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Affiliate marketing has continually gained popularity with several individuals venturing into the business. Typically, affiliate marketing involves selling products from particular vendors through online advertisements and promotion. Eventually, if you get involved in this kind of products promotions, you earn a commission from the overall sales.

But how do you obtain the connection to such products? Or rather, how do you get hold of a particular manufacturer’s product and get to advertise? Well, the entire process may seem complicated, from the acquisition of a deal from the manufacturer to the promotion and eventually getting paid. However, with succors from platforms such as Clickbank, the entire process becomes effortless.

dominate clickbank

What is Clickbank?

So, what is Clickbank, and what does it entail? Well, Clickbank is a platform that acts as a marketplace for vendors to present and exhibit their products. What Clickbank does is provide a network where you, as the affiliate, can create an account where you will be searching specific products that you are interested in promoting. Then, the Clickbank system will display products from vendors’ accounts to affiliates and thence to prospect buyers. For legitimacy, the system has to first trace the originality of the product by tracking the vendor.

On the other hand, Clickbank stores and offers resourceful materials through dominate Clickbank, including videos and eBooks. These materials are there to guide you through the entire process by introducing you into basic information all through to the extensive marketing process. Therefore, if you are a newbie, you do not have to worry about going wrong in your undertakings since the Clickbank system has you covered.

Now marketing becomes easy since all you have to do is create an account and go through available products for sale. Then after you have identified a product you would like to promote, you can acquire its specific link that you will post on your preferred online outlets. Whenever a buyer purchases through that link, then you earn a commission. So, your task will be to get as many people as possible to follow that affiliate link in the hope of turning them into buyers.

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What are the Clickbank’s benefits?

Clickbank has partnered with several online marketplace platforms in a bid to improve the quality of services they offer. Besides generally helping in affiliate marketing, they present a range of benefits as we have highlighted below.

Massive payments

Usually, Clickbank offers high commissions for every product sold. They offer 70% commissions on products, which is elevated and attainable due to the elimination of unnecessary expenditure such as shipping costs and production costs. Mostly, they deal with digital products and thus entire elimination of cost that could be incurred in the case of a substantial product.

Wide variety of commodities

This network has been in service for a considerable period now. For that period, they have managed to attract several users, both vendors, and affiliates. It means that the network has vast availability of products hence providing you with unlimited opportunities to promote these products.

Extensive networking

Through networking with various other platforms, Clickbank has enabled efficient service delivery. For instance, they have partnered with Amazon sellers to increase products availability. They have also partnered with Payoneer for efficient online payment.

Suitable for beginners

Certainly, if you are a newbie in the affiliate marketing procedures, then you might require a resourceful platform. Clickbank provides several educational materials, including eBook guides and tutorial videos. Click Here To View Their Number One Training Resource

How To Make money with Clickbank

Making money means succeeding in your online promotion campaigns. Triumph is determined by the number of sales that happen through your links. So, here is a detailed guide on how to succeed in your campaigns.

Step #1: Choosing a Product

Like we mentioned, the first step towards building an affiliate market is a selection of goods you are to promote. You start by creating an account in the affiliate website, which will then direct you to their marketplace.

Clickbank marketplace contains products in different categories. You can go through these categories in the hope of finding a product you are acquainted with, but do not limit yourself without considering other essential aspects. Such factors include popularity, which depicts products that have a record of highest sales at a given moment. You can choose to go by popularity with the aim of thriving well sooner than it would be with dormant products.

Other factors include social proof, where top listed products under this filter are those that have a high rate of positive testimonials from customers. Strong affiliate tools category filter indicates commodities that have dedicated pages, which means that promoting them is relatively effortless. Usually, top listed products in every category suggest the level of success in regards to sales rate generally referred to as gravity.

How do you establish a worthwhile product?

First of all, you have to find a product that you feel comfortable dealing with and possibly develop some fascination. This will help you cope with the worst conditions if such a moment arises in the future. Besides, there are possibilities that after years of affiliate marketing, you might turn into a vendor. Certainly, you do not want to deal with a product that you don’t find pleasure in.

While also considering other factors, gravity is should be an essential concern. While most affiliates might disregard this, you should know that formerly successful products pose more possibilities for future success. You should then finally try reaching out to the vendors for support services. Most vendors are willing to offer affiliate support to interested individuals, and besides, it shows the level of care the vendor is ready to offer should their products reach customers.

Eventually, after you have settled on a particular product, it is time to proceed with the actual promotion process. You are supposed to do that by clicking on the promote button where you will be prompted to enter your username. After you have submitted your promotion request, a link will be sent to you, which you should copy and paste it to whatever platform you have planned on undertaking your campaigns.

