A Detailed Sendy Review | Don’t Buy Until You Read This!

In case you own a business and are searching for a low-cost yet strong e-mail marketing system, then you’re lucky. We will give you all the information regarding an immensely popular inexpensive solution in this comprehensive Sendy review.

In spite of the fact that email marketing systems like Constant Contact, AWeber, and others are excellent alternatives, they can become expensive with an increasing number of subscribers over time. Thankfully, alternative solutions exist. For example, if we find that with an increase in the number of subscribers, we’re raising over $100 per month for a conventional cloud-based email marketing system, it will be a sensible idea to take the help of an awesome self-hosted email marketing platform known as Sendy.

It’s remarkable given that apart from being hosted on the user’s servers, it also sends out the emails using Amazon SES too. The best thing here is that Amazon SES happens to be very economical as well as highly efficient when it comes to receiving messages in the inbox instead of spam filters blocking them. Apart from this, the cost of Sendy is only $59 (it’s a one-time fee) unlike the considerable amount of money which you would have otherwise spent on the cloud-based email marketing solutions out there.

Although you will come across lots of Sendy reviews on the web, the one mentioned here should give you a fair idea regarding the competence of Sendy as an effective email marketing solution.

Why Sendy is superior to Aweber, Convertkit, MailChimp, and others right now?

Now, the question might arise in your mind why Sendy is thought to be the best alternative and also how it differs from other similar self-hosted email apps on the market.

The distinction is that all hosting apps deliver mail to your own server through SMTP which essentially charges an hourly fee and you cannot send beyond a certain limit.

Sendy makes use of Amazon SES and does not have any hourly limit just like your server.

On top of that, the most notable thing is that in case you happen to be using your personal server it is likely that an email might end up being delivered in the Spam box; however, not a single mail is going to skip the inbox when it comes to Amazon SES.

Amazon SES charges just $1 for 10,000 email messages and you will be charged $200 by MailChimp for the identical number of emails.

Sendy Features:

1. Multiple Brands

It will be a folly on your part to consider that Sendy is not powerful. It is possible to set up Sendy for working with several brands effortlessly so that apart from using it for your main business you may also use it for several brands for an affordable charge of $59.

2. Multiple Subscriber Lists plus Custom Fields

It is quite easy and quick to set up subscriber forms using Sendy. Apart from allowing you to include custom fields, it will likewise present you with pass-through URLs as well as embed codes intended for signup forms so that you can add an increasing number of subscribers to your email list easily as well as quickly.

It is likewise possible to have several subscriber lists enabling you to segment your clients easily and quickly. Sendy additionally supports quite a few strategies for appending subscribers to the list. You may use the API or a sign-up form for passing users to your listings.

3. Automated handling of bounce, grievance and unsubscribe

Bounces, grievances as well as unsubscribes will be managed automatically in real-time as soon as your newsletter gets delivered. You don’t need to go for any physical post-campaign cleanups whatsoever.

4. Registration plus activity reports

Customer signups will be captured within a decent interface which enables you to quickly observe what has happened lately to all those on your checklist, whether they have subscribed, unsubscribed or are impending affirmation. On top of this, Sendy allows you to either enable or inhibit double opt-in to help you select whichever you like.

5. Creating your Newsletter

It is quite simple and straight forward when it comes to designing your newsletter. It will be a good idea to use their WYSIWYG editor for building out what you would like and also insert graphics in addition to some specific tags to help you customize things if needed. It is likewise possible to use an HTML template builder or you might even come across some of those online and use them with Sendy by pasting them into the editor while you’re in the “source” view.

6. Deliver newsletters through Amazon SES

Sendy makes use of multi-threading to deliver emails by means of Amazon SES which is not only considerably more affordable as compared to almost all email marketing systems out there but also features a substantial deliverability rate. You will be restricted by the majority of the conventional email marketing systems at present depending on the size of your listings, although not Sendy.

7. Fabulous Reporting

Once your campaign has been sent, Sendy will reveal several statistics regarding your campaign in the reports area. One particular thing might be observed here that after beginning to use Sendy and also customizing the newsletters, a huge enhancement can happen in the open rate as well as the click-through rates on the newsletter. As a matter of fact, Sendy’s reporting system is fantastic and highlights the information in an excellent manner.

8. Autoresponders

It is possible to easily set up autoresponders to particular users. For example, you can send them a message on their birthday. Sendy enables you to generate drip campaigns for following up with your customers, sending an email every year or one-off email messages at a particular date.

9. Provide access to your customers and charge them for emailing your subscribers

Sendy comes with an excellent feature that is not usually observed in any email marketing application at present and this happens to be its potential to white label the system and enable your customers to deliver emails to your customer list by paying a fee after logging in. It is also possible to set a monthly send restriction for them.

How to Set up Sendy on your Server:

After purchasing Sendy the download package will be provided to you, and you have to upload it to your server and begin to install it. This is largely possible because of the service team from Sendy, where a comprehensive step-by-step guideline has been provided by them on how to set up the script on your server as well as getting your server connected to Amazon SES.

