A Complete Reseller Hosting Business Startup Guide

reseller hosting business startup guide

Are you looking for a reseller hosting business startup guide? Discover how you can start your side hustle, in your spare time…

Reseller hosting has become hugely popular. It simply refers to the arrangement between a hosting company and an intermediary who could be a web designer, agency, developer, or anything different.

The intermediary will sell hosting service services on behalf of the hosting company. This creates a win-win situation for both parties.

The intermediary will avoid expensive development and running costs and make money. The hosting company on the other hand delegates most of its work and still enjoys a wide client reach.

In this reseller hosting business startup guide, we shall learn more about reseller hosting.

What Reseller Hosting Entails

A reseller hosting arrangement allows resellers or intermediaries to sign up for wholesale packages which can be branded then resold at a markup. It allows the reseller to set its pricing or conditions.

However, these should be in line with the hosting company’s conditions. This arrangement is quite straightforward and since all required reseller software is already set up by the hosting company.

This then means the intermediary’s work is to straightaway setup its new clients. No technical work on their art is required

Reseller hosting can be done by anyone even those with little knowledge about hosting or anything technical related to IT.

As you will find out in this reseller hosting business startup guide, the reseller only has to sign up with the hosting company, choose their required disk space or bandwidth and then proceed to resell.

Payment plans will vary from pay-as-you-go or a flat monthly fee.

The management part of a reseller hosting account gives you access to the backend of your clients’ website hosting. You will be able to access the admin console via a cPanel or the admin package.

This is where your disk space, as well as bandwidth allowance, is allocated. You will be able to access various tools via the panel; setting up new accounts, assign disk space to clients, domains, email addresses, as well as other webs hosting features.

Why Be A Reseller Host

First off, clients love an arrangement where they have little to do when it comes to the technical aspects of having a website. This is achievable thanks to hosting reselling.

As a web developer or designer, it makes it possible for you to make a sale. This will benefit the developer as well as the client; both will have time to focus on what they are good at.

The ability to white label is also a huge advantage to those who would like to offer web hosting but lack the resources to do so. You will be able to create your branding and sell it as if it is your own.

You can further set up various hosting packages to offer easier access to your wide clientele. Other benefits will include the cPanel management capability, ease to scale up, and the ability to easily access client websites.

The bottom line is reseller hosting makes sense.

In this Reseller Hosting Business Startup Guide, it is an excellent way of making some extra income. The agent and web hosting firms can both benefit from this relationship.

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