Do You Need A Website For Affiliate Marketing? | Top 10 FAQ

There is no point disputing the fact that affiliate marketing is the most popular in the digital economy.

Businesses, individuals, and customers benefit immensely through this arrangement.

But do you need a website for affiliate marketing? One answer to that is, maybe not.

The basic concept behind an affiliate program is the use of an affiliate link. This is what is used for tracking leads or referrals.

It will help the advertiser or vendor track all the leads generated by each affiliate or promoter.

How then do you become an affiliate without a website?

You will need to identify the product you want to promote then join an affiliate program or network. You will then be assigned the affiliate link.

Facebook (Personal Profile and Facebook Page)

This is an excellent platform for hunting for finding leads when you do not have a website.

If you set up your accounts properly and publish content regularly, you can easily capture the attention of your audience.

However, you need to be careful when posting direct affiliate links on Facebook.

It is recommended you use a link clocking tool, so that way you don’t get your pages or affiliate links banned on Facebook.

You may also be required to provide a website link or privacy policy when setting up your Fanpage.

Regardless, just ensure you read their terms of service to avoid the link being banned.

Start A YouTube Channel

Video content can help reach out to millions of audiences especially when you provide useful content.

It certainly addresses the concern of do you need a website for affiliate marketing. But in my honest opinion, it makes sense to build a YouTube channel and website side by side, because you can repurpose your articles into blog post and videos.

In order to make a YouTube strategy work, you will have to create a Youtube channel and provide interesting content to viewers.

You can use keyword tools to find out the most searched content then come up with videos that address their need.

To succeed in Youtube marketing you will have to provide value and not seek gain first.

It is also wise to give genuine advice and not mislead your audience.

Another way to connect well with viewers on Youtube is by showing your face.

Do not hide behind the curtain and expect viewers to trust you.

You can do product reviews on Youtube and include your affiliate links, in the description of your video.

Make use of Forums and Blogs (others people of course)

Forums and other people’s websites provide excellent grounds to seek and direct leads to your affiliate vendors.

It is however worth noting that you are no longer allowed to place affiliate links on comments and content posted.

You can place it in your profile or signature instead. Affiliate links are now viewed as spam when placed in comments and posts.

Build your reputation as a credible source on these forums and sooner than later you will gain a huge following.

Some popular forum communities to join include Quora, Wealthy Affiliate, and Warrior Forum.

Comments that provide value and are interesting will definitely command attention, stick to these.

Anything contrary may lead to your account being banned or deleted.

Write An E-book

This is an excellent way to demonstrate you are an authority in your field.

If you do not have the time to write an e-book then there is an easier way to do this.

Record a video of what you need to write then hire a copywriter to convert your video into an e-book.

Remember to place the affiliate links within the e-book.

Focus on content that add value and suggest products then add their links.

You can offer your e-book for free or sell it at an affordable price.

My Final Thoughts On The Question “Do You Need A Website For Affiliate Marketing”

If you have ever wondered do you need a website for affiliate marketing, there lies your answer.

You do not need a website for affiliate marketing. There are in fact several marketing methods, other than a blog.

If you would like to learn more about how to have success with affiliate marketing, I suggest you sign up for a free account at Wealthy Affiliate. There you will learn all sorts of methods to help you see results with affiliate marketing.

do you need a website for affiliate marketing

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