7 Best Ways To Create Passive Income Online

What is passive income?

It is an income which you get paid off even after the work has long been done before. It can be the revenue you get from renting a house or royalties you get after publishing some books, movies, or songs. In other words, you don’t have to be present to earn it.

Create Passive income online:

Everything is upgrading to be online. Shopping and groceries are done online; teaching is turned into online, and so on. There are many ways you can create passive income online, and it is as easy as other jobs available in the virtual world. Here are some popular ways of earning passive money online.


Once the writing was considered low pay jobs, it is not writing to earn you a high passive income online. You have writing skills and good at story writing or script writing; then, you can write a book and publish it on Amazon Kindle. It would be an ample opportunity to earn passive income online with your books. Keep writing and publish them from time to time on a different platform, to earn more.

Index funds:

You can invest in the share market and stocks through index funds. Index funds provide you a simple way to invest in a stock market that is entirely passive and safe. You have options to select the fund, which is based on any index point you desire.

Invest in REIT:

Investment in real estate always provides good passive revenue, and if you invest in a Real estate investment trust, you can also become part of this excellent revenue-making business.

Create Applications:

There are thousands of apps available online daily 100s of new are welcomed in the online world. If you know app development, you can also become part of this work. Develop an app, and every time people install it, you will get a share from it.

Become a Youtuber:

Social media is a smart way of earning money. You can create videos on anything you like. You find interesting new or worth of sharing like music, adventures, travel, and tutorials on different things. Many famous people are earning by uploading a few funny videos and cooking recipes. You can purchase Google ads services to popularize your stuff, and when followers reach a specific limit, you can earn a handsome passive income.  The key to earn is created compelling videos to promote it on different social media sites and keep creating them until you start earning passive income.


Photography is a passion for many people, and some people have the proper skills for taking photographs. Many affiliate sites can provide you platform to sell your photos like Shutterstock & istockphoto. They may offer you a fee or share from every photo sold on it. You need to create your photo signup to the affiliate site and upload photos on the site. The affiliate site will take care of the rest, and profit will keep flowing into your account.

Affiliate marketing:

Affiliate marketing is comfortable and trendy these days; everyone familiar with the digital world is familiar with it. All you need is a laptop, a strong internet connection, and the writing skills to take your flight on making money. Everyone out there in the online market is eager to sell their products and services, and there is always a demand for affiliate marketing persona. You can become part of one of the most earning platform.

First, you have to build up your website, than select your niche to work on. After that, sign up free at wealthy affiliates like Shopify, Amazon, ClickBank, eBay, etc. Now select your product and write about it with an affiliate link. Publish it on your website and earn passive income daily. Every single sale will provide you commission from 30% to 70%. If you purchase services from Google like Google ads and promote your website there, it can also ensure more success and more commission with increased traffic.

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Final thought:

Everything has a single place from where it has to get started, and while entering into the cyber world, the journey of success begins with signing up for free at a wealthy affiliate program.

Create Passive income online

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