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vidnami review

2020 Update: Content Samurai has been rebranded and is now known as Vidnami. They are the same thing and can be mentioned interchangeably.

Videos are quickly becoming essential in the campaigns to boost internet traffic. Reason? Video content is easy to consume, fast in conveying a message, and naturally engaging. When it comes to earning the trust of your targeted audience, this form of content takes the lead.

But video creation is often a complicated process. If you lack the necessary skills, it can mean having to hire an expert for hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars. And that’s besides spending a lot of your precious time scouting for a videographer.

How can you make the process less demanding? The answer is, by using the right video creation software.

Video creation tools help you to produce internet-ready videos- easily and within no time. There are several such software today, each with its level of usability and effectiveness. One of them- and which stands out from the others- is Vidnami.

What makes the platform better than other similar ones? And, is the tool worth considering for your marketing videos? This Vidnami review looks into that in detail and helps you make the important decision.

What is Vidnami?

It’s a video creation platform. The software is web-based, which means everything regarding its use happens entirely online. There are no downloads or installations to take care of, and no upgrades to worry about. You also don’t need any video creation or editing experience to use Vidnami, which is a plus for beginners.

Vidnami comes from a well-known software company, Noble Samurai. They’re the same people who brought you other marketing tools such as Market Samurai, Domain Samurai, and other great applications. Since its first appearance in 2015, the Vidnami platform has helped many online entrepreneurs boost organic traffic and increase conversions. And all that without them spending huge amounts of money on hiring expert videographers.

Before we delve into the features of this tool and how to use them, let’s have a look at video marketing benefits.

Why Video Content?

It’s not without reason that businesses, website owners, and internet marketers are considering videos today more than ever. To help you figure out why here are video content facts and stats:

  • About a third of web browsing activities are video watching
  • YouTube registers more than 1.5 billion visitors monthly, and 1 billion video watch hours every day
  • 72% of internet users prefer video over text when it comes to finding out more about a product
  • A call to action is 95% more likely to stick to a users mind when included in a video than when in text form
  • Websites that contain videos have been shown to retain users for 88% more time
  • Marketers who use video net 66% more leads annually than those who don’t

As you can see, content that’s accompanied by a clip to watch stands a higher chance of attracting traffic than one that doesn’t. Video is loved by both the internet user and search engine, and can significantly boost your SEO tasks.

That said, making a professional video is often the problem. You may be camera shy, or you may be lacking the required skills. Still, some video creation tools are too complicated and difficult to use. That’s where Vidnami comes in.

How does the software help to make the task make videos easy, fast, and less costly? Let’s see.

A Look Inside Vidnami

The platform is really simple to use, with a straightforward interface. Here are the features and steps when using Vidnami software.

The moment you log onto the platform, you find yourself on the welcome page. From here, you can click the button that allows you to start using the app. That moves you to a page that has the “create video” button.

Clicking the button opens up a window where you can select the preferred template. There are over 40 different styles to choose from which is quite a variety. Then you get to choose the video type you want to produce. There are 4 video options; article, course, sales, social media, and real estate.

vidnami review

After that, the system prompts you to name your project and write its script. If you have the content ready, you can paste it on the platform. It’s good to ensure that you include target keywords in the video title; it helps with boosting SEO. And if you’re planning to use the platform’s speech synthesizer, that the script consists of complete sentences for natural voice output.

Pro tip: When using auto-voice, dial the voice speed down to 93% to 94% to make it sound more natural. When doing your own voice over, increase your voice speed to 105% to 110% to make it sound more enthusiastic.

There’s also the feature that lets you choose slide structure. You can have the software make a single slide for each sentence, paragraph, or even phrase. You can also opt for automation where Vidnami chooses the slide structure for you. If you’re a beginner, you may want to use this feature. The good thing is that you can always change the structure later if you don’t find it appealing.

Another feature lets you upload your video clip. It can be from any device; a digital camera, tablet, or smartphone. The platform also gives you access to a vast database of videos and images. They’re royalty-free, and you can browse to select the right one for your content. If you do not have the time for that, Vidnami can do it for you. It does that by scanning your script, determining its context, and finding the most suitable image or video clip to use.

There’s also the option to add a soundtrack to your new video. For that, you have four choices. You can use your recorded voice, upload your preferred soundtrack, or choose from the platform’s database of free music tracks. Alternatively, you can choose to use speech synthesis technology that offers you up to 14 different accents.

Then, hit the generate video button.

The last step to create your marketing video is where you preview the generated clip to make the necessary edits. These can be slide transitions, text animation, and other changes. To use the videos you’ve created, you need to download them to your device (it’s the best way since it gives you more control and access). After that, you can upload the video clips to YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, website, or any other place of choice.

Note that all of your videos remain on the platform’s storage ready for additional edits- that’s if the need to do so arises. That can be when you have observed user behavior and identified the parts that need to be adjusted.

What Videos Can You Make With Vidnami?

They can be many types, from sales pages, content, share, to welcome, and thank you videos. You can also use the platform to produce course videos if you’re an online trainer. The list of video types that you can make with this tool is almost endless. You only need to identify the audience and the message that you hope to put across. Once you classify your content according to the available options, the software takes care of the rest.

The latest video type you can create with Vidnami is called Influencer Style videos. These types of videos allow you to record yourself with a phone. It then transcribes your video to create professional-looking captions. You can also add slides to your video recording whenever you need to pivot to another topic.

The Pricing

Vidnami is a subscription platform where you get to choose between monthly and yearly payments.

