What Is The Best My Lead System Pro Alternative?

A lot of people seem to find the cost of My Lead System Pro to be very expensive. You may be one of the many people looking for an adequate My Lead System Pro alternative that doesn’t break the bank. But before we get into what a good My Lead System Pro alternative is, let’s discuss some things about what you get

What is My Lead System Pro Exactly?

My Lead System Pro is an education and training platform designed to show home-based business owners (primarily MLM) how to expand their warm market by generating leads online.

The My Lead System Pro Membership includes the sales funnels to generate those leads, and provides you with additional revenue streams, via affiliate marketing, aside from whatever your primary income stream.

To this day they have helped home business owners generate nearly 4 million leads online.

How Much Does My Lead System Pro Cost?

Over the years they have changed their business model, and how much their services cost. Today it costs a salty $250 a month to get access to all their features.

Although this may be justified for some business owners because they give you a lot of features that a lot of online platforms do not have, the fact of the matter is, unless you already have a big email list, and have a bunch of marketing skills this may not be a good value for you.

What Is The Best My Lead System Pro Alternative?

In my honest opinion, the best my lead system pro alternative is something that provides comparable training to My Lead System Pro but also provides you with a platform to build your marketing funnels. Here are a couple of options for you that will provide you with the training and tools to help you succeed:


The focus of Builderall is mainly on building marketing funnels and can be likened to ClickFunnels or My Lead System Pro custom campaigns. However where it lacks is training on how to create websites that will attract traffic and leads for your business.

Wealthy Affiliate

The best platform to build websites that attract traffic and leads is Wealthy Affiliate which runs on WordPress Hosting. Wordpress has ease of use to build your websites is second to none, and you have virtually unlimited customizations, called “plugins” that allow you to add on features that you plan on using, such as autoresponders, landing pages, forms, and much more. If you would like to read more about Wealthy Affiliate more in-depth, you can read my Wealthy Affiliate Review.

my lead system pro alternative

What Blogging Platform Has These Features?

The best online marketing platform that I could find is Wealthy Affiliate. Wealthy Affiliate is the premier blogging platform that teaches people how to generate an income online, primarily through blogging and affiliate marketing.

Wealthy Affiliate is both a training center and an online neighborhood. They also supply you with the resources to establish your online company In a nutshell, the platform utilizes a combined technique to assist people to enter into the world of online marketing (excellent news if you’re not experienced in the field of web businesses) How have the founders handled to do that? On indication-up, you’re trained on how to get begun and provided the necessary website structure tools to take your first site off the ground.

Because whatever occurs there on the platform, you never need to try to find any services from outside. Domain registration, hosting keyword research study, or perhaps website tracking tools are all offered. Site security is also offered. Site backup, too, and a great deal of other essential resources. The functions you get access to depend on the membership strategy you choose, though, as we shall see later. Even the most basic or totally free strategy is enough to get you going, especially if you’re a novice and testing the waters prior to devoting fully.

Of all the affiliate marketing websites I have actually come across, I must state that few- if any- come close to using what Wealthy Affiliate does. A bulk of them will only use the basic training then leave you to your own gadgets.

A lot of don’t follow up on you let alone help you create the first site. You end up with an improperly performing website that gets no significant traffic. Your affiliate marketing business ends there.

That does not take place with Wealthy Affiliate. It’s a various training center completely and one that’s built on a strong foundation of a business-like and expert technique to the entire concept of affiliate marketing. I discover their way of doing things unique and beneficial in every way to help you be successful. They don’t leave your side up until you’ve set the ball rolling and created your online presence. In what ways does it guarantee that you may ask? They use several ways, and which I’ve explained here.

1. An In-depth Training in Affiliate Marketing

I ought to say the training provided at Wealthy Affiliate is among the most comprehensive you will ever find. The many years the business has remained in business (given that 2005) should have given them enough experience to produce a program that covers all marketing aspects. It’s should be no wonder then that a lot of the Wealthy Affiliate evaluates on the internet are primarily positive.

The training includes text in addition to video. These are included constantly developing among the most extensive databases of training material on online marketing. As a member, you get access to the videos and text depending on the strategy you’ve chosen. In either case, the training resources are crafted to help you begin. And if you’re already an experienced marketer, assist you to fine-tune your marketing techniques to end up being even more effective. The very first or newbie lessons (and which are necessary if you’re simply beginning) consist of the following:

A total of 120 lessons that cover more than twelve courses. The instructional scope of the lessons discuss

  • The basics of online marketing
  • How to set up a practical site
  • How to research keywords and compose appropriate material based upon them
  • SEO to rank your website high in the results of different search engines
  • How to integrate infographics into your website
  • How to establish advertisements
  • The ways to improve conversions through recommendations
  • The essentials of social networks advertising
  • Creating pertinent and useful material for your affiliate marketing site

… And far more.

What’s good about the content of Wealthy Affiliate training is that it’s always upgraded to show market changes. That means you will not be subjected to old marketing tricks or techniques that may not work in today’s internet circumstance. Additionally, the product caters to both beginner and intermediate marketers. There are innovative training products and content that you can just gain access to when using the paid-for plan.

How Do You Tackle Training On Wealthy Affiliate?

The training is progression-based. The interface permits you to complete one module prior to proceeding to the next, which assists you to monitor your progress in addition to offer organized training. The private lessons are made up of text and video. When they’re a need, text forms the greatest part of the content with videos being incorporated only.

The length of text in each lesson varies from 200 to 2000 words depending on the scope of the subject. If you’re not used to checking out prolonged material and prefer viewing videos instead, you may find a few of the lessons overwhelming. But they come in different lengths, and you need not fret about that too much.

