Trendds Review – A Comprehensive Review [Should You Buy It?]

Just recently, a new content curation software came on the market. The creators of the platform were Mark Bishop, a trendds review mark bishopsoftware developer, and his two partners, Venkata and Prady. The tool? It goes by the name “Trendds”. This isn’t the only product from Mark Bishop. He owns several other SEO software such as Content, Ecompare, and more.

What’s this new content curation tool and what useful features does it come with? That’s what this Trendds review covers. We will look at what the platform offers, how to use it in your online ventures, the cost to purchase it, and if it’s worth buying. Let’s start by understanding what the software is all about.

What Is Trendds?

It’s an online software that helps you identify keywords, phrases, and topics that are currently hot and trending. Related content, too, that you can curate and increase traffic within a short time. Trendds also provides you with a way to monetize the content that you intend to republish and make money while at it.

Who Should Use Trendds?

The tool is perfect if you’re:

  • An online marketer whose business needs a lot of traffic- Trendds helps you to find content that people are searching for and reading in great numbers. After you’ve published that on your sites, traffic is bound to come fast- and powerfully. Trendds also helps you to monetize the content to an optimum, whether with native ads or affiliate links.
  • A niche marketer who is looking for unique opportunities- the software unveils the niches that you knew little or nothing about- or those that you had not considered in your online ventures. It helps you not only to diversify but to do so in a way that increases the chances to succeed.
  • A blog owner who just started out- this platform helps you make the most out of your blog. You can find hot topics and content to post, drive traffic, and assist the search engines to rank your content or site. Because you’re targeting high-search but low-competition keywords, using Trendds can bring results sooner than what your expectations were.
  • Owner of a news website- many news sites typically rely on content curation and, to a some extent, content creation. Because Trendds finds the popular content for you automatically, you can easily manage the site without doing a lot of work. Also, without the challenges of finding relevant content to post.
  • A newbie without the skills to earn money off the internet- Trendds uncovers the keyword (s) that people are currently searching the most. You can then extract content that’s written around the keyword, monetize it, and start earning your online income within no time. Almost everything is automated, from content finding to republishing, and you need not be a veteran to go through the process. And the good part is that Trendds is as newbie-friendly as it can be.
  • Content curation can benefit different online entrepreneurs and in many ways. It isn’t only limited to the few that I have mentioned here. In fact, anyone into making money on the internet can use content curation to make getting traffic easier.

But Why Curate Content?

It’s a common practice among website owners and internet marketers. When you have many posts to produce and a lot of content to write, it can be challenging to keep up with the demand. Besides writing being a tiring activity, not everyone can create killer content. Outsourcing the task could be a solution. However, the costs involved could be too high for the budget estimates.

Content curation provides a simple way to continue posting on the topics relevant to your audience. That’s because you do not have to write anything yourself. You just take what’s trending, add your voice to it, embed monetization links or ads and republish the content to your sites to channel traffic. Using content curation, you can easily keep website visitors coming for more and build a huge following.

Big companies are already doing it. Think of global websites such as the Huffington post, BuzzFeed, Digg, Mashable, and others. The owners make millions of revenue dollars, yet they don’t wholly create the content. They depend on curated pieces, focusing on the popular topics of the time. That enables a steady stream of users who feel guaranteed fresh and current news or information

The Benefits of Using a Curation Tool

To ensure a reliable supply of content to curate, you would need to invest a lot of time and energy in finding high-search topics. That’s, what people call viral content- the kind that everyone wants to like and share on the social networks. Now, that’s where the task to stay ahead becomes daunting. There’s just too much content, too many topics, and too much of everything to sift through manually.

Using content curation tools makes everything easy. The task to find trending keywords, topics, and content becomes automatic. You only need to look at a few pieces and select the ones that you feel are right for your audience. That’s precisely what Trendds does. Let’s look at how the software accomplishes that for you.

Click To View A Demo Of The Software In Action

How Trendds Works

As we have seen, this platform helps you to find the right content to curate. That’s content that’s powerful, relevant, and popular. The steps to get that ready on Trendds are only a few and simple.

  1. Logging into your account on the platform.
  2. Inserting your search keyword and hitting the search button. This can be anything from a single search term to a phrase. The software then takes a few seconds to find related phrases. You can filter out the results using different criteria such as social media popularity, time frames, and more.
  3. Searching blogs or products. Here is where you get to pick your preferred content according to your topic. You do that by clicking through the blogs that come up and selecting the content that appeals to you. Once you’ve selected the piece to republish, you proceed to the next step.
  4. Editing the monetizing content. Trendds allows you different editing options. These include writing an intro or outro to make the content more contextual and in line with your message. You can also at this stage, add links (text) to your products or pages or native ads that can earn you passive income.
  5. Posting the content. Once you’re through with the editing and monetization part, the content is ready to post. The best part of this step is that you can do so right from the Trendds dashboard. You only need to link your WP blog to the tool.

