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Hi there my name is Nathan Conner. I’m the owner/webmaster of Internet Marketing Aficionado.

If you are visiting this site, then it is because you are struggling to build your home-based business.

I empathize with you, because I was just like you until I came across some training that radically transformed my business, and my life.

It wasn’t easy for me to build a business though. In fact, I had been trying to succeed with a home-based business since 2009, when I was struggling to make ends meat with a minimum wage job in my home-town. I didn’t have much back then, but I was open to learning and gaining feedback from my coaches and mentors.

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I got to learn Internet Marketing from several of the top masters in the field at the 3C Marketing Conference. I also got a chance to hang out with several of them.

Every course book I read, every course I took, and every Internet Marketing Conference helped me piece together a step-by-step system that I use whenever I want to launch a new business.

This website is dedicated to helping you start, grow, and scale your home-based business opportunity, whatever it may be. It is the place where I have stored the wealth of knowledge I’ve accumulated all these years.

To Your Success,

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Owner of Internet Marketing Aficionado
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