Paid Surveys At Home Review [Is It Worth It?]

Online surveys are a popular way to earn money. However, finding legitimate websites that offer paid surveys is usually the Paid Surveys at Homeproblem. Most don’t pay, while others take forever to provide you with surveys to complete. Still, some take your opinion with a promise of payment but which they never fulfill.

While there are trusted survey websites out there, a majority of them are not. That can discourage you from finding online surveys for fear of being defrauded. How would you want a platform that provides you with a list of legit survey sites so you don’t get duped by dishonest companies? That’s what you get at Paid Surveys at Home.

What is Paid Surveys at Home about and how can you join and start taking surveys?

Find the answer to that and more in this Paid Surveys at Home Review. I will delve into everything about the site, who owns it, how it works, and the registration requirements. Also, how the website has helped people find a new way to earn an income from their homes.

What is Paid Surveys at Home?

It’s a platform that brings together people looking for legit surveys and the companies looking for people to fill out surveys. The website, which is owned by Patricia Johnson, has been around for more than a decade. Over the years it has existed Paid Surveys At Home has helped many people find paid surveys to earn an income.

What Paid Surveys at Home does is provide you with a list of websites that offer attractive and paid surveys. You then register with as many as you can. After that, you only need to check your email for survey offers, fill them out, and earn your dollars. There are many survey sites to choose from, which means you will likely always have a survey to complete.

Virtually anyone can register on PSAH, from the stay-at-home parent who wants to earn while taking care of the family to the student looking for a source of money to keep them going. Employed people, too, can use this website to supplement their earnings and improve their lives. But why would companies pay for a simple opinion that you give them?

Why Companies Pay for Surveys

Companies constantly create new products or improve existing ones. These undertakings cost money, often in the thousands of dollars. If a company gets it wrong, it can mean huge losses. That’s why every big company wants to hear the opinion of users before they create or make alterations to a product. It helps them find out the features that will be popular and those that won’t.

Most major companies carry out research before rolling out a product or service. Those that don’t risk having their ideas rejected by the customers, which can be disastrous for the business. Surveys can take many forms. They can be questionnaires to fill out or products to try out. Sometimes, businesses want the views of people concerning various aspects of their lives so they can create or market products around them.

Why Online Surveys?

In the older days, companies relied on offline methods to obtain consumer opinions such as focus groups and physical encounters. These were not only slow and time-consuming but also limited in terms of geographical scope. Some were costly, and not within the budgets of small businesses. With the internet today, the views of users can be gotten pretty easily. Quickly, too, especially for the international companies that target a worldwide market.

Online surveys are fast, have a global reach, and provide better statistics. That’s why every business today prefers these to the traditional offline ways to obtain user opinions. Also the reason why there are numerous sites on the internet today offering both free and paid surveys. These are mostly independent companies that provide research services and which businesses contract to gather the opinions of consumers.

What Sets Paid Surveys at Home Apart from the Others on the Internet?

Companies pay for people to give their opinions through surveys, and there are many of them on the internet. But then, the popularity of the internet as a channel to collect consumer opinion also promoted the rise of unscrupulous companies. An internet search will reveal hundreds of survey websites, but only a few that are legitimate.

What disappoints most is that you cannot easily tell which survey company is honest and which is not. You would have to register with every one of them for that, which would be time-consuming and illogical economically. That’s where Paid Surveys at Home comes in.

What Paid Surveys at Home Offers

  • Paid Surveys at Home protects you from the websites that purport provide surveys but which end up not paying a dime. As we saw earlier in this paid surveys review, PSAH provides you with a list of legit survey sites. These are market research companies that will never use dishonest ways to obtain your opinion for free.

According to the platform’s owner, they only partner with the companies that have shown trustworthiness. They also carry out extensive research about these companies before they can suggest them to you. You can, therefore, be sure that every website on their list has been tested and proven to be truthful.

PSAH even goes a step further to ensure only reputable websites appear on the list. If a company happens to defraud survey takers, they remove it from the platform. So far, PSAH says such has not happened, and no member has reported any case. PSAH has over 300 websites that offer paid surveys. That’s quite a huge number and which means you will likely find a survey company that fits your geographical location and other aspects.

There’s one good about registering with the sites on the PSAH platform- the peace of knowing that you’re dealing with legitimate companies. It’s a lot better than searching online using trial and error method and getting defrauded in the process. As you can see, PSAH relieves you of the legwork to find paid surveys, and you can start earning as soon as you finish the registration.

