Wealthy Affiliate Review And Bonus

Wealthy Affiliate MUA BonusThere are many ways to build an online business. Numerous programs, too, that help people get started on their internet entrepreneurship. Wealthy Affiliate is one of them and among the most popular. It has been around for more than a decade now and still attracting thousands of people who wish to become online marketers. Most probably, you landed here because you wanted to know more about the platform; how it operates and if becoming a member is worth your time and money.

If that’s so, you’re in the right place. Reason? This post is a comprehensive Wealthy Affiliate review- and one that’s written from an honest viewpoint. By the end of the read, you will have learned about what Wealthy affiliate offers, how to join, the good and the bad about them, and so on. In short, everything Wealthy Affiliate. Let’s start by understanding what the program entails.

What Is Wealthy Affiliate?

It’s an online platform that trains people on how to become affiliate marketers. It’s also a business community where successful marketing gurus answer the questions of beginners. Meaning that apart from the training, members also get the opportunity to seek the help of experienced marketers. That’s in addition to being provided with tools that are necessary in the online marketing industry such as website creation, keyword research, website hosting, and more.

Wealthy Affiliate was founded in 2005 by two buddies, Kyle and Carson, and it aimed to help bu

dding internet entrepreneurs create and run online businesses successfully. What they did was come up with training materials and a website through which to offer the training. The site has so far helped thousands of ambitious people from all over the world realize their dreams, with current statistics showing membership of more than 1 million individuals.

Before we delve into what Wealthy Affiliate offers, it’s good that we talk about affiliate marketing; what it provides and the prospects if you decide to invest your time and money in the business model. That’s for the benefit of those who are new to this favorite way to earn money on the internet but which requires adequate knowledge and skills for one to succeed.

So, what’s Affiliate Marketing?

In basic terms, it’s a type of business where you earn money through using the internet to promote other people’s products- whether physical or virtual. You do that by creating a website on which to advertise the products, enrolling to become an affiliate marketer, and using various means to bring buyers to your site. You then get paid a commission for every sale that’s made. The more the sales that originate from your website, the more the amount that you make.

Affiliate marketing is one of the most effective ways to get money using online ways. Done right, it has the potential to earn you unlimited amounts of cash. It can even become your single source of income, enough to make you leave your day job. Many internet entrepreneurs are involved in it and already earning handsomely. The most successful earn 7-figure incomes doing nothing much than writing content that advertises a particular product or products.

To become an affiliate marketer, some skills are essential. You need to know how to set up a website, promote it for traffic, and so on. That’s where Wealthy Affiliate membership comes in- to equip you with the knowledge to start a successful affiliate marketing venture. If you’re into online marketing, you already know the amount of work involved and how you need someone to hold your hand for you to succeed. My personal experience in the industry has taught me many things;

First, I came to realize that patience is paramount. I also found out that you need to keep up to date with what’s happening in the industry so you can easily and quickly adapt to any changes that come up. Determination and hard work are also essential. Fainthearted marketers rarely make it, and instead, are likely to give up midway.

Maybe you’ve wondered why many of the people who enroll for Wealthy Affiliate membership succeed in their online marketing ventures. Also, why most Wealthy Affiliate reviews tend to be favorable. I believe the secret to be the training offered there. It encompasses all the requirements I’ve described above and much more, which brings us to the next part of this review.

What’s Offered at Wealthy Affiliate?

As we have already seen, Wealthy Affiliate is both a training center and an online community. They also provide you with the resources to set up your online business In a nutshell, the platform uses a consolidated approach to help people get into the world of online marketing (great news if you’re not experienced in the field of internet businesses) How have the founders managed to do that? On sign up, you’re trained on how to get started and given the necessary website building tools to take your first site off the ground.

Because everything happens there on the platform, you never have to look for any services from outside. Domain registration, hosting keyword research or even site monitoring tools are all offered. Website security is also provided. Website backup, too, and a lot of other necessary resources. The features you get access to depend on the membership plan you opt for, though, as we shall see later. However, even the most basic or free plan is enough to get you going, especially if you’re a newbie and testing the waters before committing fully.

Of all the affiliate marketing sites I have come across, I should say that few- if any- come close to offering what Wealthy Affiliate does. I mean, how many trainers can help you to start a business by providing the resources and tools you need and supporting you throughout the journey. A majority of them will only offer the basic training then leave you to your own devices. Besides, few can do that for free.

Let me give you a glimpse of what happens with many internet marketing training programs. Most don’t follow up on you let alone help you create the first website. What then happens is a struggle to find a footing by setting up a blog on your own and, in most cases, not doing it right. You end up with a poorly performing website that gets no meaningful traffic. The result? Your affiliate marketing business ends there. A sad situation, especially if you had paid for the training.

