How Do You Get Paid By Wealthy Affiliate

In this Article I Will Explain how do you get paid by wealthy affiliate as an Affiliate marketer and make Some Good Money. Make money while you sleep is a fascinating statement that most online businesses use to engage affiliate marketers, whether newbie or someone with affiliate marketing experience. Most of the people get carried away and get stuck with forums that don’t pay well or delay the payments to add to frustration. If you have experienced payment issues in past or are worried as a newbie about getting paid as affiliate, Wealthy Affiliate is where you should be. Sign up for free at Wealthy Affiliate and forget about the worries related with payments from online job that you do.

Wealthy Affiliate transforms you and your experience of online business. It provides you with opportunities, trainings and all relevant information to upgrade your skill set and excel in the online businesses domain, especially affiliate marketing. While other forums who make things confusing and complicated, wealthy affiliate makes things trouble free and keeps you well informed. Like all other aspects, it is made very clear and convenient how you get paid for the work you have done at wealthy affiliate.

How Do You Get Paid By Wealthy Affiliate

Without further ado, I must elaborate how do you get paid by wealthy affiliate.

You can start your career as affiliate marketer as soon as you sign up for free at wealthy affiliate. You do not have to spend a penny to become a member of the global community working under umbrella of Wealthy Affiliate. However, in terms of payment, members are segregated in two categories which are

  1. Free Starter Member
  2. Premium Member

The percentage of commission paid to members varies for free members and premium members. If you are a premium member, the commission you will get paid by Wealthy Affiliate is double the amount paid to the free member on each sale. If you need complete details of commission structure followed at Wealthy Affiliate to pay premium members and free members, you can visit their website. You can also find an earning calculator that will help you calculate the anticipated earnings within a specific time period.

Wealthy Affiliate pays commission to its affiliates and members on the first day of each calendar month. These payments are made in accordance with the volume of sales promoted by affiliate links and ads of an individual member. What makes Wealthy affiliate the best among all competitors is that they have never been late in making payments to their affiliates.

How to start getting payments pour in

Wealthy Affiliates uses PayPal as payment medium to make payments to their affiliates for the sales each affiliate incites. Therefore, the first thing you are required to ensure is that your profile at Wealthy Affiliate should be setup or associated with your PayPal email address.

For setting up your profile with PayPal email address follow these simple steps

  1. Simply locate “Premium Tools” on the webpage of Wealthy Affiliate and click “WA affiliate program”.
  2. Now locate “My Stats” page and click on it
  3. The “My Stats” page will take you to “Payment Settings” as you scroll down to bottom of the page.
  4. “Payment Settings” is where you can enter your PayPal email address, also you will be able to choose your “Minimum Payout Threshold”.
  5. For those who are new to affiliate marketing, I must describe the term “Minimum Payout Threshold”. In affiliate marketing program it refers to the minimum commission amount an affiliate must earn to initiate payment.
  6. After selecting your desired payout from the given options, click the button that says “Save My Payment Details”.

Now your Wealthy affiliate profile is setup with your PayPal email and  you will receive payments from Wealthy Affiliate once you reach your Minimum Payout Threshold.

Final Thought:

At wealthy affiliate you are guaranteed to make your affiliate marketing career a success and earn gigantic amounts in commission if you put hard work and dedication in a disciplined and action oriented manner. i hope you Got an idea about how do you get paid by wealthy affiliate as an Affiliate after reading this article.

Do not wait and brace up to receive payments pouring in as you thrive in your online affiliate marketing career.

How Do You Get Paid By Wealthy Affiliate

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