The Best Website Builder Software In 2020

What Is The Best Website Builder Software For You? 

Small businesses or individuals no longer have to hire a developer if they need a website.

A website builder has made it possible for them to do so. There are thousands of website builders and hence no worry of running short of options.

If you have been looking for the best website builder software then you just landed home. Here we delve into what is available for you and how to choose what suits you best.

Making Your Choice

Preliminary planning is important when deciding which website builder you would want to have. What you will choose will be based on what you would like to do with your website.

You need to know what features you require on your site and evaluate your goals. A perfect way to start you off when you feel lost is by checking out other websites.

Look at what your competition has. Another way is to try out the free trial accounts before you finally take a plunge into paid hosting and packages.

An important consideration is a scalability. If you intend to regularly update your site or add more product catalogs then scalability is essential. You will not want to be limited later on when your website has grown.

The website builder you go for should be able to meet your unique needs.

A Review Of Best Website Builder Softwares


This is a blog and website hosting service managed by Automatic. It derives its name from WordPress open source software that was co-founded by Matt Mullenweg.

As a website builder, offers a user-friendly experience. All that has to do with backups and software are handled by the host.

You also have options to choose from starting from free to paid plans, as well as themes. It is quite easy to maneuver though it does not have a drag and drop functionality.

You also have no freedom to install plugins or themes until you use a business plan. That is the only way to overcome the limitations of the basic plan. The paid plans give you options and are quite affordable.

The hosting platform that this website is built on is called SiteRubix. The Hosting is managed by Wealthy Affiliate, and it is a very easy way to manage a WordPress website, with plenty of support if I ever need it.


Having used this in the past, it is quite easy to use and comes with a set of a powerful set of features.

The cloud-based software is a wholly hosted platform meaning no need to pay for hosting. You also get dozens of editable templates to experiment with.

It also has a drag and drops feature. You can also look around for suitable apps among its dozens of free and paid apps that can help spice up your website.

On the downside, it’s free, and connect domain plans have the Wix branded ads which may not look great on your website. An upgrade is required to remove these.


This is duped one of the largest and most popular domains and hosting services. Its simplistic hosting and website builder is user friendly.

It boasts a drag and drop feature and comes with plenty of photos for use on your website. It is quite intuitive and will work well even on smaller screens, meaning you can work on your website using your phone.

It however offers a few design options when compared to other best website builder software.

Final Recommendations For Building Your Website

These best website builder software offers several similar and differing features.

They have all been built in their unique way meaning you have to look at your requirements before choosing any of them.

Also, consider your skill level since the builders are not equally matched when it comes to ease of use.

Price is also another factor to check out in addition to scalability.

From my experience, I recommend building a WordPress site using a hosting plan on Wealthy Affiliate. Sign up for a free account by clicking here if you want to try them out.

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