Viddyoze 3.0 Review [Video Creation On Steroids?]

Making money is a significant concern for every person and company. A hefty profit is the target, but can only be made viddyoze 3.0 reviewthrough proper marketing and improvement of sales. Today, so many people and companies alike have taken over the internet to try and fish the customers through different methods.

As for you, I want to believe your reading this review because you know that the dynamics are changing. Nowadays, selling your product is no longer that simple, through images and sending out emails. Potential customers have become fussy and hard to convince. This assumption is wrong; it has never been more accessible to pleas a customer than today by merely giving them what they want to see.

That’s why I present the solution you’ve been seeking for so long, Viddyoze. Cloud-Based software that was developed to ensure that you can sell yourself and product with the least amount of investment, time spent and assures you of immediate response. Viddyoze helps turn you from a video novice to a video animation designer in just three clicks.

Marketing Your Business With Videos

Research has shown that most of the potential customers are no longer buying into images, templates, or reviews unlike the past, today they buy into what they see in videos. Also, it has been noted that more than 80% of the world’s internet traffic will be on videos. Making videos that would sell your product in the past would cost you so much money to hire video directors, quality cameras, models, and still invest in video editors. This is now in the past.

Viddyoze gives you the ability to create 3D quality animations without the use or need for sophisticated software or training. You’re given the opportunity to: create logo stingers, intro, outros, social media call to actions, mockup, overlay, and live-action videos all this with movie filters and seamless transition effects.

I know all this sounds too complicated, but it isn’t complicated at all. Viddyoze is a groundbreaking technology that gives power to the powerless. If you want to create videos for adverting, you will have to use a Madison Avenue budget to produce a video that will capture the attention of your target audience, and still, it will lack so many aspects that are provided by Viddyoze. The likes of the stunning social actions that enable your user who is watching to click the shared social media account live on the go. We know that the purpose of the uploaded video is to grab the attention of the lead to keep the attention of the lead to watch until the end of the video. And convert awareness into action, this means turning the lead into a customer or user.

Selling Video Creation Services

The other side of the coin is it’s not about advertising yourself or business alone, but you can make money out of it. So many individuals are utilizing Viddyoze to make money by creating content for local companies who have not yet known the use of this fantastic technology. You also can create a watermark so your videos will be safe as they circulate the You may assume that this a new concept in the market, but it’s not new at all. The idea started back in 2005 September with the creation of Viddyoze 1.0 that was followed with Viddyoze version 2.0 in June 2016, and the Viddyoze Live Action was the next innovation. It was released on June 2017 after the developers came up with the 3.0 platform, the newest in the market.

Many have had version 2.0 and Live Action, but I would advise you to upgrade to version 3.0. You will not be forced to pay any extra fees while migrating. This is what you will get from the 3.0.

Viddyoze 3.0 Review Video

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Introducing Viddyoze 3.0

With the Viddyoze 3.0, a user can create 3D animated videos with intros, outros, social actions, Segways, and many more. It is still Saas, so you only require internet access to be able to create the videos anywhere and in any device, and it will not take up any of your space in the laptop or PC.

It is simple to use and create videos. It has three simple steps, ones you log into your Viddyoze account, and you only have to choose a template, customize the template to your needs, confirm your video, and render your video. Just like that, you are a video animation designer.

You stand to benefit immensely from the 3.0 since it comes with an improved Animation Engine, overhauled UI Design, that ensures that it’s easy to find the perfect template a lot easier and faster. It also comes with live previews to enable you to check your video before rendering and adjust where you want.

Viddyoze OTO comes in two packages. OTO 1 and OTO 2.

OTO 1- Viddyoze 3.0 Template Club Upgrade OTO

  • It comes with 700+ templates, only 15 members added per month, 30 free top of the tier templates. And unlimited renders

OTO 2- Viddyoze 3.0 Pro Edition Upgrade OTO

  • You get an animation explainer, and a pro production looks, showreels to advertise your video.

Why You Should Invest In Viddyoze 3.0

Viddyoze is the best innovation of its kind in the market right now. It has worked to the benefit of many businesses and individuals alike. After reading the review, you might ask yourself how you can utilize Viddyoze since we have known that it is used to create animated videos that are astonishing and powerful. The videos assure you that you will be able to impress your clients.

