How To Make Money Selling Feet Pics Online

Selling feet pics is one of the little-known ways of making money online. There are several platforms where you can upload how to make money selling feet pics onlineand advertise your feet pictures. Note that selling pictures is a legitimate way of making money.

Feet pictures are in high demand, and some people buy these pictures regularly. Selling feet pics is a flexible hustle since you can do it from the comfort of your home. Also, you don’t need money to start selling your pics. All you need is a smartphone that has a good camera. The good thing is that anyone can do it.

Who buys feet pictures?

1. Movie and Documentary Directors and Producers

Many movies portray characters who love feet. Movie directors and producers can hire individuals who have attractive feet. Some may even offer contracts to feet pics sellers.

2. Bloggers

There is a high chance that you have come across articles related to feet. Also, marketers and brands may require attractive feet pics to advertise feet services and products.

The Blogging Platform I Recommend

3. Foot Fetish Idols

Some people find feet pics attractive. Some may even get aroused by feet pics. These people may go ahead to buy your pics if you have beautiful feet.

As you have seen, many people can buy your feet pics. Note that you still sell feet pics even if you don’t have attractive feet. You can talk to your friends and sell their feet pics if they are beautiful. Don’t sell other people’s feet pics without their consent.

Where Do You Sell your Pictures?

There are many sites that you can sell feet pictures online. The following are avenues where you can sell feet pics.

1. Instagram

Instagram is one of the best platforms where you can sell your feet pics. There are multiple feet models on the platform that makes money from selling these pics. You can check out they are doing.

The secret to selling pics on Instagram is to ensure that you use the correct hashtags. Hashtags such as #feet #feetfetish #heels #heelfetish among others may give an edge over the competition. Try to use unique hashtags since some popular hashtags have a lot of posts. Use many hashtags to raise the chances of potential clients seeing your posts.

2. Facebook

Many people are interested in feet pics on Facebook. The best way to sell your pics is to join feet worship groups. Multiple groups focus on feet pictures. You get these groups by searching foot-related keywords.

3. Create your blog

Creating a blog is easy and doesn’t require a lot of capital. You can share your feet images on your blog. Interested buyers will contact you if they like your pics. The good thing about blogs is that you can generate income using other channels such as affiliate marketing and advertising. Note that you need the traffic to increase the chances of selling your pictures.

4. Advert sites like Craiglist

Craiglist is a platform where you can advertise your products and services. You can post your feet pics and get buyers on such platforms. Ensure that you fill in all your details and post high-quality photos to attract clients. Also, be consistent with the posts to increase your chances.

5. Stock Photography sites

Several websites on the internet buy pictures from people. The good thing about stock photography sites is that they focus on photos and nothing else. Therefore, clients go there specifically to look for these images.

The amount of money that you make will depend on various factors. Ensure that you take quality images to attract clients. It’s a good idea to hire a professional photographer to capture and edit the photo. Also, ensure that you take care of your feet and nails. Your popularity will increase as you post more pictures.


Selling your feet pics is an easy way of making money online. All you need is patience and dedication. Seek permission before you sell other people’s pictures to avoid legal issues. You can keep your feet cute by cleaning, moisturizing, and exfoliating them. Also, protect your feet from dryness and irritation by covering them always. Also, ensure that you wear fitting shoes to prevent corns and blisters. Also post as many pictures as possible.

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