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How does earning free stocks and being a part-owner of a company sound to you? Well, these types of offers do not often come along. Not only is it possible, but it is already happening right now. You can become a part-owner of some of the great companies for free. iConsumer is one of the transformational companies that is pushing your investment envelope and acquiring customers aggressively. The company is willing to give you free shares to jumpstart your journey of investment. Here is an exclusive look at iConsumer review.

*Disclaimer: Some of the promotions and offers may change from the time this blog post was written. After reading this iConsumer review, we recommend you visit their website here to view their current stock price, bonuses, and promotions. If there is something you think has changed feel free to leave a comment, so we can update this blog post.

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What Is iConsumer?

iConsumer is a shopping portal company that allows you to earn cashback on your purchases by redirecting via their website. It is also offering its customers with significant investment opportunity by giving free shares. Once you register, you will be able to purchase products and services at more than 2000 different online stores with a chance of getting cash back rebates, coupons, savings, and share funded ownership with each online purchase. Though not sure what the shares earned will offer one day, it is a perfect platform to save hundreds of dollars through cash backs.

iconsumer review

Get Free Shares With iConsumer

iConsumer company is offering 500 free shares for your first qualifying purchase. This is an offer from the normal 100 shares after signing up, so hurry up while the stock lasts. With their stock shares currently worth about 13 to 17 cents, this would be about $70, but the price might vary. This might seem like a little to kick off your investment, but it is enough. Unlike other companies that offer stocks in different companies, iConsumer gives you their own company’s shares. Another thing that makes the company unique is that they are a rewards and shopping cashback company rather than an investment company. However, instead of giving you gift cards and cash, they give shares. You will also get to earn an additional 50 shares of tock by sharing iConsumer with friends on Twitter or Facebook.

How to Startup for Free

The first step is signing up to get a free iConsumer account, which will automatically earn you 100 shares. The next step is shopping online via the platform. Log into the iConsumer account and choose your favorite online store. You can compare the special offers and cashback percentages from the different retailers and then complete your online purchase as usual. The retailer then reports your purchase to iConsumer, and they send you an email indicating the amount of cashback that you have earned. You can also check the number of acquired shares and your cashback from the website’s dashboard. iConsumer will give you a check after you reach $25 in cashback. you also have a chance to earn more shares by referring a friend to join the platform.

iConsumer Stock Review

You can easily claim your free stock by registering for iConsumer using our referral link. Once you use the iConsumer platform to close in a purchase of $25 or more, you are eligible to receive 500 shares. You just need to use iConsumer to access your ideal online shopping platform. All the major online shopping destinations, including eBay.com, Target.com, almart.com, and Amazon.com, are accessible via iConsumer, and if you spend $25 or above, you earn free 500 shares.

Referral Program

iConsumer has a referral program that rewards its customers for refereeing it to their friends. Previously, you could earn 100 iConsumer stock shares after signing up, and for every individual, you refer that signs up and starts using the services. Currently, they have a newly updated referral program in which you will earn $5 in the form of Bitcoin the first time your referral shops and 5% of their shopping earnings for life. Additionally, you will still receive 100 iConsumer stocks shares when you register as a new member.

Mobile Options

With the majority of people using mobile devices to carry out an internet search and online transactions, iConsumer has put in the effort to ensure their services are mobile-friendly. Currently, they have a mobile application available for android smartphones, iOS, tablets, desktops, and laptops. You can easily download the app from the play store or Appstore for free.

Cost/Price Plans

The iConsumer official website is free to register and sign up. Similarly, you can download the iConsumer mobile application and use it for free. According to their website, the IPO shares they are giving to their new customers are not given in exchange for cash. In its place, the shares are offered as a free bonus to the customers when they initially register for the iConsumer service, anytime they use their service to do their online shopping, and anytime they refer a friend to join iConsumer.

Refund Policy

When you shop through this company, you will not spend the money on goods and services provided by this iConsumer. The company instead directs you to a third-party retailer where you get to buy the products directly. This means that if you are for any circumstance hoping to get refunded, you will have to deal with the retailer who you purchased the items from and adhere to their policies. However, after the company you bought from provides you with a refund of all the cash, you will as well be responsible for returning your cashback to iConsumer.

Customer Service

iConsumer.com puts its customers as the priority. They have a 24/7 customer support service to take care of the needs of their customers conveniently. Customers with any questions, complaints, concerns, or questions should submit them directly to the Contact Us link on the official website.

iConsumer Review – Conclusion

According to most of the user’s feedback, iConsumer is legit. You actually earn shares and cashback rates by just shopping at your favorite store. With the increased bonus of 500 shares on signing up, it is worth doing it. The company is also assuring with increased cashback rates. The company is not giving away stock shares forever, so get on board now. You can try it out by clicking on our referral link. Hopefully, the stock goes crazily high, and we all get rich.

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