How to Get Clicks on Referral Links

how to get clicks on referral links

Links are some of the most potent elements of SEO. They have a direct influence on your rankings and even marketing. But above all, they will come in handy in enhancing the exposure of your brand. It is for this reason that you will find it necessary to understand how to get clicks on referral links. It is through this that you will enjoy better marketing and branding abilities at the end of the day. One question that you will always ask yourself is how to get clicks on your referral links. Here is how!

Strategically comment on the right blogs

Nothing could work better than commenting on authoritative blogs. Usually, it assures you of a substantial number of new visitors to your site. For as long as you leave your referral link, you are more likely to end up with qualified leads and even better conversion rates. Often, blog owners tend to rely on the comment metrics if they want to measure how much engagement their content tends to generate. For as long as you learn how to do it properly, leaving comments on blogs will assure you of the best results.

Usually, you will find it valuable to keep in mind that value matters in this pursuit. That means that you need to be conversant with which blog comment works better — it is the lifeblood as well as the bedrock of your content marketing. For this reason, you need to study the blog before you finally comment on it. Ensure that you are familiar with their community and how they structure their comments. Posting your comments on these authoritative sites will come in handy in generating up to four times more traffic.

Guest blogging on relevant blogs

There can never be a better way for one to attract the attention of search engines than through having not only credible but also relevant content. Did you know that you can publish content on a different blog to drive more traffic to yours? Guest blogging will assure you of tremendous success when it comes to improving clicks on referral links. However, you will witness that we have various ground rules that you will need to consider in this regard. Ensure that you write content that relates to your niche. Producing off-subject content is likely to compromise your standings down the road.

Writing content under your name will also be quite helpful. Nameless content is likely to be of no value to you. You should always include a byline on what you are writing. It will also be prudent to consider writing publicly-accessible content at all times. It is only through this that you will reach your target audience, and conveniently so. People want to get insights and information without going through much hassle. While at it, ensure that you link to the most influential writers as well as sites.

Leveraging on local partner sites

Partnering with local sites will often be beneficial in your strategy. Take the time to build a strong relationship with these companies as they could help in boosting your referral link click-rate. This move will ensure that you accentuate the popularity of your brand.

Sponsoring local events during this time will come in handy. Usually, it will help in attracting more visitors to your site. Whereas you are likely to spend a few bucks, you are confident of getting value for your money down the road. While at it, you can consider speaking at local events. Connecting with people one-on-one will often be essential in building your brand. It will also play a central role in making sure that you get more clicks on referral links. Once you finish speaking, you could leave a link to your blog or site. This way, you will be confident of getting better results in the long run.

Choose the best and most attractive referral program incentive

Unless your referral reward is handsome, no one is likely to share it with other people. Most people will only click on a link if they get an award that is likely to meet their preferences. Take time to compare what most of your target audience could appreciate. This way, you will be confident about meeting their needs while attracting them to click on your referral link. Make an enticing promise to them.

Come up with a convincing referral email

Coming up with a referral email will often be a wise move. Often, people will appreciate the value that email marketing offers in enhancing brand awareness. Utilizing this option will be beneficial to you too. An excellent referral email is likely to be shared among many people in the long run. Ensure that you use simple language in this pursuit.

Your message should highlight what you are about to offer the audience and how they will benefit from clicking the referral link. While at it, ensure that you embrace a convincing as well as encouraging tone. Besides, it would be best if you focused on your business’ value proposition. Through this, potential customers will be sure of why they need to buy from you.

Let it stand out in social media feeds

Social media is one of the most powerful marketing tools that you should always consider in content marketing. Ensure that you rely on visually captivating images on social media, with a link at their bottom. For as long as people find the photos attractive, you are likely to influence them to click on the referral link.

Always ensure that you craft the best message alongside the image. You could even mention a friend’s offer in the details. This way, you are likely to attract them to click on the link too. But above all, make sure that this message accentuates the value that the target audience will get from clicking the link or buying from you.


Unless you understand how to get clicks on referral links, you could find it hard to market your brand. It will also be prudent to embrace the aspects as mentioned earlier in this pursuit, even though they are not exhaustive.

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