TubeTarget Review – Should You Invest in the Software?

tube target reviewNobody likes stealing…

But what if it’s done legitimately to steal sales, leads & conversions from your competitors by tapping into their traffic?

Sounds tempting, isn’t it?

With the above idea in mind, TubeTarget comes into play?

Still wondering what Youtube Ad Targeting Software is all about? Let me explain

What is TubeTarget?

TubeTarget is your one stop powerful Youtube targeting software also known as SAAS (Software as service) which comes along with additional marketing training.

The software comes with plethora of features and advantages, but the best thing about this software is that it helps you explore different niches and help you narrow down the exact videos and channels that your targeted market is hooked on, which as a result makes it easier for you to reach out to your potential customers without having to go through the tiresome and gruesome procedure of trial and error.

It saves you time and the ridiculous amount of money that you spend on ads.

Tube Target is the most precise tool targeted to give you GUARANTEED RESULTS! And not to mention bring the endless targeted traffic for almost pennies.

Sounds, too good to be true, huh?

All this and a lot more are possible just by following 3 easy steps.

Read a head to learn more about the TubeTarget Software.

This is probably the best Tube Target review you will ever get your hands on, as I have made a sincere effort to unveil everything about this software, from features to pros and cons, in order for you to make a well informed decision.

So without any further ado, let’s find out more about this Youtube ad targeting software.

Why should one invest in TubeTarget software?

With the ever growing popularity of videos, video marketing is a powerful medium that no brand can ignore and SHOULD leverage to reach SUCCESS.

Hence we can safely assume that in order to stay in business or to reach our potential buyers, video marketing is going to be a solid trend in 2019.

In this regard, Facebook and YouTube are the two major social sites which make an idea platform when it comes to video marketing.

However, a plenty of research done which indicates that Youtube is the most preferred medium for marketers, since Facebook is overcrowded and hence makes it most difficult and a costlier medium to reach targeted audience.

Having said that, did you know, Youtube, alone, is the largest platform for videos?

 And most of the marketers and top brands use Youtube targeted ads to get the leads and sales for their products or services?

The more crucial practice when doing a Youtube ads campaign ads, or even when advertising on other social media platforms such as facebook, Google or twitter, you need to keep a vigilant eye on your targeted audience, why waste money on audience that’s not qualified enough or are simply uninterested in your product?

You can go about creating the best video in the world but if you are not targeting the right audience, it’s useless.

That’s when TubeTarget does its magic. It helps you finding ways to target your potential buyers and helps in conversion better without investing on expensive ads targeting.

We can say without having the slightest doubt that tubetarget is the no 1 software when it comes to getting maximum profits from your ad spend.


TubeTarget is probably going to be your best and smartest investments, wondering why?

You pay for 1 value feature but get 2, ABSOLUTELY FREEE!

Yes, you heard me right. The first valued feature is an all-inclusive video training to give you training on how to create high converting profitable Youtube ads that too literally from SCRATCH.

The second FREE BONUS is TubeTarget Targeting tool to hunt for your niche targeted monetized videos and channels which in return give you an estimate of your ROI rate and how you can increase it.

Here, let me summarize some key features that make TubeTarget the best tool that’s promised to give you guaranteed results for your Youtube Ads campaign. These beneficial features are as follows:

  • Channel finder: The channel finder feature certainly gives you an edge over your competitors as it channelizes all your efforts in the right direction. It lets you narrow down your efforts in your specified niche which increases your ability to convert, saves you your precious time and money.
  • Video finder: This is another superb feature which has the ability to find you thousands of monetized video all focused on your niche for any given search term, how cool is that? Isn’t it just too good to be real, but don’t worry this is for real.
  • Advanced Video Analysis: Just imagine putting all your effort and money for one particular keyword that doesn’t even has the potential to bring you much traffic, wouldn’t it be frustrating in the end?

That’s when TubeTarget comes into play. It does accurate analysis for each keyword and let you know how much traffic each keyword has the potential to bring after optimization. So your energy isn’t spent in a wrong direction.

  • Keyword Finder: Even before you decide to run an ad campaign for your videos, you need to do your keyword research, since you only want to spend your money on the ‘Right Keywords’ (those that have the potential to bring traffic to your channel/ video). TubeTarget helps you in this case too, it provides with more targeting ideas, and 100’s of profitable keywords based on any keyword you type in.
  • Keyword Suggestion as You Type:  It suggests keywords even while you are half way through writing your keyword which fills you with more targeting ideas.
  • Helps You Create Powerful ad Campaigns: With TubeTarget you are able to create more powerful ad campaigns since you are only spending your money and effort targeting the right channels and videos that can provide with more views and engagements.
  • Google Ads compatible CSV file:  You can quickly import all your keywords into your Google Ads campaign without any hassle and immediately generate positive results.
  • Comprehensive training:

To truly unlock the power of TubeTarget, attending the comprehensive training included within the software is mandatory; it educates you and literally walks you through all the necessary steps in order to run fail proof, highly profitable and successful campaigns.


