How Do You Make Money with Wealthy Affiliate

The ever changing and always capricious nature of the world’s economy has lead many people to think about the alternate ways to earn money in addition to their eight hours corporate job. Earning online is not a new trend but recently gaining much popularity among people globally. In this context the pioneer is wealthy affiliate, any may be interested to know how do you make money with Wealthy Affiliate urging people to make a good earning through online available sources.

Many people have success stories of online careers using wealthy affiliate. Although the website is meant to provide guidance to people who are pursuing careers in affiliate marketing, but there are many who are actually making money on this very platform. If you are also looking for opportunities to earn money on wealthy affiliate, you are at the right platform because this article will elaborate how do you make money with Wealthy Affiliate. To become a member of the community sign up for free account at Wealthy Affiliate.

How Do You Make Money with Wealthy Affiliate

There are many options to make money with wealthy affiliate and I will discuss each of them for you, so that you can decide according to your aptitude and suitability.

Wealthy Affiliate Referral Program

Although it sounds funny but you can be an affiliate to the platform itself which teaches you affiliate marketing. So one way to earn money on wealthy affiliate is through its referral program. You can create the content about any niche of your interest and add affiliate link of wealthy affiliate in your content. Make sure to write quality content in terms of offering help to people and making it rank higher in search engines with effective keyword usage .

When your content start getting clicked, people will subsequently click the affiliate link of wealthy affiliate. Hence, you will be able to earn the commission for each wealthy affiliate membership purchased through your affiliate link.

Wealthy affiliate referral earnings can be categorized in two levels.

  1. Referral as starter member (if you are a starter member and for each premium membership purchase based your referral you will earn $4 for first month and $11 after that until a customer continue with wealthy affiliate premium membership).
  2. Referral as premium member (you will earn $1 for every free sign in, $8 for first month of premium membership and $23 after first month until that membership continues).

Create Affiliate Marketing Tutorials Or Trainings

Another way to make money on wealthy affiliate is by creating content that is meant to help community of this platform in learning affiliate marketing. Wealthy affiliate aims at providing guidance and knowledge to people who want to be affiliates and it will offer monetary benefits if you create tutorials or training content to serve their purpose.

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Online Store Using Wealthy Affiliate

Accessibility of internet to world’s population and growing trend of online shopping has made it inevitable for businesses to create their online store for their success. In case you deal in some products manufacturing, you can also make online store using wealthy affiliate for your products and make money online. Wealthy affiliate will provide information for each step to guide you for building of an online store.

Even if you do not have any products to sell, you can use the knowledge provided by wealthy affiliate to build online store and sell other merchant’s products. Facilitating every sale by your online store, you will earn a commission for it. This is what we call affiliate marketing (to recommend other’s product by your website, blog or online store).

Blogging With Wealthy Affiliate

As wealthy affiliate has tremendous content to guide you for success in online businesses, blogging is one of them. Using the wealthy affiliate, build a blog on any niche you feel confident about to attract traffic. With higher number of visitors on your blogs, you can earn money online by posting ads on your blogs.

Basically blogs have two types of ads.

  1. Cost per click (if the readers of your blogs click this ad, you will be paid)
  2. Cost per 1000 impressions (this is fixed payment based on people who view ads)

All the methods of making money on wealthy affiliate have been profoundly explained to you. It is upto you now to choose wisely and start making money on wealthy affiliate.i Hope after this in detailed Read you got an idea how do you make money with Wealthy Affiliate But not to forget that it all starts with signing up on wealthy affiliate. Good luck.


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