Market Samurai Review – 100 Crazy Reasons I Still Use It

Market Samurai has been discontinued, and is no longer for sale. Please read more here.

Are you wondering if this keyword tool still works, and can still help you do keyword research? I’ve been using Market Samurai since it first came out, and will tell you all about it in this Market Samurai review…

Every seasoned internet marketer or blogger knows the value of keyword research for SEO. Without the necessary keyword data, the efforts to rank in the first pages of search engines can be a grope in the dark, achieving little to zero success. Because manual keyword research and analysis can be tiring and time-consuming, many online businesses utilize the effectiveness of the software. These tools automate parts of the process to rank in search engines and help to shorten the time it market samurai reviewstakes to realize SEO results.

While there are many keyword tools out there, there’s one that has earned the respect of marketers and blog owners alike; Market Samurai. The program contains the tools to help you find the most appropriate keywords for your niche, assess the market for the keyword, publish content, and promote your websites. In this Market Samurai review, I will show you what the software offers so you can decide for yourself whether to use it or not.

What is Market Samurai and Why is it So Popular?

It’s an all-inclusive and powerful keyword research and analysis tool. The product was developed by an Australian software company, Noble Samurai, slightly more than a decade ago. The to has been updated several over the years and the current version offers a lot more than what the earlier ones did.

Market Samurai is a downloadable software that’s available for both PC and Mac users without any compatibility issues. What makes the product such a valuable tool for online entrepreneurs? To answer that question, we would need to understand the importance of keywords. And there’s no better way to do that than having a look at the following statistics:

  • Around 90% of keywords experience so much competition online that using them may never guarantee you a slot in the first pages of Google, Yahoo, or Bing. Again, internet entrepreneurs who rarely carry out market research for keywords risk plunging their sites into this competitive market. The result? They never occupy a position worth taking pride in when it comes to search results. It can be demoralizing, especially when you’ve spent time and money on SEO for those keywords.
  • About 90% of keywords attract so little traffic that using them can never bring you any significant amount of traffic. Focusing on those keywords would be not only a waste of time but also resources. Internet entrepreneurs who don’t take keyword research seriously or those who consider that hard work( and it is) risk falling into this trap of “little traffic” keywords.
  • An equal percentage of the keywords will bring visitors to your site- but not real customers. You get a sizeable amount of traffic, but the sales remain low- too low to match your SEO efforts. You may feel like giving up when the problem all along happens to be the use of keywords that don’t target a buying audience.

The primary issue with the three scenarios above is often the lack of proper research for keywords and the markets in which to use them. Market Samurai is designed to help you avoid those mistakes- and it does that superbly. The ways the software enables you to achieve success are varied and include:

  • Providing you with keywords that offer the most promising as well as quick results. There’s a part on the platform that does specifically that.
  • Researching and suggesting the markets that are worth getting into and those that you need to avoid. That narrows down your options and lessens the chances of you venturing into markets that are likely to disappoint.
  • Finding markets that do not present stiff SEO competition and those that do so you can know where to invest and where not to. Because competition is what causes many online ventures to fail, this analysis is essential before you can make any move in your online business projects.
  • Giving you a hint of what chances you stand for the efforts to rank a particular keyword in the first pages of search engines. It allows you to make an informed decision and maximizes that chances to succeed in your SEO campaigns
  • Suggesting topics to base your content on and finding the relevant content. It relieves you of the hassle to research and create the content to post
  • Helping you publish content. It makes everything about the process to improve your rankings easier and the time you take to accomplish that shorter
  • Scouring the internet and finding places to create backlinks. Also, providing you with an idea of how many backlinks you need and where to get the most quality ones. You end up not doing a lot manually which makes the project to improve SEO quicker and less tiring
  • And much more…

Now that we’ve seen how Market Samurai helps you to succeed in your online ventures, you might be interested to know the software achieves that. In other words, the tools that you will have access to on the platform.

The Features of Market Samurai

A Market Samurai download opens up a new world of reports that you can use to make digital marketing decisions. The software offers you access to 8 different tools, each with a specific function in your SEO campaigns. They are:

1. The Keyword Research Module

It comprises two parts: keyword generation and keyword research. In the first phase, you get a list of keywords based on your topic or seed keyword. The tool allows you to modify the list by adding or removing some keywords. Once you’re finished with evaluating the list, you proceed to the next part by pressing the button to analyze keywords. That takes you to another window where you can access the following information.