Treddds Features

Trendds offer many features. These are unique to the platform and indispensable when curating content. They include:

  • Search for trending keywords. The software finds what’s currently trending so you can take advantage of the high traffic
  • Filters. These allow you to find the most suitable topics and content based on different preferences
  • Blog integration. Trends allows you to add a blog or blogs to the platform. And if you don’t have one already, use the included theme to build a site that integrates with the tool
  • The feature to add links. You can easily include text kinks in your curated content to monetize your posts
  • Direct republishing. You do not need to leave Trendds to do that. The platform allows you to post to a WordPress website directly
  • Social media sharing. You can instantly share to Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and other sites
  • Amazon and Walmart integration. Trendds supports the two sites and makes including them in your posts easy. You can also include link texts for other affiliates
  • Editing function. Before posting your curated content, the software lets you carry out adjustments to tailor everything to suit your brand or business. These include intros, outros, and even summaries
  • User training guides. The platform offers no challenge to use but there are still video tutorials to help you use the software fully

Trendds Pricing

You pay a one-off fee; no annual or monthly subscriptions to worry about. Trendds comes in different packages, each with own price and features. They are:

Trendds Core ($33.57 )

With this option, you get the following;

  • Up to 500 monthly keyword searches (which reset every new month)
  • Up to ten posts every month
  • Link to one blog and a theme to build a new site
  • Direct posting from the platform’s dashboard
  • Amazon and Walmart monetization
  • Content editor and monetization options such as product links
  • Blog plugin for both new and older sites
  • Social platform or media shares
  • Training materials
  • Options to manage posts

Trendds Pro ($37)

The additional offers of this package include;

  • Unlimited monthly keyword search
  • Unlimited blog integration
  • Unlimited monthly posts
  • Extra training on blog monetization

Trendds Master ($37)

You get the following additional features with this version;

  • Automated and unlimited curation based on the keyword and specific filter
  • Automated curation for an unlimited number of blogs
  • Hourly, weekly and any other preferred automation frequency
  • Unlimited scheduling for Facebook posts
  • More monetization platforms ( eBay and AliExpress)
  • Additional training material

Trendds Max ($47)

The features in this package include;

  • Development and automation of unlimited Trendds based blogs
  • Development of unlimited curated and monetized content
  • Multiple services for different clients (different affiliate links)
  • Option to sell Trendds based blogs and transfer key to the new owner
  • Videos to help with the process to flip the sites

There’s also the Trendds Agency that goes for $77

Trendds prices are one-time payments. You pay nothing more after that to use the software. There’s also a 30-day trial policy when you buy the software. If unsatisfied with its performance, you can opt for a refund. The owners have been offering regular discounts to acquire Trendds. Taking up such offers whenever they come up could save you a few dollars off the regular price.

What I like about Trendds

There are many reasons why I prefer Trendds to other content curation tools. Also, why I would recommend it to you. The platform is easy to use. With just a few steps involved, you do not need any experience with using a similar tool. You don’t even need content curation skills to use the software.

For the filter options, this tool offers you one of the most useful ways to find the right content for your niche. You also get to select your topics based on social media platform likes and comments, which assures you of content that’s really popular.

Trendds suits a newbie and the experienced marketer alike. It supports all niches, which means you’re not limited when it comes to exploring different markets. Besides that, it means you can find content for any niche even without knowing much about it.

I also find the pricing fair. The amount is affordable, and even beginners can curate and monetize their posts without stretching their budgets. The fact that there are no recurring expenses makes the tool even more suitable if looking to maximize your online profits.

In addition to the reasonable pricing, there’s the 30-day period to try out Trendds before committing to make a purchase. That means you pay for what you feel suits your business requirements. It also gives you a hint of the confidence that the owners of the software have regarding their product.

What I don’t like

There isn’t not much to complain about. Judging by the fact that this software just launched, I find its performance impressive. The only problem I would have with Trendds is that it comes in far too many versions. Understanding what advantage one package offers over the other can be difficult, and a user is more inclined to purchase the least priced option. Still, you can choose to do so and upgrade later.

Final Thoughts

Is Trendds worth investing in? I would say definitely yes. Content curation holds the potential for increasing the traffic to your website, improving ranking, and boosting your earnings. Trrendds comes with features to enable all that. It finds the content to republish, provides you with monetization options, and offers an easy way to post the curated content. There are different versions of the software, and you to choose the one that fits your needs, preferences, and budget. To bring the cost to use the platform down, you can take advantage of the discounts that the owners offer from time to time.

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