Thumbnail Blaster Review | How I 10x’d My Views And Subscribers

Thumbnail Blaster Review

Creating beautiful thumbnails can be a daunting task for anyone. It often takes most of your time, and if you’re lucky, you may come with a thumbnail of medium quality, but not top-notch as you want it. Also, outsourcing the task can be hard as a freelance designer may take a couple of days or even a week to deliver.

Nevertheless, there is a solution for you, and it comes in the name of thumbnail blaster. Thumbnail blaster is the new software on the market that enables you to develop video thumbnails quickly. With the software, you can create the best and good looking thumbnails in just a few steps. So before delving into the software, let’s first learn what it is.

What Is Thumbnail Blaster?

For those familiar with cloud-based software, the thumbnail is one of these apps. Thumbnail blaster integrates AI into its use, allowing you to create beautiful video thumbnails that will attract more audiences. A larger audience generates more video clicks.

The product is simple to use and is best for beginners who are learning to use video software. Thumbnail blaster requires no expert graphic designers to tweak its features to come up with the best video thumbnails. Instead, anyone can do it in a series of few clicks. It is also independent, that is, it depends on no Photoshop or any other software on the market. All the steps you’ll take on the software are more manageable. You’ll easily navigate it even if you’re not a tech guru.

Thumbnail Blaster Dashboard

Quick Recap of Thumbnail Blaster

Developed in 2019, Thumbnail Blaster is fast growing in popularity as software for generating video thumbnails. Most people with YouTube accounts use the thumbnail blaster app to create quality video thumbnails. The founders of the product are Stoica, and Viad M. Stoica B. is a software developer with over a decade of experience. He is also an online marketer, and together with his partner Vlad, they developed the best video tools commonly known as Video Marketing Blaster.

Also, the two are notable founders and now have a pool of over 20,000 active users for their desktop and web apps. Also, their products deliver real-time results, and they have a support team that works around the clock to assist their users.

Use of a Thumbnail Blaster?

If you have a YouTube channel that you regularly post videos in, then you must know the value of a high ranking video. YouTube ranks the videos on its site basing on some factors, and for those with higher ranking videos, they will get more viewers.

If your videos rank poorly, you will quickly lose the trust of your customers. Thus, enticing videos are part of a successful YouTube campaign. For videos, its visuals depend on a myriad of factors. And the most prominent of these factors is the “video thumbnail.” For starters, a video thumbnail determines the quality of the video you post on YouTube. Apart from being attractive, the video thumbnails should entice YouTube users to view the video.

The title of the video also plays a pivotal role in its overall quality. So now that you know the importance of a video thumbnail creator, it’s time to explore the creators in the market.

Demo Of Thumbnail Blaster

Other Video Thumbnails Creators on The Market

When it comes to video thumbnails creation, there is much software in the market, but the challenge lies in finding a quality one. Below are the popular thumbnail creation tools.

  1. Photoshop– Photoshop is one of the most popular video thumbnail creation software in the market. However, it’s not ideal for beginners or users who have no experience in graphic design. Its learning curve is steep, and you’ll take time to get acquainted with the basic thumbnail creation techniques. Ideally, it’s best only for expert graphic designers.
  2. Canva– For starters, Canva is one of the most easy-to-use software. You can quickly generate a video thumbnail with the software. However, it has fewer features, and you’ll find it hard to create a beautiful and enticing video thumbnail.
  3. Outsource– Outsource is one of the most useful thumbnail creators, but its price freak scares many. You have to pay for each thumbnail you create, which makes it a bad investment when you don’t have the right budget.
  4. Youzign– Youzign is a medium performance thumbnail creator. However, like the Canva, it has fewer tools hence not suitable for creating the best thumbnails.

Features of the Thumbnail Blaster

  1. Drag and Drop Technology– the drag and drop technology is one of the best features of the thumbnail blaster. You can drag or drop anything from fonts to elements. Whether you are resizing a tool or changing texts, you’ll find the feature useful. Besides, it’s not complicated, and you can drag and drop without the knowledge of graphics design.
  2. Full customization– thumbnail blaster is one of the few software in the market that gives you complete customization options. You can change colors, styles, fonts, or color themes with the push of a few buttons. You only need a few tools to make your video thumbnail stand out. Create a 100% thumbnail and design it to match what your brand stands for.
  3. Design elements– the most important visual aspects of a thumbnail are the emoji, doodles, shapes, and arrows. Thumbnail blaster has a majority of these, and you can access any element with its extensive library of elements. With thumbnail blaster, you don’t have to spend many bucks on buying design elements or stock photos. Browse the vast array of design elements and use the ones that best match your brand.
  4. Ease of use– Thumbnail plaster is an easy to use tool that does not require experience or skills. Besides the app, you don’t have to break your mind and a bank trying to learn Photoshop or other advanced design tools.
  5. Split-Test Feature – The split-test feature in thumbnail blaster is useful when you want to compare two videos. You only need to split-test the thumbnails you create with the app and look at the best one. That way, you will get a thumbnail that best represents your brand.
  6. Vast assortment of templates– Thumbnail blaster comes with a wide variety of templates. With these templates, you don’t have to create your thumbnail from scratch. Instead, browse the over 100 templates library and pick the one you prefer. Also, these templates cut across different niches such as business, weight loss, gaming, reviews, music, vlogs, real state, sports, SEO, and makeup. The software has general templates that work for any niche. These templates have been tested and proven to increase the click-through-rates for your targeted video campaigns.