First of all go over to the MAIN DASHBOARD, and follow the steps below.

Step # 1: Find keywords by clicking on Keyword finder

Explore 100s of monetized videos and channels for the same niche you are targeting on TubeTarget.

Simply click on ‘Find Videos or channels’ and from there you will taken to another page while remaining inside TubeTarget’s dashboard and within seconds you will be able to discover all the channels and videos related to your particular niche and for the keyword you searched for.

Make sure to tick the keyword’s left column in order to choose the keyword. Checking the column will ensure all the keywords have been chosen by you. Further, hit on “Add selected.’’

Step # 2: Find videos by clicking on to Videos Finder

As soon as you enter your keyword, tubetarget will start finding videos related to your niche.

The best part is it won’t just show us the thumbnail, and title of the video, it will also reveal the likes, shares and comments on the particular video.

You can also select “Sorted By” to decide further how you want to sort out the video as per your need or requirements. For e.g., you can choose any option from default, likes, views and comments.

For instance, if you just want to check the number of views, you will select “views”, and a video that has the maximum views will appear in front of you.

Step # 3: Find monetized videos by click on Channels finder

The first and second steps are almost the same. All you have to do is just enter your keyword and all the relevant information related to your keyword, which includes all the videos containing your keyword will appear in front for you.

Bonus Tip:

Select ‘Sorted by Subscriber’ to find out which video has the most subscribers, which videos are liked by most people, this will provide more value to you and power your Youtube Ads campaigns.

Step # 4: Find any information related to a particular video by selecting YT Video Info Finder

If any particular video interests you but you are not sure if it suits your campaign or not, all you have to do is simply copy and paste the url inside the YT Video Info Finder section.

In less than 10 seconds, you will have all the information related to that video on your fingertips which include shares, videos, likes on the video as well as the title, thumbnail, video link, even the published time of the particular video.

Step # 5: Find out more Videos belonging to the channel you love by clicking on Channel Video

This feature will help unlock all the videos belonging to your favorite channel.

Just copy/paste the URL of your favorite channel in search box and see the results roll in within seconds.

Step # 5: 1 Run Your Ad Campaign by Importing Your CSV into Google Ads and start Running Ads

For this you have to select, “Create Campaign” section.

So by now you must have already searched, found, filtered, segmented keywords, videos and channels and passed through the above 5 steps.

Now all that’s left to be done is to “Import to Google CSV.” So, that you are all geared up for running your YouTube Ad Campaign later.

Step # 5: 3 Sit back, Relax and Watch the Best Not Stop Clicks and Traffic Come Your Way

Now the time has come for you to relax and enjoy the show as you did the right targeting, your ads will appear in front of those viewers who will later convert into buyers of your product/service.

My Personal Experience of Using TubeTarget

 I can’t emphasize enough on the importance of targeting the right audience when it comes to marketing your product and that’s what makes this product, “A Must to Have”.

And having personally used this product for a while, I can say for sure that TubeTarget is the best software when it comes to best target marketing for your business.

  • It helps in converting high quality leads
  • Convey your message directly to your targeted audience.
  • Develop a deep bond and ensures customer loyalty.
  • Helps you stay focused in the right direction


So, I am sure now you have fully understood what is TubeTarget, and how it’s different features work, now you must be wondering, who should invest in this software?

It’s best for the following professionals,

Content Marketers: It helps them build their targeted audience by bringing traffic from Youtube and also helps with their powerful vlogging channel.

Ecommerce Marketers: They can use it for getting cheaper traffic than Facebook by utilizing the same amount of money.

Social Media Marketers: Youtube is the world’s biggest social network; this means most of your targeted audience hangs out there, so in order for you get maximum leads and grow as a business/brand you need to be found on Youtube.

It’s also equally beneficial for affiliate marketers to sell their offer to the right prospects and Product vendors to get their product the right exposure by showing it to the right audience.


So this was our most honest TubeTarget review for you. I personally find TubeTarget a must to have software for anyone who’s running a business either online or offline. TubeTarget is worth every penny you spend on it. It’s also very reasonably priced as compared to all the great features it comes intact with.

For $24 one time investment (or $9.95 per month) I find this product almost free as compared to the big bucks it has the potential to make you earn. Just Imagine, you don’t even have to invest in any training program, or get hold of any technical skills, every step is easy to understand and follow.

So what are you waiting for? Buy this product NOW, before the price for the product goes up and it might not be too affordable for you.

It even comes packed with 30 days Money Packet Guarantee, so in case you don’t like the product (which is highly unlikely) you can always return it and claim your money back with no questions asked. Honestly, it’s a win- win situation and a risk free investment for you.

Take advantage of this golden opportunity NOW and reap maximum benefit before time runs out.



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