Facebook Ad Blaster Scam | I Tried, And It Here Is What Happened

If you have been online for any amount of time, you might have run accross Facebook Ad Blaster. This program claims to delivery thousands of “real” visitors to your landing page. They also promise redelivery, if you did not get any real conversions in the firt go-around.

Even after reading this blog post, some people will still probably try it out themselves. But I wanted to walk you through my experience with this company and recommend you some real alternatives for you if you are trying to find higher quality sources of traffic for building your internet business.

The Facebook Ad Blaster Sales Page

facebook ad blaster scam

I found the Facebook Ad Blaster sales page when I was scrolling through my Facebook News Feed. An affiliate marketer must have thought the high sales volume of this product would be a good way to make some easy affiliate commissions.

I noticed that the sales page had the “Clickbank Secure” logo on it, and so it compelled me to see what would happen if I invested in the “Solo Ad”.

I mean, it was only a $25 investment, so I was ok with trying it out. I have spent thousands of dollars in paid advertisements myself. So $25 was just a drop in the bucket.

Ordering The Facebook Ad Blaster

When I ordered the Facebook Ad Blaster, it asked me what URL I would like to send the traffic. I chose an affiliate product, that I earn 100% commissions on that I found on Warrior Plus, called Trendds. That way, if I were to just earn one sale, I would have made my investment back.

facebook ad blaster order form

Two Rounds Of Traffic

I had Facebook Ad Blaster send me two rounds of traffic to my offer. Neither one would convert any sales. Here is a screenshot of my traffic results.

Facebook Ad Blaster Traffic

That is A LOT of traffic to not have any sales. Under normal circumstances I earn 1-3 sales for every 100 Hops. So to me this is VERY LOW Quality Traffic. It is likely bot traffic, and not real humans.

My Recommendation

My recommendation is to stay away from the Facebook Ad Blaster Scam. If you really need a blast of traffic, I recommend trying out a reputable Solo Ad provider on Udimi. Follow this link for a free coupon to try them out. They have advanced click filtering built into their platform which insures that you get the best quality clicks. If you would like to learn more about Udimi, you can read my Udimi Review here.

Other than that, the best quality traffic comes from places such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, and YouTube. Whether that comes from organic search or paid. If you learn how to send the traffic from these sites, you can truly create financial independence.

If you are also into creating passive income by building internet businesses, you can join this online community I have been part of and get premium coaching from me and the community. I’ve also put together a several BONUSES for anyone that creates their free account. Click Here to check out the internet marketing community.

Make sure you let your marketer friends know about the Facebook Ad Blaster Scam. Share this post on social media, and you will unlock a free gift down below.

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