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what is the best online blogging course

In this day in age, the internet is full of tutorials and courses on how to do blogging. It could be said that the problem is not a lack of information, but TOO MUCH information out there. You are smart to be searching for what is the best online blogging course.

If you try to watch YouTube videos and read articles online too much it can easily get overwhelming because it is like trying to do too many things at once.

If you want to become a successful blogger, it is wise to take heed and follow an organized approach, and even find a mentor if possible. The best way to do this is by investing your time in a course or learning platform that can teach you everything you need to know about blogging in an easy to understand fashion, and will provide you with personalized support along the way.

Read the rest of this blog post, and I will try to answer what is the best online blogging course the best way I can.

A little about my background…

I got start blogging back when I was in college. I saw some books at my University book store that told me that I could make money on the side by becoming a blogger. When I read the book, a lot of what it was suggesting sounded pretty complicated, but I made an attempt and started my first blog.

I did manage to create the blog, but it wasn’t a success. I seriously lacked the understanding and skillsets to make it a success. But that didn’t stop me from continuing my journey to learning about it gradually over time.

Several blogs and a decade later I finally have a blog that is generating a predictable income for me. But even so, it took me a long time to get to this point because of a few things. Those main things were:

  • A Mentor I Could Reach Out Too
  • A Profitable Content Strategy That I Could Follow
  • A Niche I Could Knowledgeably Write About & Be Passionate About

The Best Online Blogging Course I’ve Found

The best online blogging course I’ve found is called Wealthy Affiliate University, which can be found in the Wealthy Affiliate community.

This blogging platform is available as a free and paid membership, but you can honestly get a ton of value out of it with whichever membership level you choose.

The Wealthy Affiliate University gives you a step by step course that allows you to build your first blog and provides you with a framework to build a profitable content strategy in any niche you choose.

Wealthy Affiliate also has mentors (like myself), and a community of bloggers like you who are always willing to answer questions and help you.

If you would like more information regarding Wealthy Affiliate, you are more than welcome to read my Wealthy Affiliate Review post I did a while back. After that,

Final Recommendations

To wrap things up, the things that slowed down my success back when I first got started was:

  • A Mentor
  • A Profitable Content Strategy
  • A Niche I Could Write About

But it eventually got better for me. Once I had these things through the best online blogging course I found called Wealthy Affiliate University, I understood how everything fit together, and creating an income by blogging came to a lot easier for me. I hope you click this link and give Wealthy Affiliate a try. Everyone I refer to Wealthy Affiliate automatically gets a free copy of my 42-page eBook “28 Ways To Boost Affiliate Commissions From Your Website”.

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