My Story

Hey there! My name is Nathan Conner, and I am the owner here at Internet Marketing Aficionado dot com.

I have been doing this affiliate marketing thing for a while now as I’ll explain below, and ultimately I’d like to help you navigate this topic as well.

But for a little bit of background on myself, here is where it all began…

Rich Dad Poor Dad

It is 2007, and I am in my final semester of High School. Up to this point, I had absolutely no clue what I wanted to do with my career. All I knew is I needed to explore it by going into college.

My economics teacher made the whole class read the book Rich Dad Poor Dad, and after reading it I felt like my mind had been opened to a world of possibilities that I hadn’t even been aware of.

It was from this awakening that I experienced, that I decided to pursue Business as a field of study in college.

My College Experience

During my college career (2007 through 2011) I did a lot of things. I ended up purchasing and reading the remaining collection of books that accompanied the Rich Dad books and even purchased the Cashflow Board game. In my first two years, I led a small group of friends through a “Cashflow Club”, where we would get together and play Cashflow 101 to learn about Business, Investing, and Personal Finance Accounting.

Playing Cashflow was a fun way to learn Investing, Business, and Personal Finance.

My grandfather took notice of my passion for investing and gifted me his stock market trading courses that cost him a lot of money. They gave me a very unique perspective that most of my classmates in college did not have. It was truly an incredible gift, although I didn’t have any money to do investing on my own at that point.

While I was still in college, I also gained the courage to try building a business (around 2010). I met a couple of business partners who were building a gold and silver network marketing business using the internet.

Technically my first 'online business'.

I had virtually no experience with marketing at this point, so I spent most of my time learning different marketing methods so I too could build a business online. In fact, I pretty much didn’t make any money my first two years. I was just stuck between a rock and a hard place because I had so much I still needed to learn, and marketing required cash, which I didn’t have much of.

My Relationship With My Grandfather

After graduating from college, I got my first ‘real job’, working part-time as a sales rep at an Office Supply store in my hometown.

In my spare time, I would also help my Grandfather with landscaping around his property. He would pay me about $35 a week, and I would get to discuss marketing and different business ideas I had with him.

During the prime of his years, he was a very successful businessman. We were best friends, and he would love to endow me with his business wisdom every chance he had.

Having My First Breakthroughs With Internet Marketing

During my spare time, while working at the Office Supply store (2011-2013) I came across a couple of companies that were teaching Internet Marketing Methods, Magnetic Sponsoring, and My Lead System Pro. I ended up enrolling in their programs, and started building marketing funnels, and testing them out by generating leads on Craigslist. I was generating 3-5 business leads from Craigslist using the marketing methods they taught me.

Taking a copywriting course I bought from My Lead System Pro

After getting some results I decided to invest in a handful of courses My Lead System Pro created, which was mostly centered around Content Marketing and SEO. After just two weeks of learning the content marketing methods, I was bringing in consistent leads and sales, and it kept on coming in, even if I paused on creating content for a while.

From the sales I was able to generate, I reinvested it back into Facebook Ads. Using both Content Marketing, and Facebook Advertising, I managed to hit the leaderboards in My Lead System Pro for a solid 6 months, even on a shoestring budget.

“Hitting the leaderboards was a really awesome experience for me. Seeing my name up there with a bunch of top marketers, many of which were earning 6 & 7 figures per year was a huge accomplishment for me.”

Taking A Break From IM To Pursue My Career

Even though I was having breakthroughs in my internet marketing projects, I still had to move out of my parent’s house and get out there on my own. I got a full-time job in Management at the largest home improvement company in the Midwest and traveled around for a few years.

Unfortunately, I had to press pause on my internet marketing projects, as I pursued a career path that was also very taxing on my budget and my time.

I did manage to break away for a weekend and go to an Internet Marketing event in Las Vegas, while not currently active in any internet marketing projects. I got to meet a lot of awesome people, and it sparked my interest to get back into internet marketing again.

I got to meet Adam Chandler, among several top marketers at the 3C Conference in Las Vegas.

After that, I ended up settling down in Jeffersonville, IN. I married my wife, bought a house, earned my Master in Management & Leadership, and had a son.

Getting Back Into Internet Marketing/Affiliate Marketing

I decided to start getting back into Internet Marketing, with a focus on creating my own product, and teaching affiliate marketing methods that I have learned over the years. Although I never managed to break out of my job so far, I still have a ton of knowledge that I can pass onto others.

I’ve managed to create a few of my own products to help people with Content Marketing and getting more sales from their websites. I have several more products planned in the coming years, and several projects are constantly in the works.

My friends will tell me that I am a walking encyclopedia most of the time, especially when it comes to internet marketing, affiliate marketing, and investing. If you ever want to have a conversation with my feel free to send me a message on Facebook, and I would love to give you my thoughts on how you can scale your business further.

I’m not really one of those people who keeps their secrets on marketing. I love to spill my knowledge into others.