OnMyWay Review| Is The OnMyWay App Legit?

Careless driving and interference by mobile phones are among the leading causes of road accidents. There are plenty of OnMyWay Reviewapplications and road activity trackers that can track your driving habits. However, some that pay you for good driving habits. OnMyWay is an app that leverages advancing technology to reduce road accidents. It is an easy and free to install application that enables drivers to get paid if they drive without using the phone for calls or texts.

Apart from saving lives, the app offers a free way to make money for drivers. The application activates automatically you start driving. To earn rewards, all you need to do is keep your phone locked while driving.

About OnMyWay Driving App

OnMyWay Driving App is based in Woodland Hills, CA. As mentioned, the application awards users with cash – as little as five cents per mile driven without texting. As the money accumulates, drivers can use it to exchange with real-life products and services such as gas, meals, and other deals. That aside, passengers can get paid too or refer friends. If you refer someone and they actually use the app, you get 2 cents per mile for not texting while driving.

Manufacturers believe that offering rewards to drivers is the best way to end the top cause of death for young people. The app can be downloaded for free from Apple and Google play store.


  • Easy to Use

Once installed, the application activates automatically once you start driving at more than 10mph. To earn, simply keep your phone locked. Note that the passengers get rewards too.

  • More Rewards

The application has a new feature, the Marathon deals, which pays in the form of cash and gift cards. With this, you get to enjoy lots of promotions and discounted offers daily. All these benefits are available just for using the OnMyWay app and driving safely. With recent updates, users can also be paid directly through Venmo or PayPal.

  • Refer and Earn

Like other promotional applications, you can earn cash for every referral signing up through the individual custom link. There is no limit to the number of people you can send the referral link to. Send your custom link to as many family and friends as possible and earn rewards for every safe drive they make.


  • Rewards for good driving habits
  • Earn through referrals
  • Help reduce road carnage
  • Compatible with all devices
  • Easy to use


  • Boring bugs on the application
  • Seemingly unrealistic marathon deals

OnMyWay Review Video

What Others Are Saying About The OnMyWay Driving App

Christopher Morse – 5 stars (Verified user)

I like the concept however, it wouldn’t let me play my music. Low and behold, it automatically turns on do not disturb. Gonna test it again after allowing media to pay while on do not disturb. However, in a mile and a half of driving and checking my phone three times to figure out the music issue, I still earned .05 cents. Earning .05 cents for a short three-minute drive, I’m not gonna complain, that’s actually pretty decent for an app.

Crystal Reese – 4 stars (Verified user)

“Love the concept! You earn money really fast too, especially if you drive a lot. I’ve had this app for three weeks, and I’m already close to $50. Love that you earn for your referrals driving too! I can’t figure out if you can just directly transfer money to your account, though. Also, the app uses quite a bit of battery even when you aren’t using the app directly. Also, there have been 3 or 4 times now when the app did not track my driving. I lost out on maybe $4-5, which is a bummer.”

Jtrue14 – 3 Stars (Verified user)

I downloaded this app, and the first drive I took, I drove 2 hours home. But only got credit for 8 miles because you have to have your phone locked. How do you expect this to happen when you’re using Waze or other GPS, and your phone is connected to apple car play. It never locks when that’s the case. So far, not impressed, but I like the vision behind this… Also drove this morning 7.7 miles one-way the phone was locked the whole time back and forth it only recorded 4 miles.

Final Thoughts

There is nothing more important than getting paid for being safe on the road. Well, this is what you benefit from using the OnMyWay app. If you are frequently on the road and looking to maintain road safety, make sure that you try out this app. Download it for free, install, and get rewards. Refer your family and friends to ensure their safety as you earn more.

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2 thoughts on “OnMyWay Review| Is The OnMyWay App Legit?

  1. I think you make it very difficult to cash in my rewards. when I want to run my card to pay the balance it is impossible. I try to use my Amazon account it will not work either .

    1. Hi Peter, yes they have had some issues in the past with redeeming rewards. I just got to redeem my reward though so it seems to be working for me now.

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