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With the age of the internet comes the adoption of different ways and means of reaching your clients and markets. The explaindio 4.0 reviewinternet has become one of the biggest game-changers in recent times, from how people transact business, consumer preference, marketing strategy, and even breaking into new markets.

Today, research has shown that over 83% of all consumers on line rely on videos to decide on whether or not to purchase a particular product. For any serious seller out there, these numbers represent money and growth of the business. Nowadays, people spend very little time reading or looking at images to make up their minds, unlike the past.

Introducing Explaindio

So how does one crack into this growing trend? Not long ago, the mention of videos to market products was unheard of or was left only to the wealthy and large companies. As a result, many small companies didn’t grow as required. But the myth and assumption have been broken by the introduction of Explaindio.

Explaindio is the best software in the market currently that focuses on the creation of customized video with so much ease. It can produce whiteboard videos, Doodle animation videos, Full-motion videos, and Explainer videos. All these in 2D and 3D videos. I know you have so many questions running in your mind right now because video and animation creation was a preserve of trained developers, and you don’t have any skill.

Explaindio is made specifically for you, to help you create videos effortlessly using three simple steps. Regardless of whether or not you have the prerequisite knowledge of video creation, you can create videos with unique designs that are going to capture the attention of every viewer and convert the attention into sells.

All that is required of you is to create, through picking the object or actions, then customizing the video using your texts or messages and custom effects, and lastly, exporting the produced video to your computer and sharing it to whoever you want simple as ABC. The fact is the more the traffic your video gets, the higher the chance your product or service will sell. That’s why Explaindio allows you to create your customized video that you’re comfortable in and are confident will sell.

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Important Information About Explaindio Software

The product doesn’t require you to download it onto your laptop or desktop. It’s entirely cloud-based, so no need to fear for space on your computer. To top it all up, Explaindio functions properly without a unique set of software. Your web browser is all that’s required. Explaindio has been in the market for quite some time and has had different versions and upgrades as time passes. From Version 1.0, Version 2.0 Version 3.0, and to the latest Version 4.0, all have been great and have helped people improve their works.

Video creation has never been this interesting, fun, and simple. Today many people are given a chance to pay less than they could have used initially. Explaindio has offered a cheaper alternative. Previously one had to hire video creators who would charge exorbitant amounts of money. Explaindio has three packages that are a monthly package of $37 per month, Yearly package at $67, and Explaindio Video Creator One-Time at $497. The latter is the best deal for any interested person.

Explaindio 4.0 OTO’s

Explaindio 4.0 has 1 Front-End and close to five OTOs available for upselling. These are;

The Front-End Explaindio element OTOs cost $ 37 per month that is equivalent to $67 yearly of $297 One-Time purchase.

1. OTO 1 Explaindio 4.0 Pro Creator Pack that costs $47 monthly or $97 yearly

2. OTO 2, Explaindio 4.0 Club that costs $37 monthly or $259 annually

3. OTO 3, Explaindio 4.0 Free CC Footage that costs $ 37 monthly or $97 annually.

4. OTO 4, Explaindio 4 Enterprise that costs $97

5. OTO 5, 3D FBX to the ZF3D file converter costs $47 yearly.

Let’s look at what you stand to get when you pay these amounts of money. We will focus on Explaindio 4.0.

Explaindio 4.0 Review

When looking at Explaindio 4.0 reviews, I’ve been working on for over two years and boasts of about 35,000+ users since its release. And a majority have relayed back their feedback on how the platform has boosted their businesses, and this could be you as we end this year.

The new version has brought with it ease of operation, great features, customer support, and quality of end product.

Features of Explaindio 4.0

1. Wide range of animations all at one click

2. A full 3D animation

3. The ability to import your customized 3D models and elements

4. Built-in seamless transitions

5. It supports all video formats you name it

6. You can build Engaging Animated Scenes

7. High-quality videos

8. Create Top-notch Logos

9. Make converting YouTube Outros

10. Create Black and White Doodle Videos

11. Produce Hollywood like promo Videos

12. Create Kinetic Typography

13. And also colored Doodle Sketch Videos.

Having looked at these amazing features, let’s look at;

What you can achieve with Explaindio 4.0

1. If you’re interested in creating professionalized Whiteboard Sketches and Hand drawing videos, then this is your niche.

2. Explaindio 4.0 can also be used to create full HD commercial videos, which have overlaying texts, images, characters, and many more.

3. You can use Explaindio 4.0 to insert HD video clips and sound without the need for an external program.

4. You can use it to create High-Quality Parallax Videos

What you get when you purchase Explaindio 4.0 software

If you decide to join today you will get the best deals available including:

• The Explaindio Video Creator Software that is compatible with both Windows and Mac

• Ones you join, you will be granted access to the Explaindio closed Facebook Group.

