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After March 2021, Market Samurai will no longer be supported by Noble Samurai.

The once popular Keyword Research tool is no longer for sale.

Although there are several reasons for Noble Samurai to do this, it mostly has to do with the fact that Adobe is abandoning its support of Adobe AIR, which is the platform that Market Samurai requires to run.

You can read the official announcement from Noble Samurai here.

My History With Market Samurai

When I first got started learning SEO, Market Samurai was the markets best value keyword tool.

You paid for a license once, and could run all the keyword research you wanted.

They started to slip when Google announced they no longer give exact traffic data through their API. So they had to switch to the Bing API instead. It is ok, but not quite as thorough as Google.

Market Samurai has struggled to be a relevant tool ever since.

The Better Keyword Tool Option

The number one keyword tool that I use is called Jaaxy, and it is a far more reliable Market Samurai alternative going forward.

I am using a Pro license myself, and I find it very useful to doing:

  • keyword research
  • generating niche ideas
  • assessing keyword difficulty
  • assessing my competition
  • compiling a keyword list
  • exporting keyword data

I personally like using multiple keyword tools, Jaaxy being the main one I use, but I use several because each one utilizes different methods to extract keyword ideas. The more keywords, the better.

Read the blog post I wrote about some of the different keyword tools that I use here.

Have You Used Market Samurai?

If you use Market Samurai there is a pretty good chance that it will still work for you up to March 2021, after that it probably will probably cease to function.

What keyword tools are you using now? Let me know in the comments.

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