SEO Traffic– it shows you the number of clicks a particular keyword would earn you if it made it to the first page of search engines

Total Searches– this part indicates the number of searches that were performed by users for a specific keyword. It includes the searches made in a day, week, and even month.

SEO competition– here, you get to see how many sites are competing for a specific keyword. It gives you a hint of how your website or content would perform if you tried to rank for that keyword

2. The SEO Competition Module

While the software’s research tool offers you a glimpse of the level of competition to expect, it doesn’t provide adequate information for that. It’s in this module that you get a full report that paints a clearer picture of the competition. The module does that by analyzing the first ten slots on a search engine’s results for the keywords. The data provided by the module include on-page and off-page SEO for the ten sites, domain age, website size, the number of backlinks, and more.
With that kind and amount of information, you can choose whether to go on and use the keyword, find a different one, or improve your site’s SEO to match the competition. It’s worth indicating that Market Samurai uses Majestic to obtain the data generated by this module. The results are color-coded, with red showing a high competition and green indicating low competition.

market samurai review

3. Domain Search Module

This tool is useful if you intend to build niche sites using the seed keywords. Here, you get the chance to use your keyword to search for a matching domain. The module performs the search for you, automatically, and what you get is a list of the many different domains to choose from. The tool allows you to input your preferred prefixes and suffixes for a customized domain name.

4. The Monetization Module

This tool favors affiliate marketers the most. Niche marketers, too, who feature products on their websites. The tool helps you to find affiliate products that match your selected keywords. It searches the major markets such as Amazon, PayDotCom, ClickBank, and Commission Junction. The tool also offers the functionality to create ads for your websites.

5. The Find Content Module

There are times when you don’t have the time to create content. It could even be that you’re experiencing a writer’s block or can’t find an exciting topic to write about. That’s where this tool comes in as useful. It searches for stock content from various article directories and selects the one that matches your topic and keyword. You can republish that article on your website provided you acknowledge the source and don’t claim the article to be your own.

The places that the tool looks for content include web 2.0 sites, online forums, and others that contain keyword-relevant posts. To ensure the right content, the module allows you to view the articles it has sourced for you to see that they match your preferred topics and keywords. If satisfied, you go on to publish them.

6. The Publish Content Module

It’s a text editing tool that Market Samurai creators incorporated into the software to help with the publishing of content. The module is almost similar to the usual Microsoft Word editor that you use on windows. However, this particular one comes optimized for WordPress posts.

To use this tool, you enter your WordPress credentials to log in to your site from Market Samurai after which you can copy and publish your content without any additional requirements. You can even add images and links. What’s more, the software stores a copy of the content on your computer so you can retrieve it if the need for that arises.

7. The Promotion Module

You’ve already identified the content to post and gone ahead to publish it. Now the task is to promote it to attract the relevant traffic. This tool helps you to do that by finding the sites to link to automatically. Using the module, you can create backlinks that would significantly boost your website’s ranking and traffic. You can choose to create those backlinks automatically, or you can generate the list of the relevant websites and do that manually.

8. The Rank Tracker Module

After you’ve researched keywords, selected the most suitable ones, published, and promoted your content, you may need to track the performance. This part of the program offers a way to monitor all your keyword and page rankings in different search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. To enable this feature, you need to add your domain names alongside the keywords you’re looking to rank for. The software then uses that to track your standings.

The rank tracking module allows you to view current and past positions. That enables you to build a graph of your progress and understand how your website or business is doing more easily. Using this tool, you can determine the speed of your campaigns and determine whether everything is working out as anticipated or not.

Other Features of the Software

Apart from the tools that make up Market Samurai, there are the pages within the software that are worth mentioning. There’s the tab that takes you to the video tutorials. There are plenty of guides there explaining everything from how to get started with the software to the instructions on the usage of the various features.

There’s also the support section where you can get all your questions regarding the software and its usage answered. You get access to FAQs on a tab named “knowledge base,” and a place to click and contact the customer care desk. While there may not be much to complain about when using Market Samurai, their support section lacks the convenience of making a phone call. You can only contact them online by submitting a ticket for your queries.

The Cost to Acquire Market Samurai

The standard price for Market Samurai is $149. However, you can act smart and take advantage of the discount that comes with the free trial. To get that, sign up for the 12-day free version of Market Samurai. You will get the offer to purchase the software for $97 before the first 5 days. That’s a cool $52 off the normal price.

