeabed seems a good and easy way of earning affiliate commissions. I’ll start by trying this one out! Thanks! 

  6. Thanks for this informative article, finding a legitimate way to make money online can be stressful especially when they are lots of scam sites on the internet today, this is indeed going to help people all around in need of ways to make money online and as for me I’m going to introduce the Ebates app to my wife because she does most of the purchases. Thanks alot 

  7. It is always good to find new ways online to add to your income.  There are so many scams out there that I am appreciative of seeing something that works.  The Takeabed sounds like an interesting one to me, as does the Las Vegas hotel.

    I joined Rakuten as an affiliate, as they represent many companies who pay an affiliate commission.  Is that the same Rakuten?  I haven’t used them yet, I must admit, but need to take a closer look at the company.  Have you used them also as a source of affiliate programs?  Do you like them?

    I think you have provided a great service to people who are looking for a means to supplement your income.  Keep up the good work!

    1. Hi Fran, yes it is the same Rakuten. They recently acquired Ebates. I use rakuten to promote products on Walmart, and I like them because they don’t have quite such difficult terms.

  8. Hi Admin,
    Now it’s very easy to earn money, to be a businessman, to be a marketer because of the internet. Now anyone earns money by mobile in his bedroom. But the question is what is the best way to earn money on the internet? This article is for them this article answered this question. The best way to earn money on the internet is Bumped, Take abed, E bates. Where Bumped is an app that most of the stocks you earn pay quarterly dividends & takeabed is a hotel deals system that is very popular to the online incomer. I think it’s an awesome article as well as it needs to publicity

  9. This is pretty cool.. For me, Ebates is only worth while if you do a lot of shopping online. I like the idea of using the bumped app but the Takeabed app looks pretty good as well. When people plan to travel, sometimes they want recommendations about good places they can stay at. So this seems like a really good way to earn a great income online. Thanks for the information. I’ll definitely be looking into this one for sure. 

    I do have one question though. For someone who might be new to this, is it easy to start a wordpress site to earn more commissions with the Takeabed app opportunity? 

    1. Hi Vanessa, I think it would be pretty easy to dominate geo targeted keywords, as there usually very little competition.

  10. I had never heard of those first two in the list but they look really interesting. I do a bit of investing in stocks already so I’m definitely going to check out Bumped. I never thought of getting fractions of shares as rewards for loyalty but it seems like a really good idea. I have used Ebates a bit in the past, though I think I’m now gonna try again thanks to your recommendation. There’s nothing like earning some money for free! Thanks a lot

  11. Hey thanks Alot for the info provided here. I love the way one can make money from bumped. This tips look like ways that one can make money without really doing much. I can just add this to the online business which I already own and I can make some extra cash. I’ll start with bumped. Thanks a lot for the valuable info.

  12. Hello Nathan, I must say that this article is very helpful and informative. I never used these apps but I can see it can bring me some extra cash which is always welcomed. Thank you for sharing, I will definitely try all of them and see how they work, I already have in mind some friends who can be my referrals.

  13. Very good information here. I am currently searching for some good ways to earn online. This is the first time I am hearing of bumped and I am going to check it out. I have heard of Ebates, but have never heard anyone give a review or recommended it. I am not very interested in the hotel/travel offer, well maybe not yet. I appreciate the fact that you are able to give a testimony that these really work. 

    1. Bumped has been the most passive earning method out of all of them. I definitely recommend to anyone who can open a US brokerage account.

  14. Thanks for sharing interesting ways to earn income online with apps. I like the fact that these apps are totally free to use without charges and they pay legitimately. One thing I like more is the fact that you have talked out of your experience with them and this has add up more credibility to this. I will make sure to get all these apps. At least a good way to stack up more income.

  15. Thanks for the informations, even If i am looking for something different, option number 2 looks the best for me because I think with that you can make most money.. I’ll try it and reach you in few weeks with results if i’ll have them 🙂 However, both options 1 and 3 also looks great, are they available in a lot of countries? I am coming from small country Croatia in Europe and I’m not sure they have that available here?


    1. I doubt that bumped works in Croatia. Most of the time you need to have a United States SSN to open an account. I would check to see if they are available in the app store in your country.

  16. Thanks for the informative article.  Iam in UK so I guess the bumped app is a no no?  I am definetely interested in the takeabed app.  Have you been using this yourself?  If so have you been making much income from it?  I like the idea of creating a wordpress site to generate income from this.  How does this work please I am really interested in this?  

    1. Bumped is probably not available in the UK. But you should check to see if Takeabed is available in your country. Try downloading it in the app store.

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