• You will also get 200 plus pre-done Animated Scenes

• 800 Doodle Sketch Images

• 100 Full HD background videos

• We know that sound is everything and that’s why you will be given the best background Audio Tracks

• Access to over 300 stock pictures that can be used as backgrounds

• 300+ Fonts to ensure that you’re unique

• For a new member, you have access to video tutorials that will guide you through the software.

• Your own Cloud storage to store your projects

• 6 Animated characters, each having their own set of animations.

These are some of the uses, advantages, and abilities of the platform. Once you join it, then you will realize that these are just a shadow of the great things that are on offer on the Explaindio 4.0 site.

My Experience With Explaindio

In my years working as an online marketer, I always found it tedious and time-consuming, shifting from a video editing program to other programs to produce a single video. With Explaindio, you perform all tasks using one software program, meaning I get to save valuable time and resources. What’s more, now I find the process of producing marketing videos more fun than before.

I’ve worked in an advertising firm for the best part of a decade. When I started, we were in a team comprising different designers and animation specialists. Our job was to produce infomercials for different clients, companies, and products. We usually found ourselves wasting a lot of money, time, and other resources trying to make videos. Many software we used proved unreliable. But since we started using Explaindio, we have been enabled to produce even more high-quality content than before for clients and different products.

I find it user-friendliness quite useful as I sometimes have my intern that am mentoring do some tasks if I’m away in the field. The feedback is always great since the process is straightforward, and my intern rarely encounters any trouble when working alone.

On the side, I also venture into whiteboard video making to make extra money. The trick of having an additional source of income in my field is to be able to produce videos in the shortest time possible So that you don’t get to jeopardize your job where you have been employed. Thanks to Explaindio video creator, I produce high-quality videos faster and at the same spending little money. Drawn images and animations selection is top-notch, enabling me to make videos that are sure to sell.

Why Is Explaindio So Good?

As you can see, the benefits of using Explaindio have no end. However, there are some reasons why it is so popular among marketers

• You get to make in-demand videos

You can be assured that the videos you produce with this software will be high demand. You get to create these videos faster and efficiently. From explainer videos to full motion videos, you have videos that will have clients come for more and in the same expand your business network.

• Click and drag editor feature

This tool sets Explaindio apart from other competitors. Though a bit complicated at first, it won’t take you much time to master it. The functionalities on offer are numerous, enabling you to customize your videos to unimaginable lengths.

You will have everything you might need when creating a video. It is like having your very own studio right on your computer. You get access to many premade videos and pictures and no less than a hundred doodle objects. The text animations are also included in this feature, and you can choose on a wide range of fonts.

• Supports several formats

Whatever video format you think working with, you are likely to find it in Explaindio. Whether it is the traditional AVI or the more recent FLV, MP4, MMV, and many more, you need not worry as they are available. Therefore you can make videos that can be viewed on a wide range of platforms.

• Affordable

The software is quite affordable, with several exciting price options. It is budget-friendly, especially if you decide on the yearly plan. If you are resource-constrained, a monthly plan will get you there in the long run.

You, therefore, make high-quality videos at very reasonable prices compared to other platforms that produce videos of lesser quality. Consequently, it’s always a win situation using Explaindio. Furthermore, it also has a two-week money-back policy where you get a full refund if you aren’t impressed with the product.

• Boosts sales and profit

Videos produced by Explaindio are sure to reach many people of different generations. The videos are great and are likely to capture the attention of almost every person. Therefore if you are looking to increase your sales, then Explaindio will help you do just that. In the long run, you will double or even triple your profits from sales.

Anything missing with Explaindio

Currently, there is no known disadvantage of using this product. If we are fetching for anything, then the only drawback seems to be reliance on the availability of the internet. But in this modern world, we find ourselves in, that isn’t anything to worry you.

How does Explaindio compare to other alternatives in the same niche

Other video softwares like VideoScribe do not measure up to Explaindio when it comes to making videos for online marketers. Online marketers work with clients who demand sophisticated videos with complex animations. It is only possible with Explaindio.

My Final verdict

Having used both version 3 and now version 4.0, I must say that every feature of Explaindio makes it the best video tool available right now. Logging into your tube, you are sure to find many businesses and companies using Explaindio videos every day. Virtually everybody is using this video tool. Making high-quality content will no longer feel like punishment. Explaindio video tool enables you to create different types of in-demand videos to help you communicate your ideas and increase your sales.

I hope this Explaindio review has convinced you of the capabilities of this brilliant video software, and you make the decision of trying it out and watch your career grow. If you want to see your videos attract millions of dollars, the only thing you need to do is purchase Explaindio and watch it perform magic.

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  1. Hi Nathan!

    Interesting post. I had never heared of this video tool before. It sounds very intriguing and will try it out. Very cool, that you don`t have to download it.

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. You’re welcome Catherine. I use Explaindio and Content Samurai side-by-side. Content Samurai is probably the tool I recommend to the general public because it is the easiest to use, but it doesn’t have as much customization features.

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