How To Earn Money Writing Blogs(free Guide for 2021)

Earn money writing blogs sounds fascinating. Well, no lies here it is indeed a fascinating and exciting way of earning money. It may be not the easiest way to earn money, but it is something almost anyone can do.

You may need lots of things to start blogging, but first, you need skills. Have that spark in your writing which appeal others then you can do it online and make this passion into earning machine. As I said before, it is not that easy as others might think off, but still, you can do it.

There is a difference when you are writing for yourself and writing to earn money. When you are writing for yourself, you can write on random things, almost anything you do not need to follow some pattern or schedule. But it is different when you are doing it professionally. There are many affiliate platforms which offer their services to help you grow as a blogger and earn money. Here is guide which may be beneficial for all new and old bloggers to earn money writing blogs.

Sign up for blogging affiliate sites:

If you are starting blogging as a profession from the very start, then you should build your website and start publishing the content. It can be beneficial in long runs, but you can always sign up for free on blogging sites like

  • com:

Supported and run by Google, it is entirely free, and for newbie’s, it can be an excellent choice. But it has limited features to make your post attractive.

  • WordPress:

It is a free blog hosting site. You can use it for long terms they will put WordPress ads and branding until you pay a monthly fee.

  • Medium:

It is an excellent site, and many journalists, researchers and experts share their work on it.

Create your website:

Want to work as a professional its better you switch to your site. Build your site and post your content there. It will give you many privileges like you can promote your work pt ads on display to earn and so on.

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How to choose a topic:

As I mentioned before, working as a professional blogger is different from working for your hobby. Once you have built your website, it is time to select the topic to start your blog. You can follow these steps:

  • Look what’s trendy:

Writing on trendy topics will ensure more traffic on your site.

  • Identify your passion:

Write on what you are most passionate about make it lifestyle, cooking, cars, or science; select what you like most and narrow down the search with trendy topics. For instance, you love writing about food search on Google what more trendy eastern or western food is? Spicy or Chinese food?

  • Keyword density checker:

Once your search is narrowed down, you may check the keyword density if all is okay, then go ahead and start writing.

Promote the blog:

Now when you have written your blog and published it on your website it time to earn money, but how? The answer is simple by bringing web traffic. Here is how you do it:

  • Promote the blog on social media
  • Connect with other bloggers
  • Create Backlinks

Create money by writing blogs:

The traffic on your website due to your content will make you money but to have a consistent income you can:

  • Use affiliate marketing on your blog add a link with your content and earn through every click or every sale made by that link.
  • Write advertorials and sponsored content.
  • Write Guest blogs:
  • Writing blogs on your site is not the only way to earn money through blogging; you can write guest blogs on different sites and get paid for it.

Work as a blogger:

You can work as a blogger for different sites and write on topics like business, finance and so on. If you are looking for blogging jobs online sign up on sites like Media Bistro, Elance etc.

Final Thought:

Working online as a blogger is a profitable passive income way, and if you want to give it a shot sign up for free at a wealthy affiliate program. Good Luck!

Earn Money Writing Blogs

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