Money Robot Submitter Review 2020 | The Most Powerful Ranking Software?

Are you looking for a comprehensive Money Robot Submitter Review so you can rank on page one of the SERPs? This blog post will reveal everything you need to know about the popular backlinking tool before you decide to give it a try.

Money Robot Submitter is a downloadable SEO tool that automates the process to build backlinks.

Valued for its ability to create high-quality links, the program is quite popular in the world of search engine optimization. Money Robot users include SEO agencies, money site owners, businesses, and virtually anyone running or managing an SEO campaign.

If you’re an internet marketer, there’s a chance that you’ve heard about the program- or even used it.

If not, stay with me in this Money Robot review as I answer the questions you might have concerning the tool. I will tell you how it works, what to expect when you decide to use it, and what it can mean for your digital marketing campaign.

First, let us start by looking at the SEO strategy that’s called backlinking and how it helps to improve a website’s presence on the internet.

What’s Backlinking?

In the internet world, search engines use a wide range of metrics to determine a website’s position in search results. One of them is the number of links that point to a website. The more the links, the more the likelihood that a site appears on the first pages of search results. Links create the impression that a website is resourceful and that many people want to browse it. Link quality matters a lot, too. Often, search engines such as Google will go a step further to asses the origin of these links. If satisfied with the source sites, the ranking goes up. That’s why the websites that you choose to link to need to be authentic and popular.

The process to build a high number of quality backlinks presents one problem, though. If done manually, it can take weeks of hard work to make any meaningful progress. There are the accounts to create, the emails to verify, authority site owners to convince, and so on. In addition to using up precious time, it n be a long time before you can see results. That’s why SEO companies, businesses, individuals who own money sites, and anyone who wants to speed up the process want software to do that. There are many of these software on the internet. However, not all produce the expected improvement in rankings.

Among the most used (and reviewed) software to automate the backlinking task is Money Robot Submitter. The brain behind it is a guy called Nick, and the platform has been around for quite some time. Over the years, the program has built up a strong reputation and presence among SEO experts as well as beginners. Money Robot offers one of the easiest interfaces to work with, and almost anyone can use it. The results it provides are also impressive, which is what led me to write this review. Whether looking to power up your SEO efforts for clients or looking to increase traffic to your money site, I believe Money Robot Submitter could be the answer. The reason? Let’s see.

What Does Money Robot Offer?

Although the platform is primarily meant to automate the backlinks creation process, there’s a lot more that happens there. It’s one of the reasons why many SEO experts and site owners prefer the program. You get a wide range of services, all geared to see you do SEO more effectively yet effortlessly. Your money site or client business’s ranking in Google and other search engines improves- quickly and without giving you a hard time. Here, I have listed the services and features that Money Robot offers.

1. Link Building

This is the main purpose of the software, and it does it superbly. You get relieved of the leg work to do one link after another and taking too long to achieve success. When using automation, results become apparent sooner than expected which is the goal of any SEO project. Money Robot software automates everything. Almost no human input is ever needed to search for the sites to link to, post content, and point them to your website. How does the program do that? Here are the parts that make Money Robot’s link building process.

  • Multiple Threads– this allows for the running of multiple features. It speeds up link creation, and you get your results without delay. According to the platform’s description for that, it’s like a hundred people working at the same time on the task, each affecting a specific part of the process.
  • A.I. Integration– Throughout the process to build links, there’s always the need for human-like behaviors. Websites do put in place measures and precautions aimed at detecting robotic actions, and the Money Robot software needs to pass those tests. That’s why the owners of the platform incorporated artificial intelligence into the system. Apart from ensuring a smooth process, it means more quality links when using Money Robot. I would myself be wary of any link building platform that didn’t assure of ways to browse through websites as humans.
  • Captcha Reading and Solving– as part of the automation, the program offers a feature to read simple captchas automatically. It helps the process to pass as being carried out by a human, something that makes MoneyRobot one of the most effective platforms to advance your SEO plans and strategies. The software can solve calculation captchas, photodetection tests, text inputs, and more. However, you may need to use a third-party application to deal with the complex ones. Money Robot offers suggestions, for those applications, so you need not worry about that at all.
  • Accounts Creation– if you were to do the backlinking yourself, you would need to create accounts, most of which involve tedious procedures that require you to input data, prove that you’re human by completing different challenges, and more. To register on even a hundred places would take ages besides leaving you tired to the bone. To involve a team of humans for the task would be out of the question due to the cost factor and the long time to complete the project. The MoneyRobot software does that without human help and creates accounts on hundreds of websites.
  • Automated Research for Qualifying Websites– the quality of the links to your sites is an important criterion that search engines use to rank your website. That means you would need to choose carefully if doing that manually, and which would make everything tedious and time-consuming. Money Robot finds these sites for you using the inbuilt systems to help detect the most suitable ones. It then creates accounts automatically and posts content to obtain a backlink. Unlike other programs that would link to any site, Money Robot offers more credibility and quality when it comes to website research for backlinks.
  • Automated Content Creation– you need not worry about writing new content for every website that proves eligible for a backlink. Money Robot Submitter takes care of that. About article duplication? You need not worry about that either. The software offers an article rewriting function that produces hundreds of spun copies to post to the various sites. The copies are Copyscape-safe, and Google won’t punish you for duplication. This is an awesome feature considering that you would otherwise need to write hundreds of new articles yourself to keep up, and which would be next to impossible.
  • Automated Monitoring of Backlinks– the process to build links does not end at account creation and content posting. There’s the need to keep the links under watch so you can manage them as you required. With the link monitoring function, you can easily tell what links have died as a result of deleted content or website and act accordingly. Also, the links that are no longer relevant due to a change of content and topic at the source website. Money Robot Transmitter software is capable of scanning 500 links every second, quite an impressive speed when you have many of them to monitor.

