Can I Make Money Blogging?

Are you looking everywhere and see people earning through their writing skills. Do you have writing skills and want to give writing a though? Do you ponder on how I can make money blogging? If you are answering a big YES to every question, then you should go for it.  People who are already writing and working in this field might think of blogging, but for earning through blogs is a crucial task.

Can I Make Money By Doing Blogging

In this article, you will get the  answer of your question about Can I Make Money Blogging ? and how you can start as a blogger to earn money using your writing hobby.

Why are you writing?

First, think, why are you writing? Is it merely a hobby or you want to earn from it? Because as a professional, it is necessary you start to like as a professional. If you are a casual writer, you can write on anything at any time, but you have to follow some patterns like a professional because you are going to earn money from it and earning as professionals need some rules.

Secondly, are you writing because you love writing or giving it a shot, and there is no passion for it? If you are not passionate about writing, then it might be a waste of time for you. Writing demands dedication, passion and persistence. Without passion, all left for you may be frustration and no money.

Choose a topic

Can I Make Money Blogging

Now, when it is decided that you will start as a professional blogger and earn money, it is time to set the ground and take a flight. The first step is selecting a topic. As a blogger, you have to write and write more until you reach some specific limits. Writing on anything or everything at the very start might distract your customers. So:

  • Be sure about what you’ll write.
  • Define topics, niche and design writing patterns around those things. These tactics will help you focus on what is most important and help you different brands and services complement your content and approach you.
  • Sticking to one topic helps in attracting customers and companies. For instance, suppose you are writing about travel tips, places, where to stay, saving hacks, etc. People will consult your guides before traveling, and soon many travel companies might approach you and pay you for sponsor content. It’s like leading people to stick with your content way before you sell them anything.

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Select a platform

Now, decide the platform where you will publish your posts. If you are looking for some free affiliate platforms, try, blogger, Tumblr, Scoopit. But if you want to start as a professional, you should start with your platform and build a website. A website of blogs can help in generating traffic and money in different ways.

While building a website, make sure that:

  • Choose a top-level domain name, which is known as .com or .net. Make sure the domain name does not contain as they are associated with spammers. The domain name should be smart as small, not more than 15 words.
  • Always try to prefer a good hosting company.
  • Make sure page loading is super fast and also compatible with mobile users.

Know SEO

Search engine optimization ensures chances of ranking high, so make sure that your website and your content are optimized. Learn SEO yourself or take the help of an SEO expert to optimize the website.

Make sure that:

  • Your content consists of balance keywords.
  • All images are according to alt text.
  • Install Google analytics and take help from Google webmaster tools.

Write Regularly

When it is about making money, write any time, do not work. Make sure you are publishing posts regularly, not daily but twice in a week. The more you write, the more you get chances of earning. So I hope You have gor the answer of your Question about Can I Make Money Blogging

Final Thought:

Finally, from the very beginning, sign up for free at a wealthy affiliate program like Amazon or Shopify, write blogs and place affiliate links. You will get a commission on every sale reader make through clicking your referral link. Earning my blogs is possible with your dedication and patience.

Can I make money blogging?

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