That doesn’t happen with Wealthy Affiliate. It’s a different training center altogether and one that’s built on a strong foundation of a business-like and professional approach to the whole idea of affiliate marketing. I find their way of doing things unique and useful in every way to help you succeed. They don’t leave your side until you’ve set the ball rolling and created your online presence. In what ways does it ensure that, you may ask? They use several means, and which I’ve described here.

1. An In-depth Training in Affiliate Marketing

I should say the training offered at Wealthy Affiliate is one of the most detailed you will ever find. The many years the company has been in the business (since 2005) should have given them enough experience to produce a program that covers all marketing aspects. It’s should be no wonder then that many of the Wealthy Affiliate reviews on the internet are mostly positive.

The training consists of text as well as video. These are added continually creating one of the most extensive databases of training content on internet marketing. As a member, you get access to the videos and text depending on the plan you’ve chosen. Either way, the training resources are crafted to help you start out. And if you’re already an experienced marketer, help you refine your marketing strategies to become even more successful. The first or beginner lessons (and which are essential if you’re just starting out) include the following:

A total of 120 lessons that cover more than twelve courses. The educational scope of the lessons touch on

• The basics of internet marketing

• How to set up a functional website

• How to research keywords and write relevant content based on them

• SEO to rank your site high in the results of different search engines

• How to incorporate infographics into your website

• How to set up ads

• The ways to improve conversions through referrals

• The essentials of social media advertising

• Creating useful and relevant content for your affiliate marketing site

… And much more.

What’s good about the content of Wealth Affiliate training is that it’s always updated to reflect market changes. That means you will not be subjected to old marketing tricks or strategies that may not work in today’s internet situation. Additionally, the material caters for both beginner and intermediate marketers. However, there are the advanced training materials and content that you can only access when using the paid for plan.

How do You go About Training on Wealthy Affiliate?

The training is progression-based. The interface allows you to finish one module before proceeding to the next, which help you to keep track of your progress as well as provide for orderly training. The individual lessons are composed of text and video. Text forms the biggest part of the content with videos being incorporated only when they’re a necessity.

The length of text in each lesson varies from 200 to 2000 word depending on the scope of the topic. If you’re not used to reading lengthy content and prefer watching videos instead, you may find some of the lessons overwhelming. But they come in different lengths, and you need not worry about that too much.

2. Help With Creating a Website

Website building is another of the many offers that members of Wealthy Affiliate are entitled to. For most people, setting up a website to become an affiliate marketer is one of the things that stand between them and success. It isn’t an easy task to create one from scratch- what with the domain name to purchase, the hosting to pay for, and so on. With Wealthy Affiliate, you do not need to worry about all that. The platform offers you an easy way to do that and you get your site up within a few minutes.

They use SiteRubix, a platform they own that helps members create a website or websites without having to seek any of the services to do so from other companies. This is the procedure that gets you a fully functional site within no time at Wealthy Affiliate.

• Find the menu to create a website

• Choose and enter the name of your website( you will be asked to either use an existing one or register one there and then)

• Enter its URL

• Choose a theme from among the many offered. A theme determines what your website will look like and you can choose the one that goes well with your product’s niche. Wealthy Affiliate uses the free WordPress layouts which means you have access to more than 3000 of them.

• Hit the “create Website” button, and that’s it- your website will be up and running with no time. Wealthy Affiliate does all the hard work to set it up which can be quite helpful if you’re a newbie.

• As soon as the platform has completed building your website, you’re provided with a username and the password to log in.

Once you’ve completed the steps to own a site, the next one is writing content and posting it there. You can also change its look to match your preference. The good thing about it is that you do not need to know any coding, and neither do you need previous experience regarding the design of websites. The niceties of Wealthy Affiliate don’t end there. Among the other benefits of setting up a website through the platform include the following.

• Domain Registration- you won’t need to buy a domain name to start your site, the platform offers that.

At the cost of 14 dollars for the registration, Wealthy Affiliate happens to be cheaper than what most domain registrars ask for. Besides that, the process is pretty easy and fast, which means a better experience if you have no prior knowledge about it. What’s more, you get free domain email to use with your website.

• Hosting- they host your website. You do not need to go scouring the internet for a company that offers the service, and which can be overwhelming if you’re a beginner. The hosting they provide comes with many great features. It’s secure, steady and fast; you get SSL certificates at no cost to you, spam blocker to protect you from hackers, and more. The platform’s hosting also offers a fast connection that improves user experience and search engine ranking.

• Technical Support- opening up a site is one thing and operating it another. You’re likely to run into different problems along the way that may require an expert to sort out. As long as your site is hosted at Wealthy Affiliate, you’re sure to get help for the problems that spring up. There’s the support team and the forum of affiliate marketers to help one another. Some of these features are not available on the free plan, though, and you may need to upgrade to access them or everything you need without any limitations.