One thing worth noting is that the price you pay to acquire MS is a one-time fee. You don’t pay anything more after that, yet you get to use all the features of the software until you no longer need it- and which is almost unlikely. That’s in contrast with many SEO tools that subject you to a monthly or yearly fee. The price of Market Samurai is also competitive given the much you can achieve with the tool when compared to similar ones on the market.

Getting Started on Market Samurai

Market Samurai offers no challenge to use. You start by registering on the platform and paying the one-time fee of $149 or signing up for a free trial. You will then get mail that contains the link for Market Samurai download. The program requires you to have Adobe Air installed on your computer to run. Once you’ve performed the download and installation, entering your email and the activation key opens the program.

The first step involves entering your project name after which a new window pops up indicating the features the software offers. You can then proceed to generate keywords, filter them out according to suitability, research the markets, and many other functions.

My Opinion of Market Samurai

Just like many other Market Samurai reviews, my opinion of the software is a positive one. I find it a complete package for anyone looking to advance their campaigns to rank high and boost traffic, regardless of whether they’re new in the world of internet entrepreneurship or not. The software contains every tool that’s required for keyword research and evaluation, backlinking automation, and other functionalities. Here is a summary of what I like about the program.

  • The Fast Results

Many of the people who use Market Samurai achieved results quickly. That’s attributable to the software’s ability to determine the keywords and markets that offer the best and most promising opportunities. Market Samurai also offers you a way to monitor your progress, and you can change tact in time to avoid what’s not working and adopt what provides results.

  • The Simple Interface

There’s no clutter, no ambiguous tabs, and no lengthy procedures. It doesn’t take time to master the usage of the platform which is an advantage when you’ve just downloaded it and don’t have a lot of time to sit through tons of tutorials. It’s a platform that I find suitable for those looking for a great SEO tool but one that’s not difficult to use.

  • The Ability to Export Data to other Software

Market Samurai allows you to utilize and view the data it collects on other programs. You can export information about ranking and keyword competition to Excel and create useful graphs that provide a more convenient way to assess the data.

  • The Affordable Price

The fact that there are no monthly or yearly payments for the software is itself a plus, while the fair price of $149 is quite a bargain. That you can get Market Samurai for a discounted price of $97 is one of the reasons why you should consider signing up for a download.

  • The Windows and Mac Compatibility

Many of the SEO tools that I have come across are only compatible with the Windows OS. This one works on Mac machines as well. It means you won’t need to download any additional software if you use Apple’s Mac computer.

  • The Personalized Support

Questions regarding the usage of the software or any other information are answered through email. While many would think this to be a bit slow when compared to a call or chat, I find it an advantage in some ways. The response you get is personalized and thorough, plus you always have the reference at your fingertips whenever you get stuck again.

What I Would Love to See Improved

Market Samurai is an excellent tool with many great features to help you improve your online presence and boost profits. However, it has its shortcomings which I will enumerate below.

  • The Slowness

That’s what many users experience when using MS especially when a module has to retrieve a vast amount of data. The software’s speed can be influenced by the type of machine you use and the quality of your internet connection, though, and you would need to take care of that. However, I still believe the creators of the software could do something to improve its performance in terms of speed. If you’re unable to resolve the problem at once, you could use this trick which has worked for many;

Avoid bombarding the software with too many requests at once. The best way to do that would be to divide your project into bits and feed those into the software one at a time. That way, the amount of data to be processed would be minimal and in line with the ability of both the software and your computer. Also, in resonance with the speed of the internet connection in your area of residence.

My Market Samurai Review Final Recommendations

Personally, I use a lot of different keyword tools. Market Samurai being among them. However, I also use tools like Question Samurai, Jaaxy, Trendds, etc. I strongly believe you need to have a myriad of tools to help you find as many relevant keywords as possible.

Market Samurai is a great tool to use for your keyword research and assessment. The software offers that and more, making your SEO efforts effective to the highest degree. It allows you to assess the markets for keyword relevance, competition, and other useful data. That helps you to avoid wasting your time and resources on projects that won’t bring results while maximizing on those that are likely to succeed.

Market Samurai is simple to use, with straightforward procedures to execute your SEO projects; from market and keyword research, domain acquisition, content publishing, to the promotion and results monitoring. The dashboard is less cluttered and beginner-friendly. Besides that, you get access to audiovisual user guides that leave no stone unturned when it comes to the tutorials on using the program. The price is fair, too, and won’t harm your finances. If you’re a niche or affiliate marketer looking to build a profitable online business, I would recommend that you try out Market Samurai. It has helped many online business owners achieve the results they wished for.

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