Do I Need A Website For Affiliate Marketing?

If you have been around for a while and are familiar with internet marketing then you can understand why most people would ask the question; do I need a website for affiliate marketing.

This can be attributed to the fact that anyone would imagine it takes skill to build a website and keep it running.

Contrarily, these days website creation does not necessarily require core IT skills such as computer coding or programming.

Intuitive site builders are now available and do work even on mobile phones.

In this blog post I will explain the fundamentals of affiliate marketing, and why you probably need a website to make affiliate marketing work for you.

The Fundamentals of Affiliate Marketing

The entire concept of affiliate marketing is based on automated tracking of leads and customers.

These leads or referrals are tracked online which in real sense means you have to be assigned a personalized affiliate link..

When a website visitor clicks on your affiliate link, the unique affiliate id is saved on your computer device for a predetermined number of days.

When that person signs up for a program or becomes a customer, the details are tracked and the affiliate marketer is compensated for the referral.

Affiliate marketers are not only compensated for bringing in a paying customer. Some are also compensated for generating a lead or a call.

Do I Need A Website For Affiliate Marketing?

It is tempting to think an affiliate link is only usable within a blog or a website.

That is not so far from the truth. But the fact is, it can be used anywhere else on the internet.

Thus, it means you can still earn your credits and commissions irrespective of how you got your leads.

Then this should answer the question. The answer to the question is not necessarily.

An affiliate marketing link can be placed almost anywhere imaginable online, as long as it does not violate the terms of the respective sites where it is posted.

You can therefore place this link on other people’s blogs or websites, social media platforms, or even comments sections.

However, by having a website you can attract more visitors to your affiliate links. You can also protect your links from hackers are give them more professional looks with plugins suck as ThirstyAffiliates. Here is a video from their YouTube channel about why you need to cloak your affiliate links:

What You need

Now that we have answered your question do I need a website for affiliate marketing, what then do you need for affiliate marketing?

First off, you are required to be registered as a promoter or affiliate marketer.

There are so many affiliate programs you can sign up for.

Once you are signed up for the affiliate program you will be assigned a link.

This is what we refer to as the affiliate link which could be a special URL. This commonly contains the Username or ID of the affiliate.

The link you are given is what you will post wherever you want to direct potential clients to the advertisers website.

This will then automatically work when someone clicks on it. It generates a cookie that is dropped into their browser for tracking purposes.

That can explain why at times when you visit a website you receive a popup telling you they use cookies and ask for your permission before you proceed to the site.

This is what the company will use to know the affiliate that directed the lead.

Final Thoughts On Needing A Website

Affiliate marketing has become increasingly popular since it is well-paying.

And most importantly, most affiliate programs are free to participate in.

However some are available for you to purchase a reseller license

So when it comes to do i need a website for affiliate marketing, it is clear you do not. But you may still want to have a website for the great benefits I listed above.

If you would like to start an affiliate website, you can create a free account over at Wealthy Affiliate here.

do i need a website for affiliate marketing

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