Wealth Affiliate vs Builderall – A Side By Side Comparison

Several online platforms have surfaced, providing for individuals to make money. Wealthy Affiliate and Builderall are some of wealthy affiliate vs builderallsuch programs providing for models enabling you to make an earning online. They offer affiliate marketing platforms alongside other marketing tools from which you can choose depending on your needs and preferences. However, prior understanding of the two programs will help you make a thoughtful decision that is based on facts.

Whether you are a beginner or experienced marketer, these programs have got you covered while they will provide a reliable training platform for making money. But how do you know which is best for you? Here, we have presented a comparison between wealthy affiliate vs Builderall, in a bid to provide you an insight on how you earn from both of them.

Wealthy Affiliate Review

This program was established in 2005 by Carson and Kyle to help members expand their affiliate marketing activities. Since its establishment, the Wealthy Affiliate has attracted several members, over 1.5 million, where they have continually benefitted sufficiently.

Wealthy Affiliate helps provide information to users in the form of education about how to become successful in their online marketing business. Such information is presented as practical ideas which have been tested through execution and compiled into a training course.

There are two different courses in the Wealthy Affiliate program, i.e., Affiliate Bootcamp and online certification course. Affiliate Bootcamp involves training members on how to uphold products and the general wealth affiliate aspects to make money. The entire course encompasses seven modules, each consisting of 10 lessons.

On the other hand, online certification course involves training on how to create a website on affiliate marketing. Such a website contains your preferred products or field which you want to base your business on. The entire course consists of 5 modules, each with ten lessons that offer detailed information on web creation.

If you would like to read more about Wealthy Affiliate, you can read my full Wealthy Affiliate review here.


Builderall Review

Launched in 2017, Builderall is a website building platform that helps increase the online presence of its users. This program includes all-in-one digital marketing tools, thereby enabling the creation of a website, including sales funnels and blogs. All these functions are allowed within a single user-friendly platform.

Builderall has several features that render it unique and efficient including, landing pages, access to unlimited domains, sales funnels, app and video builder, autoresponder, browser notification, share locker, among others. All these features have been incorporated to see to it that the website creation process is easy for you. One of the most significant features in web building is the builder. For instance, Drag and Drop builder enables easy moving of templates and other elements onto the web page.

Essentially, training and tutorials are some of the resourceful materials in the program that helps users learn about using the features. They are offered in the form of videos which are short and precise.

Wealthy Affiliates vs Builderall – Pricing

Wealthy affiliates offer membership in different categories at different prices. The starter membership is available for free, although access to features is limited. Upgrade to premium membership is provided within the first seven days with a first-month discount offer. Premium is available for $19. If you have not upgraded within seven days, then the discount is unavailable, and a premium membership is hence offered at $49 every month. Subscribing yearly will cost you $359 with an upgrade option available on the dashboard. The premium subscription allows access to all available features.

On the other hand, Builderall offers all the features in one package, which costs $9.90 a month, i.e., Web Presence Plan, where you get provisions to create a website only. The Digital Marketing Plan goes for $29.90 a month where you get access to basic tools and website creation. Builderall Business Plan allows you to access all available features and 2 tier affiliate program going for $49.90 per month. With this subscription, you can perform all your online marketing operations from a single platform.

Wealthy Affiliate Vs Builderall – Ease of Use

When determining how easy each of the programs is easy to use, speed can be a significant factor to consider. Both programs respond greatly, but most users claim that Wealthy Affiliate is a little bit faster than Builderall.

Hosting can also be an essential aspect to consider. Buiderall, to begin with, limits hosting capabilities to itself such that you cannot move a site to another hosting platform. Besides, you cannot move a website from another platform to Builderall. However, you can easily transfer the site to other users within Builderall.

Wealthy Affiliate, on the other hand, provides for more flexibility during hosting since it is based on WordPress sites. Hosting a website through WordPress is advantageous since you can transfer it to other hosting providers. For that reason, Wealthy affiliate is suitable for relatively experienced marketers who require premium training and blogging platform, while Builderall is ideal for beginners who are focused on sales funnels creation.

Wealthy Affiliate Vs Builderall – Support

Wealthy affiliate offers 24/7 hosting support hence increasing the convenience of use. However, in case of a technical hitch, you cannot get in to contact with the support team via a phone call. Email support contact is also not available, and hence, the only way to get their help is through a live chat. They also host a support system where you can submit your ticket and wait for reply within 24 hours.

Builderall provides for sending an email or a message to support team regarding your issue. You can send such through their website or else raise and send a support ticket. Their support will always respond within 24 to 48 hours

Wealthy Affiliate Vs Builderall – Testimonials

Builderall helps grow small businesses by assisting new marketers to explore online operations. It offers marketing tools that are easy to use while they are offered at an affordable price. Users do not necessarily have to gain technical skills to use Builderall program. However, when your business has considerably expanded, you might require a program with more flexibility and specialization.

Wealthy Affiliate provides for more specialization and flexibility compared to Builderall. It is hence suitable for big organizations that hold several departments. It has more features and higher possibilities of successful online campaigns. However, it is limited to an experienced marketer whose technical expertise is impeccable.

Final Thoughts

You can never be guaranteed of making money using these programs. Just like any other money-making operation, you have to be consistent and hardworking for your efforts to bear fruits. Whichever program you choose between Builderall and wealthy affiliate, your endeavors means a lot. You can find out for yourself by clicking on the links in this article and explore these features.

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  1. Hi Nathan, This is a good comparison review on Wealthy Affiliate and Builderall.

    I think if people where thinking of choosing one of the two, what you said about the moving sites would swing it in Wealthy Affiliate’s favour.

    You described each program and their good and bad poins clearly to people.

    They now have enough information to make a decision,

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