3. Website Management Tools

A successful online presence involves many things, among them using various tools to secure, monitor, and promote your website. As I said before, Wealthy Affiliate aims to provide you with everything you need to become a marketer without you having to seek outside help, and you can be sure that you won’t lack anything that you require to make money from your affiliate marketing business. Among the tools provided include:

A keyword tool- it generates keywords for you so you can create relevant marketing content. With the free plan, the number of keywords available is limited to 30 while the paid plan offers unlimited keyword generation. Other useful features of the platform’s keyword tool are the valuable statistics it produces that give you a hint of how difficult or easy it will likely be to find a place in Google searches.

Site ranking tool- with this one, you get a glimpse of where you rank for certain keywords and across the different search engines. The tool can be a useful way to tell if your efforts are bearing any fruits and give you an idea of what changes you need to make. Wealthy affiliate provides the ranking tool free of charge and trains you on how to use it in your site or sites.

Affiliate tool- as an affiliate marketer, possession of this tool is highly essential. It provides for a way to scour the websites that run affiliate programs to find offers that suit your interests and preferences.

4. A Great Internet Community

This feature is only available in the premium plan of the program and designed to offer a way for members to interact among themselves. Through it, you get access to an awesome community of Wealthy Affiliate members whose number runs into thousands. The community is made up of marketers with years of online experience and the founders themselves. It’s not the typical internet forum where discussions are mostly unregulated and nasty. This one is unique and consists of people who are like-minded and ever willing to assist and encourage.

Once a member, you can interact with other marketers either by asking questions, commenting on peoples profiles or providing answers to the question of others. You can even directly speak to Carson and Kyle, the founders of the company and who are always present on the forum. When in need of urgent help, a live chat is always available on the site to allow you to get an instant response.

5. Ongoing Training and Support

Although the scope and type of help depends on the plan you opt for, it’s one of the valuable features of the Wealth Affiliate programs. For the training, there are the weekly webinars that aim to equip you with current skills and knowledge. That means you will ever remain updated on the emerging trends in the field to stay ahead. You also get to receive additional training to help you improve your marketing performance as you continue managing your websites.

When in the free membership plan, you only get help and support for the first 7 days after signing up. Premium subscribers enjoy this feature for the entire time they remain on the platform as paying members, 24/7 and 365 days a year.

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Is Wealthy Affiliate a Lucrative Program?

I would say yes and no. “Yes” for those who are willing to learn and remain determined to succeed. Why? Affiliate marketing is a journey that takes time before you can arrive at your chosen destination. It requires hard work along the way and continuous learning to gain new skills.

“No” for those looking for a way to get rich quickly. First of all, affiliate marketing requires enough knowledge before you can start out. That means keenly following the training offered and not missing a thing. It also means working hard to reach your goals by applying the tactics and strategies taught.

What to Expect

The process to earn through affiliate marketing can be long, and patience is required. The promise is that you will finally get there. The length of time before you get your first ever dollar varies. It depends on many factors such as the route

you follow and the amount of work you put into it. It can be a few months or even longer.

Most of the time, the marketers who achieved success had to wait for between three and six months. I would advise you, too, allow that length of time yourself. Remain flexible, though, to change approach should there be a need for that such as when it seems to take too long for the results to come.

Should You Register for Wealthy Affiliate Training

I would say yes. The program offers valuable training, and the site has built an impressive reput

ation over the years. Forget about what the internet says about Wealthy Affiliate and reviews that seem to suggest that the platform doesn’t offer much help to make you a great marketer. Most of those are based on bias and for whatever reasons. Instead, focus on the practicability of the course content and how relevant it is when it comes to offering you marketing knowledge and skills. Above all, consider the excellent idea to help get you started by providing you with a working website or several of them.

How to Become a Member of Wealthy Affiliate

The sign-up process is one of the simplest and most straightforward. You only need to enter your name, email address, create a username and password, and you’re already in. There are two membership options- free and premium. The one you choose depends on your preference and budget. The free plan is 100% free with no future charges or subscriptions. When signing up for the free plan, you will not be asked for any of your credit card’s information, so you can be certain you will not be billed at all.

The premium membership plan is the only one that requires you to part with money. You pay $49 every month for this plan or $359 per year( which translates to 30 dollars monthly). This membership gives you access to all the features on the Wealthy Affiliate platform or, in other words, unlimited access to the different offers.

To give you a glimpse of each and help you to decide on which to opt for, here’s a breakdown of what’s offered in the free and premium plans.

