Sqribble Review [Ebook Creation On Demand]

How do you create your ebooks or product reports? Do you do it yourself or do you hire a freelancer? The first method can be tiring, plus you may lack the required skills. The second option, although more likely to bring satisfying results, can be costly and end up ruining your budget. How about software that helps you to produce ready-to-read ebooks within minutes?

Scribble is an eBook creation platform that makes the process to write ebooks a breeze. It’s cloud-based, which means no installations to make among other benefits. The person behind this software is an internet marketer and tools creator, Adeel Chowdhary. Adeel has been in this field for more than a decade now. His previous products include Studio FX.

In this Sqribble review, I will take a look at the software in detail, what it offers, and how you can use it to make the writing niche ebooks or reports easier. I will also bring you the good and bad sides of the platform so you can decide if the software offers value for your money. Before we delve into the features of Sqribble, a look at why you need a software to write ebooks.

Why You Need an Easy Way to Create ebooks

The demand for ebooks keeps growing. If you’re an online entrepreneur, you will often find yourself requiring them for your marketing campaigns. But ebooks can be difficult and time-consuming to create. There’s the planning to do, the design and formatting phases to take care of, and more. When you have several of these projects to work on every year, the sheer amount of work can drain you of the energy to mind other essential tasks.

You could choose to hire an expert to do all the work on your behalf, of course. But then, we would be talking about hundreds or even thousands of dollars each year. That would likely affect your business financially. Besides, you would be working with unknown people who may delay your project or end up delivering substandard work.

How Sqribble Helps you Write the ebooks

Sqribble is an online software that takes away all the hard work to produce your ebooks. It automates the process, making it quicker, easier, and less costly. You may not believe it, but it can take as less as a quarter of a hour to have your eBook ready when using this software.

You don’t need any specific knowledge in the field or even experience in eBook creation. You only need an internet connection and your computer or tablet device. (Yes, Sqribble works on all devices, although it’s recommended to use a PC or laptop).
Sqribble turns the process to write your eBook into quick and straightforward steps;

  • Template selection
  • Content addition
  • Customization
  • eBook generation and publishing

If you only have a few additions or adjustments to make, the above steps only take a few minutes and your eBook will be ready for download or publishing. To understand how the software accomplishes that, let’s look at the features that it comes with.

Sqribble Features

As I pointed out earlier in this Sqribble eBook creator review, the software makes eBook writing easy. Let’s have a look at the functionalities that make that possible.

1. A Fluid Interface
The software is easy to use, with point-and-click functions. Apart from making the process to create your eBook less challenging, it means almost anyone can use the platform. All the buttons and tabs are easy to recognize. And if you need assistance with any part of the software, there are tutorials to explain every step.

2. A Wide Choice of Templates
You get a total of 50 different templates to choose from for your new eBook. These themes are based on 15 niche categories, which means you will most likely find a template that matches your topic. The designs are stunningly eye-grabbing yet professional.

3. Auto Content Creation
Sqribble offers a feature to automate even the content. All you need to do is input the URL source, and the software will write that content in the pages of your eBook. And if you’ve done the writing part already, you get to lift the content off your device’s word editor onto the platform and into your eBook.

4. Access to Instant Niche Articles, Images, and other Resources
Users who have no idea of what to write or even where to find content need not worry. On the platform are 1000 articles that cover different topics across various niches. You can use them as content for your eBook, saving yourself time by quickening the eBook creation process. The platform also gives you access to a library of over 300 Google fonts as well as more than 1000 images and graphics.

5. Customization Features
You can customize the theme color, edit pages, fonts, images, headlines, paragraphs, and many more parts of the eBook. This allows you to select the colors of your choice so your eBook matches your niche or even personal preference. If you want a shorter eBook, all you need to do is delete the additional pages or add more for a longer one. Sqribble also gives you the option to select backgrounds, icons, and a wide variety of other formatting features. This gives you greater control of the automated process so that results can match your taste.

6. Different eBook Formats
Sqribble formats your ebooks to the major styles so they can be read across different devices and platforms. The formats include PDF, MOBI, and ePUB.

7. Instant Download and Publishing
When you’ve finished with template selection, content upload, and formatting tasks, click the “generate” button. Once your eBook is ready, you can download it to your device. Sqribble offers you the option to publish the eBook straight away, from the platform’s dashboard.

8. Bonus Features
The owners of the platform include these as bonuses to enhance the software’s usefulness. They are:
Agency Website- this is provided to you for free complete with an attractive portfolio that helps you to find eBook clients.

Commercial License– this free license allows you to write and design ebooks for clients. You own the rights to the ebooks that you write using Sqribble and retain all the profits.

Client Dashboard– it’s a dashboard that you can use to manage the eBook requests of your clients.

Feedback Tool– this provides you a means for clients to give their feedback on the projects you have completed for them.

The Benefits of Using Sqribble

I have across several tools that purport to help with eBook creation. However, many of them are a mix of different functionalities that don’t relate. Instead of making the process easy, they end up overcomplicating everything. You have to learn how to use them, which takes up your precious time. And when you can finally do so, they don’t automate many parts of the process and you still have to do a lot yourself.