2. Web 2.0 Accounts and Posts

Apart from finding the websites to link to, Money Robot offers the automation tool to create web 2.0 resources for the same purpose. The number of web 2.0 blogs or profiles you can create is unlimited which can mean a lot to those looking to power up their websites by improving the number of backlinks. Once your campaign on the platform is up and running, you can view and manage these processes using the different features. These include the content writing tool that spins articles and posts them to the blogs the software has created and the tool to monitor and add social network likes and shares.

Money Robot uses web 2.0 to boost the traffic to your site in a natural way. This adds to the already working referral traffic from authority websites and improves rankings even more Because the traffic is organic, your business benefits from the influx of targeted leads which means more clients. The results are also lasting, another of the many benefits of using this strategy. The high number of web 2.0 accounts that can be created on the platform is a plus, too. It means more success for your SEO project.

3. Free Organic Traffic

Money Robot Submitter helps to improve the ranking of your money-making site by sending organic traffic for free. You only need to provide the URL(s), and the software will find you through search engines. The traffic your website receives is real since the program uses AI to browse the pages and spend a considerable amount of time there clicking on the various tabs. What I find great about this feature is that in addition to increasing traffic, the length of time the Money Robot system stays on your site helps to improve the bounce rate.

Search engines, especially Google, use the bounce rate to determine the user-friendliness and resourcefulness of a website. The logic is, if a user can spend a lot of their time there, it’s likely that they found valuable information and the website highly navigable. While you can make your site to have those features, it can take time for users to find that out. Automated browsing speeds up that- but for the search engine. The idea here is to rank high quickly and get returns for your online entrepreneurship, something that Money Robot’s browsing AI can offer.

4. Social Media Likes and Shares

Another useful feature of the Money Robot program is the social media tool. Here, you get your content and URL shared many times to improve backlinks as well as traffic. The software does that from the platform’s verified social media accounts, and the shares or likes you get are real. The YouTube feature, for example, provides views and likes for your videos from more than 18, 000 Money Robot accounts. That can boost traffic to your sites considerably. Added to the other features to increase traffic, the results you get can be immense.

5. A Great Community and Awesome Support

One thing that strikes you as being useful when using Money Robot is the online community. On the platform’s forum, you get access to valuable information on different topics. The founder of MoneyRobot Transmitter, Nick, is himself a regular contributor there. There are also the people who have been in the SEO strategies industry for years and who have used the software for long. Apart from the community, there’s the platform’s support team that’s always there to respond to the queries of Money Robot Users. You can talk to them through various ways such as instant chat, email, and even Skype. In addition to the onsite forum, you can join the Facebook community that’s made up of people who use the Money Robot software.

What Results Should You Expect When Using Money Robot?

Great results, no doubt. The software does what SEO experts do- only faster. While a human-driven SEO campaign only achieves a couple of backlinks every week, an automated one creates hundreds of them within the same timeframe. Many of the people who have used MoneyRobot started seeing progress within a few weeks of use. Even so, I would advise that you allow enough time before you can determine if the program works for you or not. That’s because markets are different. One niche will take time to show success while another performs almost instantly. Different keywords also perform differently in the same market. As you can see, results will vary depending on many factors. It can take weeks or even months. The way you run your campaign on the platform matters, too. To achieve a lot and within a short time, I would advise that you study how the software works and find out how to do everything right.

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Getting Started on the Money Robot Platform

Before we can have a look at how to use the software, let’s see about the pricing. Currently, Money Robot Transmitter costs you $67 monthly. That’s if you choose the per-month subscription. The other option is a one-off or lifetime payment of $497. The company offers seven days to try out the program before deciding to purchase it. To see how it works out for you, I would suggest that you take advantage of this free trial.