Free Plan features

• 100% free lifetime membership

• Access to the first twenty affiliate training lessons

• Free access to live chat for the first seven days

• Free access to the platform’s help and support feature during the first seven days

• 2 free websites to start you off in your affiliate marketing journey

• Website backup services

• Free keyword tool to help you create relevant content for your site or sites

• Access to many articles in the affiliate marketing niche to help you write your own and become an expert

• Own affiliate blog

• Affiliate program

• Training classrooms

• Bootcamp training for affiliate marketing

• One on one training and coaching during the first 7 days

Premium Membership Features

• Access to all the training materials with private access to the weekly webinar included

• One on one training and coaching

• Access to the community features that include private messaging, live chats, and more

• A maximum of 50 websites to advance your affiliate marketing business

• Keyword generating tool with an unlimited number of keywords

• Training classrooms

• An affiliate program that pays two times more

• Own affiliate blog

• Option to have own domain name for the websites you create

• Website backup and various security packages

• Platform for website feedback and comments

• Analysis of your website’s performance

You can join Wealthy Affiliate from anywhere around the world. However, there are countries where free membership isn’t available and where you can only become a premium member if you’re a resident. The countries include Bangladesh, Pakistan, India, Vietnam, Egypt, Nigeria, and the Philippines.

What I Find Impressive About Wealthy Affiliate

Having had a chance to evaluate the platform, I can easily point to the aspects that make the training great. They include

• Easy sign up there’s no taking you through a rigorous process with numerous places t

o key in details. It only takes you a few minutes

• Free lifetime membership- not many training sites can offer that; most of them give a limited free period before requiring you to upgrade to the paid plan or plans

• Easy to follow training- the training is newbie-friendly, and the reason why even people who we

re new to affiliate marketing have success stories to tell regarding their use of Wealthy Affiliate

• No internet experience required to start a website- anyone can get their site up using the platform even without knowledge about website creation because everything is taken care of

• Free hosting- it relieves you of the hassle to find a hosting company and the high budget to pay for one. The hosting at Wealthy Affiliate is also superb and better than what some hosting companies have to offer

• Ongoing help and support- you cannot give up along the way since support is always available including from the company founders themselves

• Website management tools- apart from the training to use them, you get free tools to manage your blogs such as keyword research tool, site statistics tool, and more

• Website security- you get free SSL certificates and a host of other security features to protect your website from hackers, malware and other risks.

• Continued training- you’re provided with webinars to keep you updated and ahead of the others in the affiliate marketing niche.

What I Think Needs to Be Improved

Wealthy affiliate is an awesome place to start an internet business in the field of affiliate marketing. The platform has helped many to become financially independent individuals. But that doesn’t mean that it has no downsides. There are areas that I feel would need some retouch to make things even better.

One of them is the training mode. It focuses on progressive advancement, which can be a disadvantage if you join when already an expert. I would rather that the training material be based on one’s level of marketing expertise. That way, experienced members can feel more challenged and the content relevant to their needs. That kind of training is the best for beginners, though. Considering that a majority of those who sign up are new in the industry, it may be understandable that the owners of the company chose the training to be that way.

Another downside is the vast amounts of training material. The company started over ten years

wealthy affiliate review and bonus

ago, and you can imagine the sheer number of videos and the miles of text available. It can easily overwhelm you to browse through all those. The platform also seems to lean more on live chats, private messaging, and blog comments for the communication among members. Although this makes the discussions on the site to be more lively and interactive, it limits the choice for preferred discussions. I would be for the kind of community where I get the chance to pick the topics I want to view and the results I feel interested in.

My Wealthy Affiliate Bonuses For You

If you are thinking about joining Wealthy Affiliate, I am sure you could definitely use these bonuses that can help you build your blogging empire. I have put together a list of 5 separate bonuses for those who join wealthy affiliate and complete the profile setup, but only through this link here.

To Sum Up this Wealthy Affiliate Review

Overall the program is worth trying out, whether a beginner or already established in the field of internet marketing. It offers one of the most detailed training that covers all aspects of the process. The most significant advantage of Wealthy Affiliate over the other training platforms is that you get all the resources and tools to start right away from website setup, domain registration and hosting, keyword tool, web backup, security features, and more. Whether you choose to subscribe to the free or paid membership depends on you. However, I would advise that you enroll for the free plan to test things out, especially if you’re a beginner. Later, and if the need arises, you can upgrade to the paid for membership.

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  1. I’ve known about affiliate marketing for well over 10 years, but never knew how to correctly implement it. Where most people just read about the how to of affiliate marketing…

    Wealthy Affiliate actually breaks it down into actionable content. Which is the biggest thing needed to achieve success… that is taking action on what you learn.

    For years I spent money, and time reading and acquiring knowledge without actually putting in any work to apply what was learned.

    You’re write that Wealthy Affiliate is not a get rich quick scheme, they simply provide the right training and provide the tools needed to apply what is you learn in the training.

    1. Hi Josh, yes that is absolutely right. Consistent daily action from what you can learn from Wealthy Affiliate will bring you the results you have been reading about the last ten years. 

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