Top Affiliate Marketing Niches | Here’s The Top 3

The internet is full of people who will show you how to choose a profitable affiliate niche. The honest truth is there isn’t any top affiliate marketing nichesone way to pick one. People have very complex interests and with that comes a variety of affiliate. That you can earn a hefty income from.

Maybe you will find a topic you want to focus on in the top affiliate marketing niches I am about to discuss. Maybe not. That is ok. The trick is to find one that you can be passionate about, but also have the desirable characteristics that make up a profitable affiliate program.

So read this rest of this article to learn more about the top affiliate marketing niches, and what else you need to do to decide with niche is best for you.

Top Affiliate Marketing Niches – Video

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Dating & Romance

This niche has several topics related to dating and romance including:

  • Online Dating
  • Attracting the Right Partner
  • Marriage Counseling
  • Reconciliation (Getting Your Ex Back), etc.

The types of products in this niche vary as well, some of the products are dating websites, and some are ebook and video courses. There are even some affiliate programs that sell local marriage counseling services. The possibilities of how to scale it is really endless.

Health & Wellness

This is another HUGE niche where there are so many topics to discuss. Some of the common niches available in Health and Wellness are:

  • Diet and Weight Loss
  • Healthy Eating
  • Quit Smoking
  • Group Fitness for Women

There are even some popular emerging niches such as the Keto diet, and CBD, and even essential oils. If you really want to focus on this niche, you have to make sure that you are not competing in a segment that isn’t too heavy in competition or it may be difficult to have success. That being said, if your passion is health and wellness, this can definitely be a great way to get into affiliate marketing, if you have the right angle.

Wealth Building

This is another vast niche with countless things to blog about and promote. Some of the common niches available in Wealthy Building are:

  • Business Opportunities
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Forex Trading Robots
  • Investing & Trading Courses

But also can include things like:

  • Credit Cards
  • Cashback Apps

The wealth building category is great for people who love to help people increase their wealthy, pay off debt, and reach their financial and business goals. For example, this blog is in the “Make Money Online” niche, which is part of the wealth building niche. Most of the blog posts that I write about are geared towards tools, courses, softwares, and tips on how to make money online. Whether that is through a smartphone app or through an online marketing system for selling affiliate products, that is what I am super passionate about, and so that is what I blog about.

The KEY is to find an affiliate offer that pays well.

Once you have decided to focus on promoting a certain affiliate niche, you have to find the best offers in your niche that pay enough to make it worthwhile promoting. I notice a lot of new affiliate marketers promoting measly $10 amazon products, and they only make about $.50 per sale. That is definitely not worth your time, because honestly your conversion rates selling an affiliate product for $500 are going to be nearly the same as it is selling a $50 product. Your affiliate commission you earn makes a big difference in keeping you moving forward in your business.

You can find a lot of different affiliate offers in the Clickbank Marketplace, you just sign up for an account, and then browse the affiliate marketplace for offers. What I typically do is look for affiliate products that pay out at least $25 in commissions, and then sort by highest gravity. Gravity is an internal metric about how many daily units are being sold in the most recent weeks. A high Clickbank Gravity is good, and a non-existent gravity is bad. See the illustration below to see what I mean:

clickbank marketplace

Final Thoughts About The Top Affiliate Marketing Niches

I hope by now to have an idea of what each of the top affiliate marketing niches entails, and how to find products in that niche, using Clickbank. Keep in mind, you can still make a bunch of money in an alternative niche aside from these top 3. It is even recommended because you typically make money easier when you are not facing off against a bunch of other internet marketers, and in the niches outside of the top affiliate marketing niches discussed here, usually have a lot less internet marketers in them.

What are your thoughts leave a comment down below. Also be sure to take a look at the Affiliate Marketing Bootcamp provided here, and I’ll throw in several extra bonuses I’ve put together for FREE once you finish setting up your account.

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