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Online business has become a buzz in the last couple of years, and this is projected to rise in the coming years. I believe wp zero bounce reviewthat if you’re reading this WP zero bounce review, you have tried out your hand in the numerous types of money-making means on the internet today. And you have realized that its not as easy as initially thought.

Many people tend to describe online business as a walk in the park. Still, the truth they don’t tell you is that to break the ground in this area, and you have to have the right idea, strategy, and tools to ensure you maximize the profits while minimizing the expenditure. The review is going to look at the tools that are essential in making you successful, if you are into making money through clicks and traffic then you better pay attention as I guide into changing your game plan and maximizing on profits.

WP Zero Bounce Video – Demo

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The WP Zero Bounce Niche

I know the hustle that one has to go through to get the traffic flowing into his or her page. The hard work will go to waste if you don’t pay attention to small details such as managing the loose of the traffic. The simple truth is that every website that you know of, however creative or impressive it may look, has something we term as leaking traffic. Some site loss as high as 60% of its traffic.

Leaking traffic is the aspect whereby visitors to your page or website, leave the site without taking any action. They bounce right back as if scared of something on your site. Don’t you worry, this happens to everyone, but the way we handle it is the significant difference.

We all rely on traffic to make a profit, and thus, the high bounce will translate to lost traffic, and this will lead to a devastating loss of profit. Most sites and software will help you to gain viewers or traffic but will never tell you how to maintain the flow or how to convert the bounce back to your advantage.

WP Zero Bounce review is here to help you turn the back button on your site into a profit-making button, that you will wish people would click it more often as they say turning a lemon into lemonade. We guide you to reducing your loss of visitors and traffic, which translates to your sales, leads, commissions, and profits going down the drain.

If the loss of profits doesn’t worry you, then picture your site being “Google slapped’ back to page 10 or so in the search engine. Yes, this could happen so fast just because of the high bounce rate. And we all know that nobody gets to page 2, let alone page 10.

Having understood the adverse effects that your page would face now, let’s look at what we are offering.

About the WP Zero Bounce

We, as WP Zero Bounce, deliver just that zero bounce back from your site. In just a few easy steps, you’re able to retain the traffic. This is through installing a simple plugin on your website. You will have to follow the following few steps to install the plugin:

Step 1. Activate the plugin in the WP- admin section

Step 2. Add your redirect URL (This is the affiliate offer or CPA, but most people redirect the traffic to another page on their site). Here, you choose where you want your bounce back traffic to be redirected.

Step 3. Save the setting

Simple as ABC. Now your traffic will be directed to your area of preference, and you have the power over what they will see and most likely consume.

Following the simple steps, you have complete control over the visitors and you can now efficiently manage and avert the bouncing traffic for external sites. Doing this will help you earn from every click their pages be it the WP Sites, HTML Sites, Joomla, Magento and Spotify, and many other sites and platforms.

Cost of WP Zero Bounce

I know you have been waiting for this part, knowing how much you ought to invest.

The offer features two Licenses. These are:

Single Site License

The license grants you the access to; 1 Domain, One Year Free Updates, Control Bounces for Up to 3 External Sites and a 24/7 customer service support

Unlimited Sites License

As per the name, you get UNLIMITED domains, One Year Free Updates, and Control Bounces Up to 10 External Sites, and a premium 24/7 customer service support. The two offers have a different price, which is $25.00 and $27.00, respectively.

A quick calculation will show you that the latter is an offer that may end at any time.

Everyone likes to know what they pay for, will you get the service paid for or not. The WP Zero Bounce plugin guarantees that you will get what you pay for, and that’s why they have a 30-day cash back guarantee. So if you invest today, your money is 100% safe. The refund works only if there are technical issues that can’t be resolved, not a lack of profit.

You are so having secured your purchase what do you stand to benefit from the plugin?

Features of WP Zero Bounce v 2.0

1. Exit Intent Tech

The v2.0 of this software has a unique upgrade that automatically notes when the visitor in your site is trying to close the page or exit the browser, and it automatically redirects the user to the other URL inserted. You may be skeptical to hear this because the shift from what the traffic wanted may be troublesome, but the transition is seamless. And on he or she doesn’t notice what is happening.