You can also choose to test the waters first and sign up for the trial period that goes for 7 days. The free trial option gives you access to all the capabilities of the platform, and you can edit as many videos as you wish. I would recommend this option if it’s your first time using the platform. Afterward, you can choose the membership to subscribe to if satisfied with the software abilities and usability.

What I like About Vidnami

I would recommend this video creation software for the following reasons:

  • The Continued Improvements

The owners of the platform continually make changes to make it a better tool. Since 2015 when it first appeared on the market, a lot in terms of software upgrades has happened, a good example being the voice automation feature. With these improvements, you can be sure that the platform will only get better in the future and help you create videos with less effort.

  • The Web-Based Usage

You do not need to download anything into your machine. With some software using a lot of RAM and others presenting installation difficulties, web-based tools are often a breeze to use, even if you don’t have a powerful machine. And when there’s an upgrade to the existing version of the software, you do not need to worry about it. You only need to log in and access the new features instantly.

  • The Easy to Use Interface

The platform is unbelievably easy to use as well as navigate; no clutter and only a few steps to get your video ready. Compared to many other tools that help to create video content, I find Content Samurai more usable. It’s the right tool for beginners who are scared of complex software that requires hours of poring into tutorials to use. Or, platforms that subject users to many steps for the process to make a single video clip.

  • The Speech Synthesis Feature

With Vidnami, you don’t have to read out your video script. The software can do that for you- in 14 different voices or accents. If you find it uncomfortable to use your voice, this option should be a respite for you. Also, if you don’t want your accent to come out in the marketing videos that you make. What I like about Content Samurai’s text-speech technology is that it produces an almost natural voice, without the robotic sound in it.

  • The Almost Unlimited Video and Image Resources

As a member, you get access to more than 112 million images, 40 templates, 30 font options, and over 350,000 video clips for your projects. These resources are royalty-free, so you need not worry about payments or copyright issues. With this vast amount of images, video clips, and other choices, you are unlikely to lack something for your content.

  • The Straightforwardly Tutorials and Reachable Support

The support page on the platform consists of helpful user guides. These easy to understand and anyone, including beginners, can use them. They make creating stunning videos with Vidnami such a breeze. And if you’re stuck despite the guides, you can always contact the company’s support desk. They’re reachable by phone and email. So far, the owners of this platform have mostly been reviewed positively when it comes to customer support.

The Downsides

  • The Price

Vidnami is a great tool, and a must-have for serious internet marketers, bloggers, website owners, and companies looking to market their brand or products. However, the cost to use the platform may not be pocket-friendly for the small businesses that are just testing the market.

If you’re among those working on a tight budget, I would advise that you take advantage of the regular discount that the owners of Vidnami offer from time to time. Or, you can sign up for the 7-day trial and see for yourself how the tool works before deciding if it’s worth purchasing.

  • The Need for Reliable Internet Connection

Being an online tool, Vidnami requires you to have a strong internet connection every time you use it. That may not a problem for many. However, those without stable connections can expect their projects to experience unwanted interruptions.

Vidnami Review – Final Recommendations

There’s no doubt that videos are becoming more and more necessary in every online marketing campaign. A huge number of buyers depend on video clips to decide on the product to buy, and Google rankings are easier to achieve with videos.

Even if you’re not using video marketing right now, likely, you will eventually. The benefits that a video clip brings are far too many to ignore, plus it’s one of the most shareable contents for backlinks.

For videos to advance your SEO, I wouldn’t hesitate to suggest Vidnami. I find the software less demanding to use, powerful in creating professional videos, and the owners a company you can trust. It’s the right video creation software for:

  • Videos that aim to attract traffic such as social media share clips
  • Videos to bring sales such as those that accompany newsletters
  • Information sharing content such as course training videos
  • And other video types.

6 thoughts on “Vidnami Review | Easiest Video Creator Ever?

  1. I’m constantly amazed at the explosion of video traffic. I suppose that just goes to show the amount of programs that are coming out, helping with video creation. So does this platform host your videos, or can you only download them to use as you please? I’s also assume they can be embeded into your posts. Interesting product.

    1. Yes it is amazing. Video traffic has been my main revenue source for my business. CS doesn’t host the videos but stores them int eh cloud. It allows you to edit them and then create them in the web app. You can then download them, and publish them to websites such as Vimeo and Youtube.

  2. I’d like to inquire about the Speech Synthesis Feature of this Content Samurai Video Creation Tool.

    It is said in the article that I don’t have to be the one reading the script of my video and that I can use the software to create a voice over with customized accent. Since I am a Filipino and even though we are known to speak in English, naturally ours is different from the American accent. Is Filipino English accent available among the choices?

    1. Hi Gomer, my wife is Filipino as well! From Bacolod City. Where are you from? CS only offers three different accents as of right now. American, United Kingdom, and Australian. But you can do the voice overs easily yourself in your dialect if you want.

  3. I’m a newbie when it comes to creating my own video; I have yet to make one myself, that’s why I’m looking for recommendations for good and easy to use beginner’s style applications or websites.

    What you’re writing sounds easy enough, but I’m guessing I’ll only find out when trying it out for myself. Two questions though: you said during the free trial period I can edit as many videos as I like, but can I download them and keep them or do I have to pay for that? 

    And how long do you think it’ll take to get quite good at making videos without any previous experience? 

    1. Hi Petra, you should be able to go head first into video creation with a tool like content samurai. Yes you get to download the videos as well. You could easily turn all of your blog posts into videos in that 7 day trial period and upload them to Youtube. It takes hardly any work at all with CS, so go ahead and give it a try!

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