2. Assist with Creating a Website

Website structure is another of the lots of offers that members of Wealthy Affiliate are entitled to. For many individuals, setting up a website to end up being an affiliate marketer is one of the things that stand between them and success.

They utilize SiteRubix, a platform they own that helps members produce a website or sites without needing to look for any of the services to do so from other businesses. This is the procedure that gets you a totally practical site within no time at Wealthy Affiliate.

  • Find the menu to create a website
  • Choose and get in the name of your website( you will be asked to either utilize an existing one or sign up one there and after that).
  • Enter its URL.
  • Choose a theme from amongst the numerous offered. A theme determines what your website will appear like and you can select the one that matches your product’s niche. Wealthy Affiliate utilizes the free WordPress designs which means you have access to more than 3000 of them.
  • Hit the “produce Website” button, and that’s it- your site will be up and running with no time. Wealthy Affiliate does all the effort to set it up which can be rather useful if you’re a novice.
  • As soon as the platform has actually finished constructing your website, you’re offered with a username and the password to log in.

Once you’ve finished the actions to own a site, the next one is writing material and posting it there. You can likewise change its seek to match your preference. The good idea about it is that you do not need to know any coding, and neither do you require previous experience relating to the design of sites. The niceties of Wealthy Affiliate don’t end there. Amongst the other advantages of establishing a website through the platform consist of the following.

  • Domain Registration– you will not need to purchase a domain to begin your website, the platform provides that.

At the expense of 14 dollars for the registration, Wealthy Affiliate takes place to be cheaper than what the majority of domain registrars ask for. Besides that, the procedure is pretty simple and quick, which implies a much better experience if you have no previous knowledge about it. What’s more, you get a complimentary domain e-mail to use with your website.

  • Hosting– they host your website. You do not require to go scouring the web for a company that uses the service, and which can be overwhelming if you’re a beginner. The hosting they offer comes with many fantastic functions. It’s secure, constant, and fast; you get SSL certificates at no cost to you, spam blocker to safeguard you from hackers, and more. The platform’s hosting likewise uses a fast connection that enhances user experience and searches engine ranking.
  • Technical Support– opening a website is something and running it another. You’re likely to encounter various issues along with the method that may require a specialist to figure out. As long as your website is hosted at Wealthy Affiliate, you’re sure to get assistance for the issues that emerge. There’s the assistance group and the forum of affiliate marketers to help one another. Some of these functions are not readily available on the free plan, however, and you may require to update to access them or everything you require without any constraints.

3. Site Management Tools

An effective online existence includes lots of things, amongst them using numerous tools to protect, keep an eye on, and promote your site. As I stated previously, Wealthy Affiliate aims to offer you everything you require to become an online marketer without you having to seek outdoor aid, and you can be sure that you won’t lack anything that you need to generate income from your affiliate marketing organization. Amongst the tools supplied consist of:

  • A keyword tool- it creates keywords for you so you can create relevant marketing material. With the totally free strategy, the variety of keywords available is limited to 30 while the paid plan uses endless keyword generation. Other helpful features of the platform’s keyword tool are the important data it produces that offer you a hint of how challenging or simple it will likely be to find a location in Google searches.
  • Website ranking tool- with this one, you get a glance of where you rank for certain keywords and throughout the different search engines. If your efforts are bearing any fruits and offer you a concept of what changes you need to make, the tool can be a beneficial method to tell. Wealthy affiliate offers the ranking tool free of charge and trains you on how to utilize it in your website or websites.
  • Affiliate tool– as an affiliate marketer, possession of this tool is extremely essential. It attends to a way to scour the websites that run affiliate programs to find deals that suit your choices and interests.

4. A Great Internet Community

This feature is only available in the premium strategy of the program and created to use a method for members to connect amongst themselves. Through it, you get access to an amazing community of Wealthy Affiliate members whose number runs into thousands. The community is made up of online marketers with years of online experience and the founders themselves. It’s not the normal internet forum where discussions are nasty and mostly uncontrolled. This one is special and consists of individuals who are ever willing and similar to encouragement and help.

Once a member, you can communicate with other online marketers either by asking concerns, commenting on individuals’ profiles, or providing answers to the concern of others. You can even directly speak to Carson and Kyle, the founders of the company, and who are constantly present on the online forum. When in requirement of urgent aid, a live chat is constantly available on the site to enable you to get an instantaneous response.

5. Continuous Training and Support

Although the scope and kind of aid depend upon the strategy you go with, it’s one of the valuable functions of the Wealth Affiliate programs. For the training, there are the weekly webinars that aim to equip you with existing skills and understanding. That means you will ever remain upgraded on the emerging patterns in the field to stay ahead. You also get to get extra training to help you enhance your marketing performance as you continue managing your sites.

When in the totally free membership plan, you only get aid and support for the first 7 days after signing up. Premium subscribers enjoy this function for the entire time they remain on the platform as paying members, 24/7, and 365 days a year.

Website building is another of the lots of offers that members of Wealthy Affiliate are entitled to. For many individuals, setting up a website to end up being an affiliate online marketer is one of the things that stand in between them and success. With Wealthy Affiliate, you do not need to stress about all that. The excellent thing about it is that you do not require to understand any coding, and neither do you require previous experience concerning the style of websites. As I said before, Wealthy Affiliate intends to offer you everything you need to become a marketer without you having to look for outside assistance, and you can be sure that you will not do not have anything that you need to make cash from your affiliate marketing organization.


I hope by now you will have found Wealthy Affiliate to be a great My Lead System Pro Alternative that you can help to create an income online. After having built several WordPress blogs myself it made a lot of sense for me to join Wealthy Affiliate myself and bring over all of my blogs from my other hosting account. It just makes sense, and I hope you give Wealth Affiliate a try, by creating your own free starter membership.

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