How to Start Your First SEO Project

The first step involves downloading the program and installing it on your computer. If you have a Mac, you may need the proxy to run MoneyRobot. That’s because the software only supports Windows OS. You need not worry about that, though. The company provides different proxies. Besides, you can get one yourself at no cost.

After the installation process, you press the “New Campaign” tab to start your first ever campaign on the platform. A new window will pop up for you to key in some details. They’re;

  • Your website URL– you can insert URLs to the different pages of the site, the homepage included. It can even be a YouTube video that you want boosted to make it more conspicuous on the internet and improve traffic.
  • The keyword or keywords that you want to rank for– if you have the keywords ready or understand how to research them, this step should present no difficulty at all. If not, you may use Google Keyword Planner or any other resource to find out what keywords are most suitable to use in your niche.
  • The article you want to be posted to the focus sites– here is where the prowess of the program comes into play to relieve you of the hard work to write content. You can opt to provide your article, or you can have the software create one for you based on the keyword(s) you provided. This is the article that will be rewritten many times to produce unique copies to post on different web 2.0 properties and websites. What’s more, you add other links to the articles before submission.
  • Select campaign diagram– these are the platforms SEO strategies that use multiple tiers for backlinks. The tier system creates a powerful link building process that offers better rankings. Besides that, not many people would want instant and direct traffic pointing to their sites. Once you’ve selected the link diagram that’s suitable for you, the last step involves hitting the button that starts your new campaign.

The Tabs During the Campaign Process

Here are the features you will have access to so you can monitor and manage your campaign in Money Robot.

The platform’s browser– you use it to follow the social network accounts.

The video tablets you use different options to boost video views as well as likes.

The traffic tab– allows you to navigate through the traffic that originates from the search engines.

The social accounts tab– using this feature, you can manage likes and shares for your URLs on the social media sites

What Platforms are Supported?

MoneyRobot links to different resources which include:

  • Web 2.0 blogs and profiles
  • Forum profiles
  • Social network posts and bookmarks
  • Article directories
  • Wiki articles
  • Press releases, and
  • RSS

What’s My Take on MoneyRobot?

Over the years I have been online, the SEO projects that I have undertaken are many. I can, therefore confidently tell what works and what doesn’t. But there’s one thing SEO campaigns taught me: that backlinks are an essential part of SEO. You can even see them indicated against the websites that appear in the search results of Google. If you study them the links carefully, you will notice that more of them mean a better position in search results ranking.

There are other metrics that search engines use to decide what websites appear on the first page, of course. However, the number of links and quality is one of the most significant. Combine backlinks with the other SEO tactics, and the results you get are bound to be tremendous. That’s why SEO experts use software such as MoneyRobot to ensure the process is well taken care of. After evaluating Money Robot Submitter, there are the things that I find the software to excel in and those that I find unsatisfactory.

What I like and What I don’t Like About the Software

As I said at the beginning of this Money Robot review, the software is one of the most powerful link builders in the world of SEO. My experience with several others has was not a smooth one- too many automation assets lacking and a lot of work to create campaigns. To give you a glimpse of what to expect from the MoneyRobot, here are the pros and cons of the software.

The Positives of Money Robot Submitter

Total Automation

Few SEO tools can achieve that. The whole process happens without much of your human input. Your work remains to monitor the progress of your campaign and marvel at the results and benefits that come trickling. The automation at the platform is impressive. There’s the use of advanced AI that can use normal internet browsers to scour the internet looking for qualifying websites or filling in details to create accounts and profiles. Add the capture solving tool, and you have a software that can do more than find sites to link to.

Ease of Use

From the interface, the procedure to create a campaign to the speed, the platform is one of the easiest to use. You would need to go through a tutorial, though, but which is easy enough to grasp. Once the software is running on your computer, the tabs to control or manage the various features are straightforward to use. Given that SEO is an involving activity, I find the simplicity helpful. And if you’re new to SEO, you’ll find that a valuable aspect of the platform.

The Article Spinner

Nothing can be overwhelming in SEO than creating unique content for the many sites that you want to. It can limit the number of backlinks you create which then hampers your effort to improve rankings. With the fully automated article writer and rewriter on the MoneyRobot platform, there’s no more to worry about, and you can link to many sites without typing a sentence yourself. The fact that the software can write a new article from just keywords is awesome. It can come in handy when you don’t have sample content to be rewritten, and you want to save time.

The 7-Day Period to Try Out

I wouldn’t like the idea of paying upfront for something new to me, and I bet you wouldn’t either. The 7 days to try out MoneyRobot is undoubtedly a plus. Although the program has been used by many and successfully, I would suggest that you take advantage of this trial period to see for yourself. You will also get to acquaint yourself with the platform and find out if it presents any challenges to use.

