Do You Make Money As A Blogger ?

Do you make money as a blogger? If not, do you want to make money as a blogger? Writing is not a game everybody can play. Writing is passion, an art, a blessed skill of creativity. A good fictional writer can present an image of blooming flowers in the desert and capture people in fantasies that they all seem like a reality.

On the other hand, a blogger has the power of creating words that capture everyone’s mind. A good blogger provides information, facts, knowledge and much more to the readers. There are no two opinions in the statement that a blogger is much nearer to people’s hearts than other writers because of their writing styles.

The appeal of the sense of attachment keeps them connected and linked. That’s why people love to read blogs these days.

You might also be one of those blessed bloggers who have passionate skills in writing. So if you are thinking to venture into the ocean of blogging as a professional and want to earn money, congratulations, you have come up with an excellent idea! Blogging indeed helps in earning money, and here is how you can make money as a blogger:

Ways To Make Money As a Blogger

Keep writing:

Writing for earning is a process of patience and persistence. If you are looking to make money from it, you must keep writing more and more. Writing more will give you more experience, polish your skills and get you known by people. Write on different platforms to get your writing acknowledgments. Loved something, write on it and publish on Love traveling, why not write on your blog page and share on different platforms like Facebook and Twitter with your blog link.

Do you Make Money As A Blogger

Places like medium and LinkedIn are regularly visited by professionals and experts searching for good writers. If you are posting on sites like these, they would eventually like to hire you for your services. Facebook and other platforms also give you a vast market for promotion and help in earning.

Affiliate marketing:

One of the most important elements of affiliate marketing is content. Affiliate links are placed in the context of blogs and articles, and if people find it convincing enough, they will click on it. An affiliate gets paid for every click or commission on sale made through their referral link.

Advertising content:

When your writing is competent enough, many brands and companies might approach you to write blogs as their advertisement. For instance, Armani’s introduced new clothing; they will contact competent bloggers and pay them to write an attractive sponsor blog for them.

E-books and courses:

Are you good at advising and coaching? You can write eBooks for different products and also coach people on different things. Are you good at relationship advice? How about write as a relationship coach? E-Book earning is one of the popular forums of earning. You can also coach people on different things and earn revenue. For instance, SEO is quite new for many people these days and if you are an expert. Write free blogs on it and offer a course for in-depth knowledge. When readers found it good enough, they will buy the course.

When you see that you are earning a good amount from your books, you can introduce a new course at higher prices. Arrange a poll on your blog page and see what people are interested in buying and introducing the course.

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Advertisement Banners:

On every blog page, there is space at the corners or the top of the page. This place is associated with advertisement banners. You have traffic on your blog page, and writing is quite tempting, then you can avail services of different ad services from affiliate sites and earn on every click. Some of the famous ad affiliates are Google AdSense and Infolinks.

Final thought:

These tips are nothing compare to so many techniques available in the market for earning through your blogs. Make sure to follow the first step sign-up at the affiliate site to start your journey. So what are you waiting for now? Sign up now for free at a wealthy affiliate program. Good Luck!

Do you make money as a blogger?

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