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super affiliate system review

Are you looking for a comprehensive Super Affiliate System Reviews to ensure that it is the affiliate marketing program you have been looking for before you buy it? Keep on reading, and I will give you my complete Super Affiliate System Review, and some other recommendations for learning affiliate marketing the right way.

What Is The John Crestani Super Affiliate System All About?

Super Affiliate System is a course that’s conducted purely online through video training. The training has existed since 2015 and is one of the most popular among digital marketers. If you’re looking to learn more about the program before signing up, stay with me to the end. I wrote this Super Affiliate System review to uncover the program and shed more light on its mixed popularity.

So, how does Super Affiliate System help?

Super Affiliate System equips trainees with the skills and knowledge to promote products on the internet and suits both super affiliate system reviewbudding and experienced marketers. It teaches beginners how to join the affiliate marketing world and veterans how to become super affiliates. Super Affiliate System is a creation of John Crestani, a successful internet entrepreneur who rose rapidly to become a leading internet marketing guru.

According to the founder and the many testimonies on the program’s website, a majority of the students start to earn straight away. But how’s that possible? Before we look at how the Super Affiliate System Program does that and if it works, a word or two about affiliate marketing.

What’s Affiliate Marketing?

It means getting paid for efforts to promote other people’s products or services. Instead of creating your own product, you help to sell what others have produced. They earn a profit, and you receive part of that profit for helping to produce a sale Affiliate marketing has helped many to start online businesses with nothing more than a website and digital marketing skills.

Determination to succeed is paramount in any affiliate marketing business. Perseverance, too, since success can either come immediately or take longer to achieve. The good thing about affiliate marketing is that you can do it from anywhere, even your home.

Where does the Super Affiliate System fall in all this? You may ask.

Well, the program teaches you how to become a great affiliate marketer- fast and successfully. If you’ve ever been involved in this form of online entrepreneurship, you understand how possible it is to earn thousands of dollars over time- without breaking a sweat. If you’re new to this kind of business, then it’s all the more reason why you would want to try out the Super Affiliate System.

What is Involved in the Super Affiliate System Program?

It consists of training material, support, and weekly webinars by John Crestani himself. The training is divided into weekly chunks and can take more than ten weeks to complete. The training material consists of videos (more than 50) that explain the course content in detail.

The first few weeks of the program’s training involves the basics of affiliate marketing. That’s, understanding how it works, how to approach it with the right mindset, and how to acquire a domain for this business model. Also, how to put up landing pages and the necessary software to track progress.

The next part of the training is where you’re taught how to use the various platforms or channels as a source for your traffic. These include Facebook, YouTube adverts, Google AdWords, and more. During the last weeks, you’re trained on how to increase your earning from a few hundred to thousands of dollars. Also, on how and where to outsource labor for your online business. The creator of SAS keeps adding fresh content, so there’s, most of the time, something new to learn.

The training also involves quizzes and assignments. These are either daily or weekly, and you have to complete them to proceed. You can choose to skip some parts of the training, of course, and nothing will happen. However, the founder encourages that you don’t. That’s because the students who succeeded in the program are those who took the training seriously; not skipping any of the lessons and watched every single video to its length.

There are two parts to the program.

  1. The Jetset program– this is the earlier program that John Crestani had created before SAS. He doesn’t market Jetset anymore. The program now comes bundled up with the latest Super Affiliate System as bonus training. You can still purchase it separately, though, at the cost of $47 monthly. That’s for the less detailed version. You can decide to buy a comprehensive version that includes useful case studies at the cost of $187. Compared to the newest Super Affiliate System training, Jetset wasn’t detailed and suited beginners better. Also, its training involved the ways to earn affiliate commission using free online traffic. That includes free advertising platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, and even the usual SEO.
  2. The Super Affiliate System– this is the main part of this whole training. Here, you’re taught how to become a successful affiliate using paid means, that’s paid for ads on YouTube, Facebook, and more. The SAS training comprises of weekly webinars, too, that equip you with new knowledge continually.

All of the training on this program is on video, and there’s a lot to watch as you can go through the course material. During the entire duration of the training, you’re required to use some affiliate links to promote John Crestani’s products, earning commission in the process.

The new Super Affiliate System 2.0 training is more comprehensive than the Jetset program. It contains more useful information regarding affiliate marketing, and suits even the experienced digital marketers. However, it’s more costly at $997 for a year. But then, you also get the Jetset training on purchasing this program.

Then There’s the Program’s Online Community

This comprises of the members who have joined the training. It’s a private group on Facebook where a lot goes on concerning the sharing of information. SAS creator John Crestani also uses this forum to provide updates about training and other aspects of the program. It’s also here where you will get to hear success stories from students, both former and current.

And the Weekly Live Video Training

The founder of Super Affiliate System 2.0 conducts webinars on a weekly basis- every Friday at a pre-set time. The live training takes geyser 2 and 3 hours, and he mostly offers advice on ads creation, optimization, and anything about affiliate marketing. With these live video pieces of training, your understanding is bound to continue improving.