Step #2: Consider sales funnels

You have now already settled on a particular product and considered a perfect promotion platform. So, the next thing is to consider the process through which an interested individual will follow and eventually buy should they contemplate on purchasing. Such a process should focus on drawing the attention of the individual.

Some existing processes include:

Direct link

Typically, the link you copy from the affiliate page is meant to redirect anyone who clicks on it to the vendor’s web page. You might decide to follow that approach where you post the link directly as it is, where it will be sending users to this page. However, this method is relatively ineffective since most visitors like getting lured into buying a product. For that reason, we do not recommend using this approach since you may end being so unsuccessful in your endeavors.

How To Grab Your Clickbank Affiliate Link

Lander to offer

In this type of approach, you get to introduce a landing page where visitors are directed before reaching the vendor’s page. This landing page is meant to cheer them up, and hence it may contain a blog, article, or a video clip. You should include the link to the vendor’s page in this landing page which visitors click after going through the provided information.

Lander to Opt-in to offer

This is an improvement of the approach mentioned above. It still incorporates a landing page, but this time, you provide a gift for visitors. In exchange, they should share their contact details say like an email address, and you can send them the gift via email. Besides, you get to send them promotional emails regularly. This approach is the most promising among the three since it complements online marketing with email marketing.

Creating sales funnels

Well, when undertaking affiliate marketing, we recommend that you use the lander to opt-in to offer an approach for desirable results. But how exactly do you create funnels using this approach? You can achieve that by simply following the steps below.

Create a landing page: You should start by creating a landing page and loading with information, including videos and articles. You should also set up accessibility means to various gifts. This process might necessitate web development know-how, or else web hosting services.

Prepare opt-in forms: Certainly, you will need to create these forms as an avenue for acquiring email addresses from your visitors. This way, whenever, they need to access your enticing promotion offers and gifts, they have to fill in their contact details.

Create an email management plan: After gathering these email addresses, you have to come up with a way to manage them as well as messages you send. Email marketing tools re available, and they can greatly help you with the management process.

With all these funnel creation measures in place, visitors will soon be intrigued into knowing more about your promotion campaigns.

Step #3: Traffic generation

After you have set everything up, you now need to focus on how to increase the traffic flow t your landing page. Even though the strategies you have laid, including posting links on various online platforms might be causing significant traffic, it might not be enough. For that reason, you need to consider some aspects that will help you achieve a high rate of traffic. The essence is to get more visitors clicking on your link, which increases lead conversion chances.

Here are some of the strategies you should consider to increase traffic for your landing page and eventually the sales page.

Pay per click

One of the effective options involves paying for increased traffic. PPC is available in the form of ads which can appear on Facebook, Google, among other online platforms. This approach is highly effective since as soon as you launch the ads after paying for them, our traffic increases instantly. As long as the campaign is active and the subscription is active as well, your page continues to receive increased traffic flow. However, this method can be expensive, considering the fact that you pay for every click and hence your profit might be relatively low.


Search Engine Optimization is also a viable method of attaining a high rate of traffic for your site. It involves consideration such as keywords, content quality, and regularity, among other aspects. Proper optimization strategies can be productive even though you might expect delayed results. But the approach is cheap hence saves you some cash, and if in the long run it ends up being effective, you get to enjoy massive profits.

Social media

Social media has provided a reliable marketing platform with several people nowadays owning accounts on various outlets. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube are some of the famous outlets. The high rate of organic reach is still attainable on Instagram and Twitter, even after Facebook decreased the rate. You can post images and videos on these platforms, and interested viewers will follow specific links you have included n the descriptions. You can also raise debatable issues on outlets such as twitter with hashtag handles with matters relating to the products.

Social media is all about involving users in your posts. Whether they are in the form of videos, photos, or written posts, comment sections should draw several users’ attention. Therefore, you need to upload enticing materials which will lure individuals into getting involved. Besides, you should not forget to refer them to your link in a bid to get them to click it.

Dominate Clickbank | Final Thoughts

If you are a beginner, you should go through the dominating Clickbank video tutorials. They are made available to help you in the affiliate marketing way forward. They encompass various topics such as introduction to Clickbank, creating the Magic Affiliate page, how to use a Secret Clickbank Software, where to get a free month of Webhosting, among others. Going through them will provide you a head start into the general affiliate marketing.

Essentially, if you want to become a Clickbank super affiliate through products promotion, then you need to dedicate your time and resources into going through the steps we have provided as well as putting them into practice. Sometimes, affiliate marketing demands patience, as it may not turn successfully instantaneously.

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