Do I Need A Website To Start Affiliate Marketing?

So many people will ask the question do I need a website to start affiliate marketing.

Well, it seems easy for anyone to assume one cannot do without a website and still be an affiliate marketer.

But truth be told, there are so many influences that have never had a website and still make millions of dollars each year.

How do they do it? We shall find out.

What Is The Big Idea Behind Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing borrows the concept of traditional selling. A promoter or the affiliate is paid a commission for bringing in a sale.

All lead sales are tracked automatically via a website browser used by the lead.

All affiliates are assigned an affiliate URL that has a code and will be paid commissions based on how many leads they directed to the seller’s website.

At times a lead may not result in a buy but some affiliate programs will still pay the affiliate some commission.

This will however depend on the arrangements in place.

Compensation models in affiliate marketing;

  • Pay Per Sale/PPS-in this case, the advertiser pays the affiliate some percentage of what qualifies for remuneration. The company will agree on what percentage to be paid per product.
  • Pay Per Click/PPC-this is where an affiliate is paid for all valid clicks, irrespective of whether it led to a sale or not.
  • Pay Per Lead/PPL-in this arrangement the affiliate is compensated a fixed commission for each qualified lead. What is qualified is determined by the merchant and agreed before the program is set up.

So Do I Need A Website To Start Affiliate Marketing?

The answer to this question is, it depends on whether you need it or not.

This then means what you are engaged in will determine whether it is necessary to have it or not.

If you do not have the time and energy to commit to a website then you will need to figure out how you will get an audience.

This is possible especially for those with a huge social following on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

You can do without a website and still generate traffic to your affiliated merchants.

The most important aspect of affiliate marketing is your ability to direct leads to the vendor’s site.

And in this game there are no single ways of doing it.

Warning: A lot of places prohibit the use of “raw” affiliate links because they look ugly and suspicious. You may need to have some type of pretty link tracking tool that you can use. This is something you can install if you have your own website, else you may have to use a tool like Bitly. If you don’t have a website, you are at risk for getting your content and profiles banned. Be careful.

Here are some of the ways to start affiliate marketing without a website;

  • Social media promotion-you may not need a website for you to be an affiliate marketer but you cannot do without an online presence. A good place to start is with your followers on Twitter or friends on Facebook. This is where you will place your affiliate links.
  • Community forums-here we refer to online forums such as Quora. You will need to consider your options and post on those forums where people discuss what you are promoting.
  • Email marketing-this is a powerful tool that will address the question do I need a website to start affiliate marketing. Engaging emails can translate into sales.
  • Others-Youtube, e-books, webinars, and others can also help reach out to leads even when you not have a website.

Final Thoughts On Whether Or Not You Need A Website

It is apparent that the answer to do I need a website to start affiliate marketing is no. But keep in mind the limitations that I have discussed.

You can indeed be an affiliate marketer even without a website. A good audience is however a must-have.

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do i need a website to start affiliate marketing

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