Signing Up to Access Super Affiliate System

You don’t have access to anything on the program until you sign up. The registration procedure is simple. On the program’s website, there’s the simple form on which to fill in your details(only a few). That takes you straight to the John Crestani auto webinar funnel. Here, he pitches to you ( through video) by including a few details about himself and some testimonials. These include proof of earnings and even tax documents.

Why would he do that?

Well, the Super Affiliate System is shrouded in controversy, and a lot of people are skeptical about whether you can actually succeed with affiliate marketing as John claims. You only need to search online, and you will come across a few Super Affiliate System reviews that put the program in a bad light. That’s why I think he had to provide all that information about himself. To mention a few of the known bits, John Crestani has featured in several world-leading publications, among them Forbes. You can read the Forbes publication here.

Now, back to the Super Affiliate System review. After the webinar registration, you’re taken to the page where you can purchase the SAS training. The cost for that is $997. Opting to complete the registration by making the purchase takes you to the training content. There, you can learn affiliate marketing in detail- the one that involves paid traffic. That’s in addition to the valuable information that you will find in the SAS Facebook community. There’s also the email support that John Crestani offers to his students.

What are the Costs to Train in the Super Affiliate System program?

As we have seen, the current training goes for $997 for a whole year. Choosing the Jetset program would see you part with $47 every month or $187 for more comprehensive training content. But it’s the SAS program that carries more as well as useful content. John updates the content from time to time so that it’s in line with the current practices in the works of affiliate marketing.

Apart from the cost to purchase training material, you would need to budget for the following:

  • Domain and Hosting– You need an active domain to engage in affiliate marketing. That means having to pay hosting services. The rates for that are not too high, though, and the hosting part shouldn’t worry you.
  • Funnel Tracking Software– This software requires a monthly subscription. Despite the cost to use it, this tool is invaluable for the success of your affiliate marketing campaigns.
  • An autoresponder– The payment for this varies from one company to another. However, expect to pay a monthly fee at most. The autoresponder allows you quick replies to increase and maintain traffic.
  • Ads Software– This one optimizes adverts. Because the trading is all about using paid adverts for traffic and profits, I would advise that you set aside money for this tool.
  • Affiliates Networks Software– For affiliate payments. Some are free while others cost you money. Using this tool would allow you to manage your online presence and business.
  • Ads Money– Above all, you will need money to run your ads. That’s because the program involves earning traffic through paid-for advertisements. The amount that you put into these ads is not fixed and depends on how much you’re willing to invest in the program. Or, your budget.

The Good About Super Affiliate System

1. It’s Great training for Beginners

The training that’s offered on the program is progressive, starting with the basics up. If you’re new in affiliate marketing, you will find the training easy to follow and useful. The Jetset program is more beginner-friendly, and you may want to start with that.

2. Suitable for Experienced Marketers

SAS training is created by an online entrepreneur who has extensive experience. Someone who has been involved in various affiliate programs, too. John understands the industry’s tricks and tips, which he incorporated in the SAS content. That means the training doesn’t suit beginners only, but also those who have been into marketing for long.

3. Practical Training

Most of what John Crestani teaches is readily applicable in the real world. Even midway into the training, you can use the marketing skills to start your online business or revive a stalled one with a high level of success. Such practical advice isn’t easy to come by.

4. The Online Community

It offers a wealth of affiliate marketing advice and information. Because the information comes from marketers who are actively involved in affiliate programs, you can use it to improve your situation. Besides that, you can learn what obstacles others are experiencing and what to do to avoid them.

5. The Money-Back Guarantee

The owner of SAS provides a money-back policy that runs for 30 days. That means you can still opt out of the training if you don’t find it satisfactory after you’ve joined.

What I Find to be Missing

There are aspects of this program that I find wanting. They include:

  • The Ineffective Support

While the training is top-notch, the support that members get from the company and its founder can only be said to be inadequate. You can only communicate through email which can mean long waits to receive a reply. It would have been better if a quicker communication channel was put in place- maybe live chat or phone.

  • The High Cost

$997 can be a lot of money, especially when you have to pay it all at once. And that’s considering that you’re not sure about what to expect.. Even though the amount covers a whole year, breaking it down into monthly fees could have been better.

The Best Super Affiliate System Alternative

If you are turned off by the high-investment of Super Affiliate System, there is a good alternative that I recommend. It is called Wealthy Affiliate. The program is about half the cost and includes several things that Super Affiliate System does not, including:

  • Wealthy Affiliate University
  • Managed WordPress Hosting
  • Niche Research Tools
  • Affiliate Program Finder
  • Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool
  • Premium Support (Unlike Super Affiliate System)

And Much More…

If you would like to learn more about Wealthy Affiliate you can either sign up for a Free Starter Account here or continue researching by reading my Wealthy Affiliate review.

My Super Affiliate System Review Final Recommendations

Is the program worth buying? I would say yes.

The training equips you with adequate knowledge to become an affiliate marketer straight away. The program also suits both beginners and marketing veterans.

What I like most about the program is that it comes from a marketer who has himself succeeded online doing affiliate marketing. Besides the content, there are the webinars to keep you updated and edge out the competition.

If you’re looking for a thorough and easy to understand training on affiliate marketing, the SAS could be what you need. Click Here to Grab the Program

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