How to Join Paid Surveys at Home

How do you register on the Paid Surveys at Home website? Becoming a member at PSAH is pretty simple and straightforward. To register, all you need is your name and an email address. The process takes a few minutes at most. Once a member, you are allowed access to the list of more than 300 websites that have been proven to offer regular surveys and payments. The owner of the PSAH platform, Patricia Johnson, is herself a member at these sites and actively earning from the surveys they provide.

Paid Surveys at Home Fees

To become a member and gain access to the list of paid survey sites, you need to pay $68. This is a one time fee which, once paid, gives you access rights to every offer on this website. There are discounts to this amount from time to time- even during registration- and you can always take advantage of them and save money. The payment is Clickbank- protected and you have 8 weeks to file for a refund if not satisfied with what you get. But based on the many opportunities that will be made available to you, I bet you will never want a refund.

Paid Survey at home Extras

At PSAH, you don’t just earn from paid surveys. There are bonuses that help you to earn from your home’s comfort. On the website, also, are educative and informative articles about surveys. Reading them gives you an insight into what market research is and how that culminates in surveys on the internet.

What I Like About PSAH

  • They offer a sure way to earn extra income

If you’ve tried to look for surveys that can earn you money before, you know how daunting it can be. You end up completing many surveys but have nothing to show in terms of earnings. And if you’re lucky to get anything out of the hard work, the amount is usually too small to match the time and energy you happen to have put into the survey tasks. Paid Survey at Home eliminates that by directing you to legitimate survey websites.

  • They do the research work for you

It’s almost impossible to try out all the survey websites on the internet as you try to find the legit ones. Luckily, PSAH does that on your behalf. They conduct research to find reputable companies then bring a list of them for you to choose from. That means you can go ahead and register with any one of them without the fear of wasting your precious time.

  • The updated list of reputable and trusted survey companies.

As we have seen, the new companies are included in the list every now and then. That means you will never miss a new opportunity for online surveys. The updates also mean companies that do not qualify to be in the list are removed in time. With new and better survey companies coming up almost every day, this is what you need to improve the earnings from market research studies.

  • The many opportunities

With over 300 different websites where you can complete surveys, this platform offers opportunities that are inexhaustible. The owner advises members to ensure that they register on as many sites as they can- more than 20. The many opportunities mean better income.

  • The instant membership

Once you complete the registration process including the payments, you get to access all the member benefits there and then. No winding procedures and no delays. That’s not what you get with many online registration procedures that require too much information.

  • The money back guarantee

PSAH is a ClickBank product. That means it sells under the ClickBank customs/seller policies. There’s a refund button that you can click within 8 weeks to claim your money back. Although it’s unlikely that you will do so, I find the option an attractive one. It means you won’t have to pay for what you don’t like, and gives you a reason to try out Paid Surveys at Home.

What I Don’t Like

The platform has its drawbacks which include:.

  • The scanty information

Until you become a full member, there’s little information about what to expect. Although the website features an attractive and easy to navigate interface, it would have been better if a lot more information and pages were included. That would help potential members understand things better before joining.

  • The lack of communication features

Apart from the contact form, there isn’t any other way to reach the platform’s owner or owners. Now, that may not be necessary since you do not work on the website directly. But you may still want to convey your concerns more conveniently, and a chat function would have enabled that.

Final Comments

Is Paid Surveys at Home worth trying? I would say definitely yes. There’s money in the surveys conducted by companies and Paid Surveys at Home gives you access to those opportunities. Payments to PSAH are ClickBank protected and you have as long as two months to make your final decision concerning membership on the platform. That means you will never lose money if you don’t like what you get.

Paid Surveys at Home is a legitimate site that opens up a world of online ways to earn extra income. 

I would recommend this site to you if:

  • You have been looking for legitimate websites where you can complete surveys and get paid but not succeeded
  • You have been defrauded by survey sites before and wasted your time and effort
  • You’re looking to earn extra dollars at your home’s comfort
  • You’re looking for a website that offers you many opportunities to make money on the internet

Paid Surveys at Home doesn’t discriminate against anyone. You can join from anywhere provided you’re of the right age. You only need an email, internet connection, and time and effort. Surveys do pay, provided you can find the legitimate companies offering them. PSAH finds those companies for you so that you can register and starting making your online dollars.

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