If you’re into converting video demos, ads this is your playground. At a very affordable cost, the platform is seriously profitable if used well. They offer a one-time payment of $97.00, which gives you unlimited access to their templates. They also have a personal account that goes for $77.00 for personal use and limited to 30 templates a month

What You Stand To Gain From Viddyoze

Viddyoze has been of great help to my online business for some time now. I do sell products online and have a YouTube channel and so many doors have been opened from the time I started using this platform to sell my products and channel, I have had increased sales, and the number of subscribers has been growing daily. I can never be more thankful.

As for you, I also assure you that if you decide to try it out, you will see the benefits first hand.

Reasons why I have rated Viddyoze as number #1 are;

1. You get top of the notch studio-quality animations for any video in just three clicks

2. For business-minded people, you can create pro-videos that you can sell

3. Viddyoze gives you quality high-class videos that will help you sell your products and services with ease.

4. If you already have pre-existing videos, there is no need to delete them or feel ashamed. But you can easily give them a new lease of life with a single animation.

5. You require zero experience to operate it.

6. Lastly, since its cloud-based, you do not need to have a permanent station to work on it. You can quickly build yourself by using your mobile phone at home.

How Good the Product is

The fact is all of us like to get value for our money and time alike. So let’s see whether you are guaranteed this and much more.

1. Grab the Attention Instantly

All Viddyoze products always have that wow factor in them. This is because they have a more personal touch to them, the creator is the owner, and they know what they want the video to reflect and sell.

2. Assurance of Quality work

Video creators are given access to a wide array of topnotch intro animations and logo stings which assure you that the viewers will be glued on the screen till the end without twitching.

3. Alpha Dynamic Intros

In every video, the start will determine whether or not the viewer will stick or get bored. With Viddyoze, they have come up with unique intros that will blow away the mind of the viewer hence capturing their attention fully.

4. Social Actions

Every person today knows the power of social media, it can be used to make or break you, but here they focus on making you. Viddyoze gives you this power of spreading your brand to all corners of the globe using social media animations, the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram YouTube, and the rest of the platforms that the potential customers use.

5. Floating Social Actions

After having access to the social accounts, you now are given a chance to ensure these animations are floating as your video is progressing.

6. Seamless Transitions

Don’t be the guy with the video that has the wrong cuts everywhere. Do it professionally Viddyoze helps you have videos that flow seamlessly and smoothly.

7. Movie Filters

As a user of this platform, you will have access to so many effects that are so cool that they seem real and cinematic.

8. Floating Animations

The easiest way to grab the attention of users is to play with what they see. These floating animations are eye-catching and attention-grabbing.

9. CTA Overlays

The main reason for having the video was to sell your product now the time has come to do so, to turn the attention into action. With Viddyoze, you can click on the buy button or call to action message while your video is still playing.

10. Watermarks

Keep your work safe and secure by adding the watermark that only you can remove.

11. Quality Audio

However good the video might be if it sounds terrible then it’s a total waste. The perfect combination is quality video and an excellent soundtrack to ensure delivery of the message, and Viddyoze has come to your aid by providing some of the best soundtracks to accompany your animated video.

12. Compatibility with Mobile

Don’t you worry if you do not own a PC because Viddyoze is 100% compatible with your mobile? By rendering the videos in mp4 file format so that it can be viewed using any phone player and created using any mobile browser anywhere, you are at any time of your convenience?

What is missing?

I don’t see anything that might be missing in this innovation. Everything that you require to make your video is provided in straightforward steps. The minor issue is that if you are creating a video during peak hours, then you will face a time-lapse. You will spend at least an hour so as the video can render. But this is solvable because you can continue doing your work in the browser as its rendering. I prefer using this software to using the Adobe After Effects with regards to cost and also the ease of using the software.


I believe that after going through the Viddyoze 3.0 review, you now understand what it is and what it does. And as a result, you may consider using it to improve your business and also boost your social account clicks. Viddyoze has been able to show many people that they need not undertake any training to become video animation creators or for others to spend a lot of their money to hire people to do the videos for them at a very high cost.

For the young minds, they can use these platforms as a source of income to help them create videos with ease and then sell the videos at an extra cost that, at times, is pretty profitable considering the investment made. It is said that most people end up getting their investment money two to four days after investing in the use of Viddyoze.

This platform also offers a 60-day cash refund without questions asked. So if you fear investing fear no more, the customer’s service is so great, and their response is fast if you have any questions or inquiries, they will respond in less than four hours.

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