It is not difficult to install Sendy. You simply need to create a database after uploading the files, set up a few settings, and then you need to click around the Amazon Web Services console. You will be provided with some simple instructions as mentioned below.

Step 1: config.php

Step 2: Upload Sendy

Step 3: File permissions of the uploads folder have to be set up

Step 4: Set up Sendy

Step 5: Register for AWS (Amazon Web Services) and receive the Access Credentials

Step 6: Set up Amazon SES (Simple Email Service)

Step 7: Set up bounce handling

Step 8: Set up complaints handling

That’s all! Now you are all set to enjoy Sendy!

In case any help is required for you when it comes to setting up Sendy, it will be a smart idea to employ a 1-time service for a nominal cost, and the Sendy team is going to do that on your behalf. As a matter of fact, the installation process is as simple as filling up the particulars by clicking 3 to 4 buttons, which is just like setting up WordPress on your website.

The interface of Sendy is straightforward and it includes every single feature as well as report which is required by you on the homepage.

After logging in to the Sendy admin panel, you will notice your Amazon SES Quota on the left side that offers comprehensive details regarding your email limitation and also the maximum sending limit every second. You need to create a Brand for you as the first step given that Brand enables you to take care of several accounts at the same time. After you have come up with Brand, you will observe a button for creating and also sending a fresh campaign where the message can be composed by making use of HTML or maybe WYSIWYG editor for your listing.

Initially, the working can be tested out by delivering a test email to your mail address and in case everything is okay you are free to generate an email campaign for your personal list.

It will be feasible to view every single email campaign result within the reports area where you going to be offered a visual interface regarding the performance of the campaign, how many actually opened the email messages, clicked a link, not opened, bounced, unsubscribed, and so on.

Although quite a few innovative features are provided by Sendy, the only drawback is that while signing up for Amazon SES service in the initial stages, you are restricted to only 5 emails every second and 10,000 email messages on a daily basis. However, it is possible to raise the limit significantly by asking for Extended Access from Amazon. However, it will be advisable to send quite a few email messages to your list prior to asking for the extended access so as to make sure that it is approved by Amazon right away.

The Pros

1. Inexpensive autoresponder. You simply need to shell out $59 1 time for life long usage.

2. Deliver emails for only 10 cents for each one of the 1,000 email messages from Amazon SES.

3. Self-hosted email application which is able to resell your service to the customers.

4. No limitations for including users given that you own the application.

5. Emails will be delivered by Amazon’s own servers.

Why AWS is the best option for Sendy?

It is known to all of us that Sendy makes use of Amazon SES for sending approximately 1,000 email messages for only $1. But, what is the reason that AWS is the best option for running the Sendy application?

It is respect we will mention 3 essential reasons which are as follows:

1. It is inexpensive

2. It is convenient

3. It works really well

It is a fact that Sendy was created specifically for usage with the SES service of AWS. Consequently, it is sensible to utilize an AWS server for hosting the installation of Sendy as well. Having said that, you will likewise come across other server alternatives at present. In particular, Linode and DigitalOcean happen to be the two most well-known options out there and they’re even more affordable as compared AWS. Having said that, AWS has the reputation of providing a free year of storage as well as server usage. This implies that in case Sendy is running on AWS, and you are not satisfied with its performance, it will be possible for you to cancel the AWS account within a span of only one year and thus avoid paying any charges for the server as well as the storage. Apart from this, you will likewise be offered a discount on your email delivering expenses in case you use an AWS server.

Final Verdict:

Thus after going through this above-mentioned Sendy email marketing review, it is clear to us that Sendy offers quite a few innovative features that you will not come across from any other similar application right now. Anyone who likes to go for Sendy ought to take into consideration their priorities.

Sendy offers a live demo which you can log into and also experiment with test campaigns. In this way, while you try Sendy it will become clear to you instantly whether it is going to deliver the results for you or not. It will be advisable for you to try out the demo since the experience is almost similar to the experience of utilizing your personal live Sendy installation. Although it would have been better if a 30-day free trial will be offered by Sendy, the creators claim on the website that “In case it does not come of use to you, you will be refunded by us”. In a nutshell, it can be rightly asserted that Sendy will not disappoint you after all.

4 thoughts on “A Detailed Sendy Review | Don’t Buy Until You Read This!

  1. Well I’m embarrassed to admit I’ve never heard of Sendy until now! I did use mailchimp and didn’t love it. This sounds affordable and easy to use. Thanks for including the config instructions so I don’t have to go searching for them! Do you know if they offer reports on how your emails are doing? It’s good to see open rates and if subscribers are I Tera ting with the links and content. 

    1. Hi Alex, thanks for visiting! Yes they do provide full stats. If you cannot get it set up yourself i recommend hiring someone on Fiverr to do it, for about $15.

  2. Wow I am loving this! Amazon seems to be providing all sorts of services and Sendy seems like it’s definitely the way to go! Who wants to pay more than they need to for email marketing? The setup seems simple enough and I am loving the idea of a one time payment and no recurring fees. 

    Overall, Sendy seems cheaper and easier to manage.  $1 per 10,000 emails!? This definitely changes the game of email marketing, for sure! Goodby Mailchimp hello Sendy and lots of savings! 

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