How To Find An Affiliate Marketing Niche [Easy Guide]

how to find an affiliate marketing niche

So you have decided that you want to try your hand at affiliate marketing, but are not sure how to choose a niche. There are many factors to consider when it comes to picking a niche that you can make money from. Some of the factors are qualitative, and others are qualitative, but they are all worth considering.

In this blog post I wanted to discuss how to find an affiliate marketing niche so that way you have some type of framework for picking one worth pursuing.

What are you passionate about?

This is not a compass to find the most profitable niche, but rather one that will keep you engaged. Making money online can take a lot of trial and error, There will be times when you want to give up. But being in a niche that you are passionate about, will help you stay in the game, and staying in the game even at the bare minimum at times, is what makes the difference.

Do you have a University degree? Maybe what got you through your university studies is enough to help you find a topic for your affiliate marketing niche. For example, one of my favorite YouTubers that is constantly doing affiliate marketing first started learning about it while in Nursing school while taking Human Anatomy. He discovered that there were Human Anatomy flashcards for sale on Clickbank, and so he made a blog that promoted them. He wrote one blog post per day for 90 days, and by the time the summer was over, he was earning thousands of dollars per month. Fast forward today, and he earned thousands of dollards PER DAY doing all sorts of internet marketing ventures.

Being passionate about your niche also gives you an advantage over your competition because you are more knowledgeable about it. You have a deeper understanding about the needs ands wants of the people in that niche. You might understand what types of questions they are asking Google, or what types of Facebook Groups they like to hang out in.

Is there a demand?

The second thing to consider is whether there is a sufficient demand for a product in that niche. For example, in the picture below I took a screenshot of the RC Planes niche using an Amazon product research tool called Jungle Scout.

RC Planes Niche Example

The monthly revenue for the top 3 products is over $100,000, which is great. It also shows that the average price for the items on that page, is $75. Typically you want the price to be over $50 so it looks like there should be plenty of products in the category to promote.

It is not worth promoting a product just to earn a 50 cent commission. I see way too many people going after the little sales, and it is just not worthwhile. You need to be going after big sales in order to make any decent money. That is why I primarily focus on Clickbank, because the average commission per sale is 10x higher than Amazon affiliates make.

What is the competition like?

The third most important thing to consider with how to find an affiliate marketing niche is the competition. There is basically two schools of thought to this. The first is the number of competitors that you will be directly competing against. When it comes to affiliate marketing, I mean how many competing websites there are on Google under a keyword phrase you are trying to rank for. You definitely don’t want to have too many competing websites

The second school of thought is how strong is your competition. If the niche is full of people who are good at SEO, or possibly the websites that are on page one, are huge brands, like Amazon and Walmart, it might be pretty difficult to get your own content in front of your audience.

For example, I took a screenshot of the keyword research tool called Jaaxy, looking into a popular brand of RC Planes. It helps me to analyze the feasiblity of keywords in my niche.

RC Planes Niche Analysis With Jaaxy

As you can see there is a decent about of monthly traffic for each keyword phrase, and the competing websites are generally pretty low. A “QSR” of less than 100 is considered ideal. So this niche would probably be a perfect niche for me to go after if I was interested in doing Amazon associates.

Final Thoughts On How To Find An Affiliate Marketing Niche

There are several factors to consider when figuring out how to find an affiliate marketing niche. But even after you have a few niche ideas you still need to probe your niche for feasibility. If you still are unsure you can reach out to me by commenting down below or shoot me a message at the Wealthy Affiliate community. You can even go through the Affiliate marketing bootcamp there. It has everything you need to help you on your way of choosing an affiliate marketing niche.

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