The Fair Price

Having evaluated various programs that automate the process to build backlinks, I find the pricing of MoneyRobot reasonable. Many platforms charge more than that, yet the services don’t compare to what you get here. Besides the lower cost to use MoneyRobot, the lifetime option is something to think about. For only $497, you get the license to run your SEO campaigns on the platform forever.

The Customer Care Desk

No one would want to deal with unreachable support or one that comprises rude staff. The one at the MoneyRobot platform has built a strong reputation for solving the issues of the software users and for availability. That means you won’t get stuck with any problem when using the program. Besides the support team, there’s the onsite forum where you can find valuable advice from the platform’s masters.

The Regular Updates

I like the systems way of providing updates. It enables you to keep track of how your content creation, account creation, and article posting is going. Also about other tasks such as shares, links and the traffic channeled to your website(s) by MoneyRobot accounts. Because the updates happen daily, you’re able to axes the success of your campaigns when you combine that with the data on your website or sites.

The Free Proxies

Money Robot Transmitter offers free proxies, and you do not need to look for that. Why is the use of proxies important? Search engines find links that originate from different IPs to be more credible or authentic. That can mean better ranking than if the link sources come from a similar IP. Trusted proxies can cost you some money and the fact that the platform provides that is commendable and assuring. Money Robot also allows you to use a single license to run the software on two VPSs. I find that an attractive feature since it means fewer costs to run your SEO campaigns

The Negatives

Few Features in the Trial Version

The features you can use during the 7 days of the trial Money Robot are limited. That means you may not get the chance to enjoy the full functions of the software until the seven days are over and you’ve decided to continue using it. However, the features available for the free days can give you an idea of what to expect in the paid version. Besides that, you can still create a campaign and monitor its progress during those seven days.

Mac Users Require an RDP

If you’re a Mac user, you may need to install remote desktop software to run Money Robot. That’s because it only supports Windows OS. That shouldn’t worry you though. Installing the RDP would cost you nothing, and it takes no time.

Would I Recommend Money Robot Submitter?

Definitely, yes. Anyone can benefit from this powerful link building tool, whether you’re the SEO expert handling the sites of clients, the internet entrepreneur looking to get their money site to the first page of Google and other search engines, or the business owner or manager looking for more clients online. The list doesn’t and there. Big companies looking to submit press releases to hundreds of places and boost their brand can also use Money Robot. The program does that with ease and within no time. Because the software automates everything, you get freed to attend to the other aspects of SEO, while the software takes care of article posting and link creation.

To Sum Up the Money Robot Submitter Review

The software is one of the most powerful you can get your SEO projects off the ground. It transforms the campaigns to market your website and brings results within a few weeks or months. And the best part about it? You don’t end up doing much yourself. With backlinks being an important part of a site’s rankings, the software to create many of them would be indispensable. Money Robot offers that- and more. As we have seen, it provides a range of features to help your site come out as user-friendly and resourceful.

I would advise that you sign up for the trial period to determine the platform’s effectiveness first. Money Robot is for you if you are:

  • A website owner looking to create a strong presence on the internet
  • An internet marketing company looking to boost a brand
  • An SEO professional managing the SEO captains of clients
  • A big company looking to create awareness in a more effective way
  • A small company aiming to grow by investing in digital marketing

Among the benefits of using Money Robot include:

  • High-quality link building for quicker ranking
  • Looking for an unlimited number of web 2.0 properties for backlinks
  • Article writing and rewriting to avoid duplicates
  • Capture reading and AI for blog and social media accounts creation
  • A high number of likes and shares to improve traffic and rankings
  • Website browsing to increase traffic and improve the bounce rate
  • The fast process to submit to a wide range of online resources
  • Link monitoring to remove unwanted backlinks

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4 thoughts on “Money Robot Submitter Review 2020 | The Most Powerful Ranking Software?

  1. There is just so much to know and learn and research about search engine optimisation and backlinks and automating things as much as possible. I am still trying to understand the basics, the hows and whys it all works, and the tools that can be purchased to make life easier. Thank you for the detailed information you’ve shared here to make it easier for a newbie like myself!

  2. Thanks for the opinion on money robot submitter. I do have some questions though is this a legit method to get traffic and if so is this accepted among affiliate marketers? Do you like money robot submitter as among the top seo optimizers to use and if so where did you find this program and do you think that it will help your site?

    1. I have tried many different tools in the past for getting backlinks. Money Robot Submitter is the only tool that has it all-in-one. It is the best one in my opinion. Although it is still recommended to diversify your backlink profile even more by building PBNs and Guest Posting.

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