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In the internet marketing world there are few things that I can recommend that can single-handedly grow your business in 10x fashion.

In fact, even though there are dozens of products that launch every week, I’ve tested out several of the most-hyped ones, only to find the don’t work up to their expectations.

The Viral Traffic Boost plugin allows you to create ‘Viral Campaigns’ on your website. This is #1 way to scale your business very quickly, no matter what kind of business you have. In fact, if you read all the way to the end, I will share with you a special bonus training on viral campaign building that perfectly compliments this plugin.

I’m confident that this tool is not only a great tool for internet marketers, but also practically any niche. Even Local Businesses need something like this to boost their marketing and subscriber base.

But when I came across Viral Traffic Boost, I knew I had to share it with you. I hope you enjoy this Viral Traffic Boost Review as much as I do, and I hope you pick up a copy before the launch ends, and the price increases.

Viral Traffic Boost Creators

Omar and Melinda Martin Viral Traffic Boost

The Viral Traffic Boost Plugin was developed by my personal favorite Internet Marketing Power Couple, Omar & Melinda Martin. I’ve personally purchased practically all of their previous products and they were all 100% amazing.

They hold weekly marketing webinars in their Private Facebook Group, and even hold their own Internet Marketing Conference every year, called Commission Expo.

Whenever they launch a new product or announce something, something game-changing is about to happen.

The 3 Things That Viral Traffic Boost Can Do

Here are the three reasons why you need to get a copy of Viral Traffic Boost, and why you need this software – because it can do these things in just 1-Click.

1. Incentivizes Sharing In Exchange For A Lead Magnet

When you have a lead magnet, you can add a Viral Traffic Boost Button To Your Page. When they share the page on Facebook, it automatically unlocks the lead magnet download you offered them. So you are able to essentially get traffic from Facebook quickly through this action.

Something also worth keeping in mind is that Google also loves Social Signals. So if you install this plugin on your blog posts, you will likely get more traffic from your content as well.

2. Increases Your Website Traffic

People who have similar interests like to group together. This is something that has made Facebook such a great place for sharing content and marketing your campaigns. The Viral Traffic Boost plugin will allow you to fully customize the image, message and link, that you want the visitor to share.

Having all these customization options is perfect, because you want to make sure what gets shared will attract as many new visitors as possible.

3. Add Their BEST Email To Your Email List

Normally when people put their name and email into a form on a landing page, they will put in an email that they rarely use. The result is that you build an email list of non-responsive and dead emails. But with Viral Traffic Boost, you know you are getting their BEST email, you are sure to get 10 times more engagement on your email list, and far more sales.

Viral Traffic Boost Does All 3 Of These In Just One Click! Click Here To Grab It

Viral Traffic Boost Demo Video

Viral Traffic Boost Green Demo from Omar Martin on Vimeo.

Viral Traffic Boost OTO And Upsells

The great thing about Viral Traffic Boost is that it has a very simple Upsell and OTO.

Step 1: Choose Between Basic or Pro

You only need to choose between a single-site license or multi-site license. The basic plan allows you to install the plugin on one of your sites. The pro plan allows you to install it on up to 3 sites. Each one has 10 Done-For-You campaigns that you can use to hit the ground running very fast.

Step 2: Commercial License

The commercial license is for use on up to 100 sites, and it also includes a library of PLR products that can be used as Lead Magnets.

Everyone who has a website needs this product, and there is an option for everyone to try it out.

No monthly or yearly subscriptions to worry about like a lot of premium plugins have. Plus, this is far better because a lot of product launches out there sell a basic product, and then sells you 5-6 different upsells and otos. That can be annoying. So it is nice to know Viral Traffic Boost doesn’t have that.

My BONUS When You Buy Through This Viral Traffic Boost Review

When you purchase any of the licenses, I will send you The Viral Bonus Training, which includes a 51-minute video training and a complimentary PDF.This training will compliment the plugin, and basically shows you what you need to do to build your own viral campaign for your business and website.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are an internet marketer like myself, an agency owner, or a local business owner. You need this plugin for your website. Viral Campaigns are the #1 way to scale your marketing efforts very quickly, and is the best way for a new business to grow FAST. So if you haven’t already, take a look at the Viral Traffic Boost homepage, and try it out for yourself.

8 thoughts on “Viral Traffic Boost Review & Bonus | 3-in-1 Magic Button

  1. Sounds pretty good to me here to be able to try this viral traffic. This one takes the business to a whole new level. I am just starting my online business and this one looks like what can really help to speed things up for me. If like to try it and also tap into your bonus that you spoke about. 

    1. Hey Riley,

      Thanks for the comment. Viral Campaigns are seriously the #1 way to scale a new business very quickly. Just make sure you grab a copy before the launch ends.

  2. This seems a lot like a great product that can really help boost my business’s more better. Thank you for the review of the viral traffic boost. The goal of every business owners with websites is to have the primary traffic and get people as traffic to the website. Hence, this can really help me a lot. Going by your high ratings, I figure that this could be a great buy here and thank you so much for sharing here. Thank you

    1. Hi Ella, thanks for stopping by. I hope you grab a copy and try it out yourself before the launch ends. Don’t forget to download my bonus as well.

  3. I definitely need this for my online business. For the last year I have only been able to increase my monthly revenue by $500 and I’ve been doing a lot of methods, but scaling doesn’t seem to be working for me. I am looking at trying something new and the Viral Traffic Boost looks interesting to me. How long does it take to see results? Cheers.

    1. Hey Brandon,

      This is going to be a big help for scaling a lot of businesses. From my experience using their original Viral Campaign plugin called Buzzinar, you can start seeing results very quickly. Because every single subscriber has the ability to bring you 1 if not more subscribers through a personal referral. As long as you have something valuable to give away that people want, then it is a piece of cake.

  4. As an online marketer you really need a huge fan of people in your website to generate traffic for you and this can only be done when you have a viral traffic booster.

    On this article reviewed is a software that can assist you boast your traffic generation which is a gate way of success to your business

    1. Hello Evans,

      Yes it can certainly help you business, and many other businesses as well. Thanks for stopping by!

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