Publish Directly to YouTube After getting the thumbnail that you desire, and you can get it running on YouTube within a few minutes. Just use the publish feature on the thumbnail blaster app and post the video by clicking a few buttons.

My Top Reasons You Need Thumbnail Blaster

  • Lightweight And Portable Software

Being a cloud-based software, thumbnail blaster is the most portable software to use. Besides, you don’t need to save or install anything to your computer to use the app. All the data is hosted on the servers, and you only need a reliable internet connection to access the Thumbnail Blaster features. Also, the app automatically checks for updates; hence, no need for you to manually install them.

  • Best Software For Getting More Views

If you want to influence more subscribers to watch your videos, then a thumbnail blaster app will help. With many users across the globe, thumbnail blaster is fast surging in popularity as a reliable and beginner-friendly thumbnail creation tool. By increasing your click-Through-Rate, you will enjoy more views on your YouTube videos.

  • Get More Subscribers

The best part about subscribers is they get notified every time you post a YouTube video. A higher number of subscribers will increase your video views that will spell good news for your YouTube Channel. Your channel will also rank higher in YouTube, and your videos will be featured in other posts. You’ll end up saving more income that you could have spent on finding the best graphic designers or buying templates. For starters, the cost of thumbnails is enormous, and you can visit Fiverr to get a glimpse of these costs.

  • Helps you to save time

Thumbnail blaster is easy to use the software, and with it, you can decide the time you want your project to be ready. This is in comparison to when you hire a freelance graphic designer. You’ll have to wait for the expert to complete his task. Since most of these expert designers have a tight schedule, you may wait for up to two weeks to get your thumbnail. However, when you DIY your video thumbnail, you can get it ready within a few hours or minutes if you are conversant with the creation tools. Also, you will be involved in the steps of making your brand, which is not possible when you assign the task to someone else.

How To Create Thumbnails With Thumbnail Blaster

To get started with Thumbnail blaster, sign up or log in to your account. After successfully verifying your credentials, the page will open a new dashboard for your account. From your dashboard follow the steps below to create a video thumbnail;

1. Add the video you want to create its video thumbnail

2. Choose the option of using a video template or starting from scratch

3. If you choose to create a video thumbnail from scratch, then it will be your default thumbnail for any other videos you decide to add. Also, if you decide to search for a thumbnail, then you can search your favorite template using keywords. When you input a keyword of the model you need, it will pop some options for you.

4. After picking the template you need, customize it to your liking. You can modify the text, background, images, shapes, and layers.

5. After customizing your template, publish it to your video. Alternatively, you can download the thumbnail file to your laptop for later use. With the simple “Publish” button, the software will update the thumbnails for your video.

Thumbnail Blaster Pricing

Thumbnail Blaster costs $27.75 for its users. The software comes with a 30day money guarantee if you are not satisfied with their services. Also, there are multiple upsells you can use:

1. Pro Upgrade- A Pro Upgrade will cost you $47 and gives you the functionality to save your creations. You’ll also get 24/7 access to the customer care support.

2. Agency Upgrade- The agency upgrades package you commercial access to the thumbnails. With the package, you can sell your thumbnails to others on sites like Fiverr.

3. Template Club- If you feel in short of the templates, then a template club will do you a favor. It gives you 20 new templates every month plus access to 20 VIP templates.

Pros of Thumbnail Blaster

1. Easy to use- Thumbnail Blaster requires no prior experience in graphics design. You can easily use it without the need for proper training

2. No installations required- a thumbnail blaster is a cloud-based software. You don’t have to install it on your computer to use it. This is unlike most graphic software such as Photoshop that requires installations. Therefore, they occupy much disk space

3. It has a collection of over 100 templates that you can use to create your video thumbnails

4. Has many testimonials of proven results from many users

5. Has an included free snip-rest module

6. 30-day money-back guarantee

Cons of Thumbnail Blaster

1. It’s hard to find templates in some niches

It comes with several categories, but if you are in a bit of an obscure niche, you may have to create your own thumbnail. It is not hard to do inside of Thumbnail Blaster, you just have to learn to layer the text and images the way you want them.

2. You must edit a template to suit your video

I have not ran into any instance where I was unable to use one of their templates. Since Thumbnail Blaster integrates with Pixabay, it makes it easy to edit the templates.

Overall review

Thumbnail Blaster is one of the best software for creating video thumbnails. It contains a myriad of tools and features that you can use for creating your video thumbnails. But before using the software, its vital, you read our review to understand what you are signing up for. For many users, the software works and handles their tasks diligently.

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