2. Manual On and Off Switch

After installation, if you feel that you can handle your traffic, then there is no need to uninstall, but rather, you have the choice just to shut it off. The plugin has the option to disable it until the time you will require it again.

3. Dynamic Redirect Rotation

The feature grants you the chance to make money from different and multiple sources. You can automatically rotate several redirect sites. The highest bidder wins, you get to choose who pays better and how you handle them.

4. Selective Redirect

Want to be targeted, then you have the right tool since you can set it to receive redirected traffic from specified sites.

5. Automatic Timed Deactivation

Many have been asking what if the visitor has stayed on your page much longer and decides to leave, will they be auto redirected? WP Zero Bounce gives you the power to do as you want with your visitors. In this case, you can set that if they stay for a specific set time, then they should not be redirected.

6. Freedom to Toggle

The plugin gives power to the user. If you interested in only desktop users, then that’s up to you, you can redirect them alone, or you can redirect mobile users apart. All in all, the power is in your hands; you can select your target with so much ease.

7. Choose the Specific Number

Are you not interested in redirecting all the visitors to your page? You can set the specific number of persons you want to be redirected.

8. Want to Choose a Certain Country?

Does your client want traffic from a particular country, no problem you’ll deliver? Redirect the traffic from the specified country and easily monetize them. Traffic from the USA, UK, Canada is known to be high, converting hence more money. We help you do make your maths right.

9. Redirect by Refer

Choose where you want to get your traffic from, not just anywhere.

These are just some of the things you stand to gain from the plugin.

WP Zero Bounce OTO has several OTOs, and they are:

1. OTO 1: WP Zero Bounce OTO Version 2.0

It has three choices; these are:

• Single Site License that has a Onetime pay of $27

• 50 Sites License has a onetime payment of $37

• Unlimited Sites License has a onetime fee of $37.67

2. OTO 2: Developer Rights to WP Zero Bounce PRO

Now get this if you install this plugin for five clients. You can get a revenue of $500 per week.

You also get the privilege of installing the plugin on unlimited clients pages, freedom to charge these clients the amount of money you want.

It has three choices to:

• Single Site Developers License that has a Onetime Payment of $27

• 50 Site Developers License at $37 Onetime Payment

• Unlimited Sites Developers License at $37.67 Onetime Payment

3. OTO 3: WP Zero Bounce Version 2 WP Plugin Resellers

Imagine having the right to sell the WP Zero Bounce to anyone who is need of it and not for commission but the gross profit. With this OTO, you sell the plugin for the benefit and get access to the creator’s high converting videos to help you out with the sale.

Personal View

I want to appreciate this excellent plugin! While using the WP Zero Bounce plugin on my leading site and other blogs, and since I started using it, I have had 30k unique visits per day. These two sites are making 40% more profit than before. I would recommend this plugin to anyone serious about internet and affiliate marketing.

Is the product good?

Being an online marketer and reviewer, I know that this is the best thing that happened to the online world. Being helped to turn your loss into profits is not that easy. Getting traffic into your page is easy. However, maintaining them is the task, and losing them is the disaster. Good news is, now the failure is being turned into a blessing. Stop your bounce rate, gain more traffic, and make more sales. What’s better than that?

Again every update will be free for the rest of your life. You are no more paying after every two months for an upgrade.

WP Zero Bounce is a silver lining that most people have been looking for quite some time now. It doesn’t require your constant checkup ones installed. It works its magic, and you receive the outcome.

It has been used by over 200 users in the last six months and has installed it on more than 450 sites. And research has shown that all these pages experienced growth in rankings, earnings, and flow of traffic. It works well in all browsers, and you will not need to install other software for it to work. Just plug and play.

Ankur Shukla and Nikola J have been in this game for so long, and their dedication and love for improved customer experience is what made them come up with this plug for mobile, Online, Local Business, and Niche marketers. This is why I would highly recommend it to anyone because all websites experience bounce backs, and If not handled well, it can turn out to be a disaster.

So, do you want to?

• Control your traffic

• Experience Increased Sales and Profits

• Get lower CPC

• Get Quality feedback

• Boost your Site Ratings on Search engines

• Decrease the bounce rate

• Increase Visitor duration on the page

And much more, then you should try out the WP Zero Bounce.

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