Sqribble stands out in many ways. It’s so simple that you don’t need to spend hours just learning how to use it. The software’s level of automation is also incredible, which relieves you of the tiresome work to design or format the cover and pages of an eBook. In spite of the mixed Sqribble reviews you may come across, the platform offers many great features. Let’s look at some of the automation features I’m talking about. They include;

Auto content– the software extracts content from your preferred blog, your computer, or from the platform’s database of a thousand niche articles.

Auto table of contents– you get a ready table of contents, fully themed and professional looking. The best part about it is that it’s editable and you can adjust the contents to your liking. That includes rewording and reformating.

Auto page numbers– the pages of or eBook come already numbered. However, you can edit the pages to add more or reduce some.

Auto headers and footers– these also come ready. If there’s a need to, you can edit the provided headers and footers to suit your preferences.

The Cost to Use Sqribble

With all the features you get with this platform, you only pay a one-time access fee of $67. This is a discounted price from the usual $197. During the process to make a purchase, you may be lucky enough to land additional discounts which lower the fee by a few dollars. There are different payment means and you get to choose the one that suits you best. The options are PayPal, MasterCard, and VISA.

Sqribble offers you a protected money-back guarantee. You have 30 days to decide if the platform interests you. If it doesn’t, you can request for a refund. That protects you from spending your cash on a product that won’t be of much help. But I can bet that you won’t be doing that because the software makes an otherwise difficult task a breeze. Here are the things that I find fascinating about the platform, and which I believe will make you to like it too.

What I like about Sqribble

Sqribble Saves you Money
When using the traditional way to write an eBook, you will need to purchase various tools, templates, and other assets. These can cost you a huge amount, considering that you will not get them all from a single vendor. The option to hire an expert provides no respite either; you still have to part with money, which can be several hundred to thousands of dollars. Sqribble offers everything in one place and at a fraction of what amount you would pay on other platforms.

Sqribble Saves you Time
It’s unbelievable that you can create an eBook in less than half an hour, but that’s what Sqribble does. You do not even need to have any content with you on your computer. Using the software’s automation feature, you can create content from the articles of websites or those provided on the platform. Once you have selected your preferred options, the software does the rest and generates an eBook within no time.

Professional Designs and Layouts
The eBook designs that Sqribble offers are professional. They are the kind you would get if you chose to hire an expert. From the book’s cover to the individual pages, the layout is eye-grabbing and will entice your clients to read the entire eBook. From personal experience, these kinds of designs would require hours on your computer and various tools to make.

Easy Use
Sqribble provides a simple dashboard from where to choose the different features and functionalities. Apart from the friendly interface, there are only a few steps to create your eBook. These steps don’t take a lot of time, too. From template selection to the last part where you click on the button to generate the eBook, it’s only a few minutes of your time.

No Skills Needed
As we have seen in this Sqribble review you don’t need any specialty skills to use the software, not even coding or design expertise. Your ebooks will still appear like they were designed by a professional, though. With the high cost of hiring eBook designers and writers, this platform offers an excellent option.

No Downloads or Installations
Because the software is cloud-based, you will not need to install anything on your computer. That gives you the freedom to access the platform from any device, which would come in handy when traveling, and you need to continue working on your projects. You will also not need to worry about updates to the software as these will happen from the owner’s end.

No Compatibility Issues
Sqribble works on all devices and operating systems from PCs, Macs, tablets to smartphone. Not many programs support usage across the different platform, which is a plus for this software.

The One-Time Payment
Access to the Sqribble platform doesn’t subject you to monthly payments. You only pay once and enjoy lifetime usage without worrying about recurring fees. Many online platforms do not offer that and you have to deal with membership renewal every month or year.

Money Back Guarantee
Sqribble refunds your money if you’re not satisfied with the software’s ability. This option encourages you to go ahead and purchase a membership for two reasons. First, you know you won’t be losing your money to a product that will not provide the required results. Second, it gives you confidence in the software knowing that the owners believe in its working.

What I don’t like

Sqribble is a great platform, but it’s not without drawbacks. Among the areas that I think could be improved include:

Few Communication Channels

You can only contact support using an on-site ticket. It isn’t one of the most convenient ways, especially if you have a pressing issue.

The Limited Space for Own Photos

You only get 100MB of space to store your images for use in the eBook. Although the platform offers you a wide choice of images, you may want a few more of your own.

Would I advise anyone to purchase Sqribble?

I would. The platform is easy to use and requires no expertise on eBook creation. It’s an all-in-one software that automates eBook writing so you can produce one within a short time. Using minimal resources, too. I would recommend Sqribble if:

  • You’re a blog or website owner looking to build an extensive email list using eBook giveaways
  • You’re looking to start (or already have) an eBook creation agency
  • A freelancer looking to earn money designing and writing ebooks for clients
  • An internet marketer looking to create an effective sales funnel
  • An online entrepreneur with a plan to write and sell ebooks on the internet

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